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We have a young, maybe 4/5 month old kitten hanging around our house. He was with his mom but she's pretty much abandoned him. We've been feeding them, plus 2 other black cats, one is mean and one is nice. Through trial and error we've found the kitten likes whiskas and friskies canned food and Royal Canin dry. I'm afraid to bring the kitten in the house because I know the dogs (Rosco) will chase him :evil: It's so cold out that we're afraid the poor thing will freeze, although he's really smart and dug a small tunnel under a large bush to hide out in. We do have some huge dog crates, would it be horrible to put him in one and bring him inside? Maybe that way the dogs would get used to him and then we could keep him, not in a crate forever of course. My husband is getting attached to him, he bought him some toys and left them on the porch :) Anyway, would it be cruel to put him in a crate for a short time?
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I think it would be wondeful for you to put him in a crate and bring him inside. Could save his life.
bestdogsx4 wrote:
Anyway, would it be cruel to put him in a crate for a short time?

Would be a wonderful kind thing to do. The temperatures
are so extreme these days. I am sure Rosco will get
used to his new bed and breakfast boarder :D

Sounds like a sweet little kittten!
Wanted to add perhaps lure him into the crate with food. Even a cute little kitty can really scratch when scared and being picked up.
Absolutely bring him inside a crate. It will keep him safe and warm in your home, and could be a great way to gradually adjust to keeping him.
He will be fine in a crate for awhile, Holly. Put some blankets or pillows in there for him to snuggle up in and he'll be in kitty heaven. :D
I think that would be the perfect situation! I hope it doesn't take long for the dogs to get adjusted to him!
Definitely OK. While living in a crate is not ideal, it's better than being out in the cold. Good luck with your kitty. :D

If the mom was feral as I suppose she is, and thus her little boy may have been born in the wild they will never be the kind of cat that runs and greets your guest. They still may loving pets however but takes a lot of time for them to trust you and even come to you for pats.

One of my previous kitties, Fe'line was born feral and until she passed at age 19 never was comfortable with people. With me however, she laid in my arms like a baby and gave me kisses.

Your little kitty may "freak" when placed in a crate and don't let the dogs sniff the crate as if kitty was a feral he'd panic as he'd feel he was trapped. I agree saving his life is a priority and do bring him in. The cat and dogs will know the others presence through smell and eventually you can perhaps bring the crate closer and closer. First put kitty in a room by himself and eventually you may allow him a bit more room.

Don't pick him up right away but sit on the floor and let him come to you. Food is a motivator and he'll see you as a safe person as he already has.

Dogs and cats getting along will happen eventually and while not all become best friends, they do learn to tolerate each other. Baby gates helps or towers which kitties can climb and escape inquisitive dogs. What's the #1 factor is how the cat reacts more so than the dog. If cats run...dogs chase, but if kitty just walks, dogs usually do the sniff and greet and walk away. It might take some time but even with the two I have in my home at the moment for the SPCA , the dogs peeked in the room and didn't display any chase behavior and so kitties just stared.

Good Luck and please give us an update.

Marianne and the boys
Can you put a crate outside with some warm blankets and let it get used to the crate first?
Don't forget a small litter box....if you have 2 crates, one side can be the bed and the other the litter area.

I agree bringing him in is the right thing to do, and keeping him apart from the others as he adjusts to smells, sounds etc....it's very hard to catch a scared kitten if he runs away on you. So you want to do this gradual.

You can also give him a house so he can have a secret hiding place inside the kennel...once the dogs approach he will probably want to hide in soemthing, and then slowly come out.
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