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hi Danik...don`t start freting over it...
but an idea might be that they are flea marks...
Just a question? what anti-flea do you use....I know some of them like Frontline has to be applied or 3 days before the bath or 3 days after the bath but not at the same time because they wont work...

Vero wrote:
what anti-flea do you use....I know some of them like Frontline has to be applied or 3 days before the bath or 3 days after the bath but not at the same time because they wont work...

I use Power and I apply it after he cames back from his bath...

PS.: I like Pisco new picture. What a long legs he has. Razz
Hi Guys,
I have a 6mnth old oes pup named Feziwig. He loves being outdoors but we live in a wooded area and ticks are a BIG problem. Also he loves sticking his whole head in everything- dirt, leaves whatever, which adds to the problem.

We have gotten him frontline but are still finding ticks on his head.

Does anyone know if its okay to use frontline and a tick collar?? Please Let Us know. Feel bad for the lil guy.

I would talk to your vet and ask them if it would be ok.I do know that a lady owning an Irish Wolfhound had a huge problem with her dog getting tick disease so her vet had her use frontline and preventick collar this was an extream case and a hugh dog so I would not recomend doing it without talking to your vet.
Neither Frontline nor a collar can kill ticks on contact. They are killled within a 24 hour interval. I do not see how using both would help.

We take Abbi to the National Forest here, which is infested with 3 varieties of ticks. There are also chiggers, fleas, and mites. We use Frontline and a lice comb. Let her have all the fun she wants. If she's wet she gets a quick hose down and then towel drying and a comb out. On her head and paws we use the lice comb and a cup of alcohol. Comb and dip. Gets almost everything and Frontline must get the rest because we have never had a problem. If she has picked up a mass of them, like those seed ticks, we wash her of in a dip solution, let it set for 10 minutes, spray her off, dry and comb. We live two hours away and she lies in the back of the van and we have never had a problem.
Personally, using two different contact preventatives doesn't sound too good.
A vet could probably explain the pro's and cons better than I could.
If I don't have time to wash her off we have used 5% sevin dust. This is a contact method, kills on contact. But she gets a full bath when we get home. Abbi is five years old. With a 6 month old pup I might not be so free with the dip, but 5% sevin dust is fairly safe as long as you brush it out sooner than later. And don't let him lick the stuff off, which I don't think he would ... it sort has an odor and a biege color.
Saulmr...maybe we can make a sheepie bath/trim and clipping tour....LOL
Here it is also very cheap...and they do it very the most it costs $10 the whole deal....and if you are a regular you get your frontline for free Very Happy
We found 5 ticks on Huggs head... now we wonder if we found them because we had clipped off the hair on his head (because i gave him a baaad haircut and the groomer had no choice but to clip it all OOPS) Anyways... We wonder if it was the short fur allowing us to see them, or maybe any ticks that may have been on his body climbed to his head (because two days earlier I had put the first app of Frontline on him) Should we shave him to make sure they are all off?? I am sooooo afraid of ticks and CANT wait untill we move to the subbarbs!

(still working out those matts!!)

I spend a lot of time handling my dog. I make sure -- under the guise of petting her -- that I rub her pretty much all over her body. Any lumps are most always ticks, and they need to come out. This ought to be enough: I don't think you need to shave unless the dog is badly matted, in which case your dog has other comfort issues that should have you shave him or her.

I haven't had real good success with Frontline, flea collars, or similar things ... Pippy just likes to roll in the grass too much.

As to the country vs suburbs, it doesn't matter much: ticks are pretty much everywhere.

Tick removal (personally, I like heating up an awl with a propane torch and then touching the tick's rear end ... they'll withdraw in a hurry in most cases -- make sure you step on it and kill it!!) is always ugly, but is always relief for the dog. Sometimes you just have to yank them out with needle-nosed pliers <gag>; but it's one of the things I do because I love my dog. If the tick's alive when you get it out, make sure you kill it. Sometimes you've gotten a mama tick with hundreds of little ticklets inside her. KILL THEM DEAD: put the tick in a dish, and use that same propane torch to fry it to ashes.

Sorry for being so gross; but this is just one of the ugliest parts about loving a dog ... sometimes you've just gotta do this Sad

I've found ticks like the head better than the body! Frontline hasn't done much for ticks on my dogs - especially Presley (she's a tick magnet). I hate the little ba#^%)&rds! Make sure Huggs has had his Lyme's vaccine! I was hospitalized for 11 days a few years ago ver ill from an unknown illness - that after several weeks they discovered was most likely a tick borne illness - Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever! I live in Rhode Island - far away from the Rockys! Wink I didn't know I had a tick bite! Kind of freaked me out thinking that I didn't know a tick was on me! Sad Beware - there are more tick illness than Lyme's disease!

Sydney and Presley have had several picked off of them just this past weekend - and all deer ticks! Both are long haired - but I still notice they like their heads better than their bodies! The frontline is supposed to kill them - but it doesn't repel them (so they can still have time to bite before the frontline kicks in!). We had to resort to putting a tick collar on Presley last year it got so bad - but they aren't recommended around children (so that's kind of scary to think what they do to the dog!).

Kristen (TICK HATER!)
I used Frontline for the longest time. Then it kept getting more expensive so I swithched to Seargeant's Pretect. It worked great, until this year. Abbi has her first fleas, and Pretect does nothing for them.
I am on my way to the vet this morning to get Frontline, because ticks are plentiful down here also.
I found this link, but there's lots of them around:
I would like to know if someone can give me information about using Frontline while owner´s pregnancy. I tried to find information on the web but I couldn´t.
My question is if it is safe to use it on my dog if I am pregnant ???
What I remember while we used Frontline was that you had to wait 30-60 minutes for it to soak into to the skin and evaporate. After that it was suppose to be safe for infants to adults.
They had an 800 number ... bet it is listed on Google or somewhere....
Please be very careful with the flea meds from pet shops and grocery shops around your young puppies and cats. I work for a vet and have seen too many cats die from Hartz Mountain flea drops. Be very careful and read all the lables wich I am sure you all do I just wanted to put out the warning.

I use Advatix right now and I doin't really like to use it but it is the only thing that really works for me with the tick problem here on the shore.

I like Advantage and it seems to be very safe (The Advantix is not safe for cats at all even, and even for the cat to groom the dog could be fatal.)

Frontline is also good, but it does not seem to kill the ticks or fleas for as long as the Advantix, and it does not repel mosquitos.

Good luck, and I hope you find a new home and good neighbors.
awesome tick stories everyone!!! LOL and great photos. I live in tick infested woods... we do pretty good at finding them. When brushing huggs I have found a lot of dead ticks, from frontline?? Dunno... i like em dead better though.
What a fantastic post. I almost fell out of my chair when I read abou tburning them and stamping on them. We have almost 100% deer ticks here, and there is no way you are going to stamp those suckers. They are just too small and it wouldn't do any damage. They would probably crawl up and bite you and you wouldn't even know it. We even have seed ticks, that are about like the size of a period and will jump on you from leaves as you walk by. You will notice this blackish brown swarm of moving dots at first, before they spread out. I have been told those are nymphs of the deer ticks. They are worse than chiggers.
No, we always dispose of any tick bodies in rubbing alcohol and a flush. We use tweezers or our fingernails ... not like you are going to catch anything more once they have bitten you. Wash with alcohol, soap and water afterwards. Put some neosporin on the bite and it will heal faster. In fact, my daughters heal faster with a little hydrocortisone the first day and neosporin for the first week. It takes 2 weeks for a tick bite to heal on the average.

With Frontline and a fine comb, we have never really seen any dog or cow ticks. Not even on Abbi's head. But because of the preponderance of mosquitoes, our area is sprayed arially two to three time a week. One fella down here was diagnosed with West Nile, so they are really going after the mosquitoes. So maybe it kills off some of the ticks too?
A tick page is a great idea. I will see what I can contribute Ron. Sounds like a great project!
This weekend we took Drake and the kids to a farm our friends reciently bought and they all had a blast. Drake was able to wonder around off his leash and was able to play with his doggie friend Easy. They have several old barns and great places to explore and the kids had a blast. Everything was going great until I did a tick check on my son must have found at least 20 of them in his underwear and a few in his hair and on his body. I then checked my other son and found about the same. Then came drake and the same. Fortunatly my daughter had stayed with me and she did not have any. I think they may have gotten into a nest of them. The farm has been vacant for a few years and nature sure has taken over. To make matters worse Drake was due for his Frontline this week and had taken a small dose last time because he weighed only 35 lbs then and now weighs 45 lbs and needs the larger dose so I think he was not really protected. I did spray the kids a thousand times but that did not seem to work very well. What a mess, I had to put my garden powder that kills ticks on my sons cloths in a bag to kill the ticks that were left. I put a new dose of Frontline on Drake and my vet said that should take care of any ticks left on Drake that I could not find. I am still doing tick checks on the kids and Drake. I found one on Drake this moring but it looked like the Frontline had worked because it was already dead. What a mess! I grew up on a farm and have never seen ticks that bad. So everyone be carefiul because from what I can tell it is going to be a bad tick year. Also from what I gather our pups grow so fast that the Frontline might not be as affective at the end of the dose, I am not sure of it but it sure seemed that way on Drake. What a mess Cool
Drake is doing really well and is as spoiled as ever Very Happy He just went to the Vet to get weighed for his heartgaurd and Frontline and weighs 60 lbs. We have been traveling alot this summer (see antics) so I have not been around very much the last few weeks. Hope things are going well with you and summer is not keeping you too busy Cool
That's terrible!

First off, you can't just vacuum or spray them away with a single treatment, or multiple treatments over a short time. If your house is "crawling with them", you're going to have to spray the whole house repeatedly.

What's probably going on in your home is that theri are adults and eggs. You sprayed and that probably killed the adults or eggs, but not both.

The fleas much prefer living on your animal(s) than on humans. That's the good news! You have to break the cycle. There are products called insect growth regulators (IGRs) like "Program" which are given as a pill or liquid to the animal. Once the adult flea bites and gets a blood meal, the IGR will not allow their eggs to hatch. As for killing the adults that get on the animal(s) use a good insecticide like Frontline.

Check out some of the info and product resources available for flea control here:
(I plan to work on a better and more specific page about flea control, but it will be a little while before I finish that.)

Hang in there, you'll win.
Hi Have you heard that it's best to wait 48 hrs. after a pupper's bath to apply Frontline Plus or Advantage? Something about the pores being open and dry...more receptive to the chemicals? Yick! Hmmmmm... fact or fiction? Gettin' ready to do all this tomorrow!
Thanks everyone!!

The good/bad news is that I found a flea on Benington's belly. So, this morning we took a trip to the vets to pick up some frontline. Hopefully, this will solve the "itchy" problem that we have encountered.

I have greatly appreciated everyone'e input.

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