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!!!Broken heart...
#1 All systems pin brush
#4 Oster blade - -
$ health care $
$12 Million dog!
$15?! Fifteen dollar adoption fee? That's low!
$25 OES: 1 1/2YO Spayed- Might already be gone but...
""old dog"" odor....
"Aluminum" or "Aluminium"?
"Ancients" find a home
"B" no more "Q"
"Bang Cut"
"Bear" in Indiana
"Beauty" is in the Eye of the Beholder
"Believe in yourself"
"Big Ben" by Jenny Dale
"Blowing coat"?????
"Burger" cake
"Calling all OES breeders"
"Cancelled" or "Canceled?"
"Christmas is Love"
"Crate Hate"
"Digging" in the water bowl
"Dogs may keep babies healthy"
"Everything's amazing and nobody's happy"
"Fairbancks of Snowboot Bears"
"Fairbancks of Snowboot Bears" (Zorro)
"Follow Your Bliss" Seeking Advice from my friends
"Ghost Rider" with Nicholas Cage
"go pee"
"Greet & Groom" March 15th! NEOESR
"Happy Birthday to Darcy's Panda!"
"Holiday Celebration" album
"Homemade" Chocolate Cookies Recipe
"Hurricane Ophelia"
"I fought the kNoTS & THE KNOTS WON"
"I Love You" Rose
"Ice tea" or "Iced Tea"?
"Its me or the Dog" in Atlanta
"Just a Dog"
"Just A Dog"
"Leave it" or "Off"
"Light Factor"
"like having dinner with Tom Cruise"
"London", "Henry" and Family
"Luck of Olde English" SheepieDreams Photo Contes
"Martha My Dear". Martha, The Beatles's OES
"Meet Generation Arff!" in Life Magazine
"Miss- understood"
"My" Rachael Ray show!
"Name Brand" blades
"Nosy" & spastic New Pup!?
"old english" is having a Birthday on Tuesday!
"Only" by Winston Groom
"Orthopedic" or "Orthopaedic"?
"pet door"
"poo" eater-What can I add to food to stop this?
"Possible" new owner.
"Refurbished Pets of Southern Michigan"
"retraining" help
"Sheep Dog" in St. Joseph, Missouri
"Should I breed?" flow chart
"Sign" Of The Times
"Surprise" when I came back from work!
"Television For Dogs" DVD
"The Dog Listener"
"The Dog Listener" on dvd/video
"The Stolen Treat" Home
"UPDATED" songs of the ' 60'
"Viscous" sheepdogs now under quarantine
"W Hotels" - Pet Friendly
"We share special love"
"Where can I get OES puppies" advice on the street
"Why would I want to do that???"
"Womens Imaging" at MetroWest Wellness Center
"you freaky sheepdog nuts" - a quote, not from me
"You in a Diet" by Dr. Rosin and Dr. Oz from Oprah
"Yucky" sickness
''Darcy world'' experiences
''Happy Birthday Deana''
'70s TV Show, Family
'Fishing' Phone Calls
'Happy Birthday' boobaby
'Head in the Sand Liberals'-A Liberal's point of view
'Twas the Night Before Christmas, in the Mills of Missouri'
(((WARNING)))) Horrendous abuse in the name of Art?!?
(((Warning)))Graphic and Gruesome
((A)) CornDog...
(Almost) a really bad fall
(frown).......Pearl...didn't get a Q...but she DID!!!
(New) Computer frustrations ARRRGGHHH!!! !!!
* Wal-Mart has everything *JOKE
* * * * Can "Greenies" seriously injure your dog??
***Excellent Website for Kids - SANTA'S Website***
**Graphic** Juniors surgery pictures.....
**NEW**OES Limited Edition Print
*eyes roll into the back of her head* GLEEE!
*Happy Birthday, Nelson, Jr.!!* (Maggie McGee IV's Big Boy)
*Important* changes to OESCA National entries
*Sheepish (ha!) grin* About those christmas cards...
*Sigh* I got looking on petfinder...
*sniffle* Darn it all... least it wasn't a moose (car accident)
...Kids That Survived (Born 1930 -1979)
...the cats
...Waited Too Long to Find a Mate
...When you decide to keep a foster dog?
06-0461 Leavenworth KS
1 hr to lunch - chinese or pizza
1 more point for Elliott
1 or 2 speed clippers
1 Stinkin' pound!!!!
1 tall, wobbly bookshelf+4kids+1sheepdog=
1 year
1 year ago today
1 year anniversary
1 year old male OES --- squat or not to squat?
1 year old OES needs a new home
1 Year Old OES- Washington DC Craigslist
1 Year old tomorrow
1 yr M Old English Sheepdog Needs a Home Dellroy, Ohio
1 yr old female in St George, Utah PAWS
1 yr. Old in Atlanta
1 yr. old male in UT on
1 yr/old M OES ~ spokane : craigslist
1-2-3-4 Cake Recipe
1. UK Sheepie Day at Kingsbury Water Park
10 1/2 old sheepie with an attitude
10 Commandments for Dog Owners.
10 days worth of whining
10 dog peeves about humans
10 Good Reasons to RESCUE an Adult Sheepdog
10 minutes a day
10 minutes peace!
10 month male needs home
10 month old (potty trained) OES mix is regressing
10 month old coat change
10 month Sheepie Boy Needs Home Seattle, WA
10 Peeves Dogs Have About Humans
10 Reasons why its great to be a DOG
10 reasons your dogs hair cut costs more then yours !!
10 week old puppy biting clothes and arms
10 week old puppy crate training
10 year old Boy in NC
10 Year Old Sheepie-Girl- Neglect Case: Oromocto, NB
10 years
10 years ago on the 9th
10,000 Posts
10,000. Really! Ten THOUSAND!
10,000th post
100 tips on training your dog
100% water access as puppies?
1000 posts!
100th post
102 weeks old
1040 1040A for 2008 from
109 th Boston Marathon
10? Those cupcakes are adorable!
10th Annual Mystic Krewe of Mutts Mardi Gras Parade
11 Month old afraid of food
11 weeks without smoking
12 Dogs of Christmas
12 Week Old Car Lunging??
12 week old english sheep puppy
12 week old Puppy Growling/Biting
12 year old sheep dog in Maine
13 dead and 30 wounded
13 months old and peeing in the house again
13 sheepdogs born in UK
13 Year old accidents around the house
13 year old needs foster home
14 mo old female in OKC
14 month oes trainer says is snapping
14 week old beagle growls and nips upon waking
14th of november, einy's birthday
16 Blocks
16 week old - biting all the time
16 Year Old Couple Need Home Together - Urgent
1776 the film
18 month male up for adoption.
18 month old male in Iowa
18 months and now she "gets it"
18 Months of Road Work = nervous dog
18 months old Female in NC
18 year Ole Blue Had Surgery Yesterday
18 years old
1994 Volvo 960
1st Advanced Rally Leg!-!!whoo!! hoo!!!
1st Agility class
1st Annual "Sheepiefest of the West"
1st Class...fingers and toes crossed!
1st haircut in 11 years!
1st haircut/certain parts now pink/raw
1st oes she ever saw!!!
1st snow
1st time
1st time camping-suggestions?
1st time shaving at home - please help
1st tubby
1st visit to the Dogpark for Rags
1st Wedding Anniversary...HELP!!
2 1/2 y o female - Green Bay Wisconsin
2 ?'s re: puppy coloring and using a treadmill for exercise
2 against 1
2 boy dogs humping
2 brags
2 Dogs
2 dogs bitten in 1 week
2 dogs free to good home
2 girls in kill shelter in Effingham GA
2 helicopters crash...
2 in puppy training
2 is better than 1 theory?
2 jokes
2 kids sharing a room...boy and girl?
2 Legged Dog
2 males and 1 female = TROUBLE!
2 more in Denver!!!
2 more points!
2 More Sleeps then its CRUFTS!!!!! yeahhhhhh!!!
2 MORE with new titles as well!
2 new champions
2 New Sheepies on PetFinder...
2 OES females need homes!!
2 OES in GA
2 OES puppies - chewing and jumping
2 OES's Oklahoma city newspaper
2 OESs in East Mesa, AZ
2 Old Babies from Oklahoma
2 on the East Coast
2 periods in 3 weeks and tender breasts....
2 points for Elliott !!
2 puppies from same litter
2 puppies in IL
2 Rescue Sheepies Available in Quebec, Canada
2 Sheepie Sisters For Sale in Lake Milton, Ohio
2 sheepies in foster care in NJ
2 sheepies in rescue in colorado springs
2 year old in Canada needs a home
2 Year Old OES in Maine
2 Year old OES/Springer
2 year old rescue dog going in the house
2 year old sheepie in Jacksonville/AR
2 Year old too scared to go outside garden!!
2 yo female sheepie in cent. Pa
2 Yr Old Female in New Mexico
2 yr old OES biting
2 yr old still peeing in house
2 yr. old OES and Deaf 16 week puppie
2000 members!!!
2006 Old English Sheepdog Calendar
2006/2007 Ford Focus Wagon and 2007 Toyota Matrix Wagon
2007 - The Best and the Worst
2007 Annual Howlloween contest
2007 Calendars -- Heads Up
2007 Daily Survival Kit
2007 Christmas card list
2007 OESCA National Results are in!
2007 OESCA National Specialty Rescue Parade
2007 UK ONLY Christmas Card list
2007 Was a wonderful year for "Misty"
2007-2009 OESCA Elections
2008 Nationals
2008 OES Club Booth At Chicagoland Family Pet Expo
2008 Holiday Card List
2008 OESCA National (Minnesota)
2008 RABIES Vaccine-JAVMA Report Adverse Reactions in Dogs
2009 has been declared The Year of the Sheepdog!!!
2009 joke!!!
2009 National Specialty
2009 holiday card list time!!
2009 OESCA Fundraiser!
2009 OESCA National Specialty
2009 OESCA National Specialty Winner
2009 OESOCC National Specialty Results
2010 OES Artwork Calendar
22 Days Until the Wedding (Trial Hairdo Pics Added)
23 Days left
24 Fans
24 Puppies!
246 Dogs Rescued From Filthy Conditions - East Texas
25 cookie recipes
25 Reasons I Owe My Parents
25 years
25th Wedding Anniversary
27 Dresses
2nd Anniversary of being smoke free
2nd Annual "Sheepiefest of the West"
2nd growth spurt?
2nd OES
2nd puppy
2nd sheepdog
2X weaves
2yr old In Illinois needs home
3 1/2(ish) months old...teething already?
3 and 3/4 inch finishing blade
3 and 4 year old uprights! HELP!
3 aussies missing from Missouri
3 days to Key West!!!
3 days to the deadline for Sheepiepalooza!!!
3 Female OES in Charlotte
3 hour QVC Cooking show
3 legged sheep dog got a home!
3 meals to 2 meals a day
3 month old OES up for adoption
3 Months old puppy and milk
3 months old, Suddenly has LIMITLESS energy! Is this normal?
3 mos. old in pet store
3 OES in KY shelter
3 oes need temp foster in florida
3 OES up for rescue in Texas
3 Questions on Grooming related Nippings.
3 sheepie sightings in Oceanside California
3 Sheepie-Girls in Joplin, Missouri Shelter
3 Things I learned today...
3 things that made you Happy this year
3 weeks old
3 weeks to go!
3 weeks today
3 word story
3 year old male in Sacramento, California
3 year old OES in Ohio
3 year old sheepdog
3 years today
3 yrd old OES male in shelter in New Mexico
30 day cooking
30 month old Stella in Atlanta needs a new home.
300 nope that's 3000 bags of sand!
3000 posts!
300th POST
31 years ago today
32 more days until i am Mrs.Milliorn...
32 years today, and another snow storm!
32 years today. Where does the time go?
326 biscotti recipes
36 Years Ago Today
37 years today
3rd Anniversary of rescuing Pepsi
3rd Annual SheepieFest of the West
3rd Annual Tarheel OES Picnic
3rd Party Testing Indicates Melamine in NON-recalled Food
3YO Female, 2YO Male in Castaic County- Los Angeles, CA
4 1/2 Month Old Sheepie-Girl in Holland Michigan
4 days to Key West and I"m getting excited (and nervous
4 month OES for adoption in NJ
4 Month Old Female OES in Illinois
4 Month old OES needs a home
4 month old pup OES up for adoption in NJ
4 month old's coat changing.summer coat or bye to puppy coat
4 months smoke free
4 new sheepies up for adoption on Petfinder
4 OES rescues in Missouri
4 week old puppy
4 weeks without a cigarette
4 year old dog that bites - need advice
4 year old hates little dogs
4 year old in Ohio
4 year old oes is no longer housebroken
4 year old sheepie in Ill.
4-H dog show
40 Years Ago................
400 what am i now???
42nd Birthday
48 Hours to Key West!
4months and still having accidents
4th Of July Parade
4th of July...very different behavior...
5 Babies coming into rescue
5 days to go until my PUPPY arrives!
5 everything bagles...
5 mo OES M, 1 blue, rehome, Atlant, GA, cl, =)
5 month old destructive behavior...when does it end?
5 month old St. Louis/Springfield
5 months smoke-free
5 mos old cutie in Milwaukee, WI area
5 OES Mix in Cambridge, Ohio
5 steps to eating at our house..........
5 year old female in TN
5 year old sheep dog having accidents in the house
5 Year Old Spayed Female- Thousand Oaks, CA Craigslist
5 years today-The fifth anniversary of our first date!
5 YO w/ new behavior problems
50's diner kitchen
50th BD-- I want Nick Arrojo to cut my hair!!
511726 in San Jose, California
5mo F Sheepie x G Schnauzer Indianapolis: From a Mill
6 little boys...
6 mo. old deaf sheepie in Indiana
6 Month OES on Boise, Idaho Craigslist
6 month old oes
6 month old OES not sleeping thru the night
6 Month Old OES Pup losing fur at an alarming rate!
6 month old OES up for adoption at the Kansas Humane Society
6 month old puppy--food questions
6 Month Old Sheepie Twins in Ohio
6 month old throws up after eating
6 months and funky hair
6 months smoke-free
6 Months!!!
6 week old German Shepherd Please help!
6 weeks old
6 year old boy in Utah
6 year old floating above COlorado
6 year old male OES w/ excellent manners now peeing in house
6 yr old in Madera, California
6 yr old male OES with sore leg
6 yr old sheepdog looking for a home (Australia)
6 yr old sheepie seems older?
6.5 y/o male in MI
60 Minutes Report - Sam Simon
6000 Post!!!
67 Dogs Removed from Dobe/Min Rescue in Ohio-Graphic content
6Girls Hat
6Girls I love your web site!
6mth puppy walks sideways
7 Babies adopted this week
7 hours
7 month old possessive over stones/things she shouldn't have
7 oesmix pups anybody in texas?
7 Samoyeds Need New Homes
7 years ago today...
78 degrees-In the middle of winter!
7F vs 7?
7mo old Female in Montreal
8 F puppies waiting to be adopted!
8 month old needs a home
8 month old sheepie peeing when excited!!!!
8 months and about to kill
8 week old female available in Georgia
8 yr old Female, Oakland, CA
800 dogs seized from mobile home
8000 Posts!
8mth old needs new home
8yr old male needs home - Oxford UK
9 mo old in Jacksonville
9 month old boy new to rescue
9 wk old pup sleeping a lot suddenly
9 years ago
9 years ago today
9-year old Max is developing MAJOR separation anxiety
900 Greyhounds will be Euthanized!
911 US involvement
9th Annual Take Your Dog to Work Day
:-( Shaved again!
? on labwork error
? regarding adding puppy and other dogs in house.
A triumph for Gabe :)
A "Pro" for Crates - Travel
A "stinky" idea?
A 21,000 kitchen makeover!
A 4 point Major win for sweet Calypso
A amazing site to see.........
A Baby Male Sheepie - Orlando, FL
a bad day
A bad day indeed! And a follow up question.
a bag of nerves??
A beautiful male in TX
A BIG brag for Gabe
A Big Hello From Wales, UK
A big help
A Big Mistake
A big note of thanks!
A Big Thank You
A big thank you to Ron from the performance people.....
A bit disapointed
A bit of a problem in the poopie department
a boomer update
A brief glimpse of greatness and then...Toby
A brief history and a hello
a busy weekend
A car insurance question
A cat question
A Cautionary Tale
A change of pace
A Christmas (Tree) Tale
A Christmas Gift
A Christmas Sheepie that sings
A Christmas Story
A Cold Bud, a Brownie, and...
A companion for my OES
A complaint about No consumer help at all.
A complete turn around
A concerning post on
A conversation with a Moron
A cool place to sleep ?
a cool web site
a couch/chair of their very own
A couple more questions...
a couple of things/Perform. events/'07 OESCA Nat'l
A Crufts-Quality Dog Can Really Open Some Doors For You!
You know that wonderful new hot water heater? Guess what????
You know you are a dog person when.....
You know you have a sheepie when...
You know you're a sheepie lover when...
You know you're losing it when...
You left me too soon 3 years ago
You may live in Chicago (humor)
You may not live for free in Massachusetts
You must view these videos of a boy with Autism!
You Should See A Doctor!
You switch-change sides faster-quicker than...
You Tube video of swimming (?) dogs
You'll need a tissue (or two) for this
You'll never guess
You'll never guess what came out of the puppies butt...
You're NOT a linebacker!!!!
You're not a road block either...
You're the Inspiration
Young and Old
Young Boy at NJ Humane Society
Young Chester in Burwell, Nebraska
Young female in Michigan
Young female in MN
Young Female OES in Missouri Shelter
Young female OES in Xenia OH
Young female OES/Beardie mix in Richmond, VA
Young female OES/GP needs home in TN
Young Lola in Texas
Young Male in Birmingham
Young Male in Mesa, AZ
Young male in New Mexico
young male in SLC
Young Male in Springfield, MO
Young male in St. Paul, MN
Young Male OES in Illinois
Young male OES in Mississauga Ontario, Canada
Young Male OES in New England
Young male OES in Texas
Young Male OES Needs Home - Daytona, Florida
young males in AZ
Young Murray in Arlington, TX
Young Nana in Colorado Springs Humane Society
Young OES Female in OHIO Shelter
Young OES in Animal Rescue in NY
young OES in Atlanta Humana Society
Young OES in Ohio- with a euth date
Young OES Mix in Cobden, IL in shelter
Young OES mix in New Brunswick
Young OES with Old OES
Young OES? In GA
Young purebred in Philly
Young Samson in Indiana
Young Zowie and Alex in VA
Your "moaner" for the day
Your 3 Favorite Dishes as a Kid
Your 3-4 MUST HAVE products when owning an OES.
Your baby's favorite books
Your decorative opinions needed
Your dog ate WHAT?
Your Dog Eats Dirt?
Your dogs eat grass?
Your dogs Zodiac ?
Your favorite christmas cookies
Your Favorite Dog Breed Book?
Your favorite grooming tools
Your favorite recipes that include liquor
Your Favorite Type of Pizza (toppings)
Your laugh for today
Your not gonna belive this!
Your opinions
your prayers needed
Your preference: Small Tile or Carpet?
Your turn to vote, Pip gets registered!
Youthful Essence
YouTube Cincinnati Reindog Parade 12.12.09
YouTube HELP! Marked a video private, how do I share it?
YouTube video of tail docking
Yuck - a cut to the quick
yuck my house smells
Yucky Butt
Yucky Ear!
Yucky ears!
Yuki also turns 3 today!
Yuki has a swollen eye
Yuki Herding Sheep Video
YUKI is here!!!! Oh boy, what a night.
Yuki Sheepherding improved! (& video)
Yuki the Old English Sheepdog went to herd some sheep.
Yuki won't stop throwing up...
Yuki won, I think??? (Cutest Pets Around the Globe 2007)
Yuki's coat is getting long!
Yuki's Weightloss Concern
Yum! Baked Southwest Eggrolls recipe
Yum, Yum Bundt Cake to share w/everyone.
Yummmgrrr Clump...Yummgrr ..clump!
Yummy Apple Craisin Cookie Recipe!
Yummy BBQ Ribs
Yummy Coffee Cake for Breakfast!
Yummy Potatoes
Yunnan(China) Dog Massacre, July 2006
Zach gets his majors
Zachary is a new champion!
zackary in calverton NY animal shelter
Zahra (Joan)
Zeppole for St Joseph's Day
Zev is 9!!!!
Ziggy - 6 month old Male OES in Ohio
Ziggy and I are new here
Zippy the Pinhead (and Mommy)
Zits cartoon
Ziva and the cats
Ziva is in love...
Ziva's coat?
Zodiac Flea and Tick Spray
Zoe went to doggydaycare...
Zorro preperation to show.
Zorro the Dog
Zorro's visit to his breeder
Zucchini Bread w/a spin
Zucchini Recipe - Zucchini Quiche!
Zucchini Recipes
Zyban, Wellbutrin etc.
zymox otic
Zyrtec 10 mg. for 60 pound OES with environmental allergies
{warning grafic material} c section nightmare
~. Larry Ferchak -- 01 Aug 1950 - 31 May 2008 .~
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