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My vet just diagnosed Abbi with AIHA and I am looking for a second opinion.
Her symptons:
1. Her nails are craking to the quick. Her pads and feet hurt and she licks them constantly. (I thought she had a fungal disease so I took her to the vet)
2. Her nose is breaking open, looks like she's been scratched, but she hasn't. Because of her nails, she hasn't been out of the house for days. Well, just to use the bathroom. (Another reason to go to the vet.)

3. She's been depressed and anxious. Either laying around "dreaming" or putting her head in our laps or begging to be petted constantly. She hasn't been feeling well.

4. Gave her a dose of Revolution, hoping to prevent mange, and she went into a shaking fit and wouldn't get up for hours. (Anyone want to buy some Revolution cheap? I have 5 vials left.).

5. She's had dermatitis before and lost all of her hair on her back leg back in 2001.

Now that I think about it, she's been heat intolerant for a while. She doesn't want to leave us even to use the bathroom. She pants like crazy, even inside the house where it is airconditioned and lays around like a cat. Given the chance, she will eat dirt and does vomit and have diarrhea occasionally. These things were all explained away as problems with heat or diet.
But she will play fetch and walk (2 - 3 miles/day) with me whenver I pick up a ball or ask her to get her leash? I thought she was depressed about the kids going back to school. She loves to walk with me to pick them up.
I guess I am in for a rough ride. I need to go ask my vet why he didn't do a RBC or PVC before prescribing her a boat-load of anitbiotics and predisone. I thought he would, but he didn't --just said start her as soon as possible and here's my home and cell phone.
What if she has that sand fly disease or its just a fungus or obstruction or ...
The nearest full fledge clinic is in Houston and I have to stay and pick up the girls, take 2 deliveries, and let a repairman in at 3 PM. So I guess I will try to go tomorrow or call my vet back ....
Wish me luck.
Went to a clinic in a city over. They said they could do the blood tests and have answers for me by Saturday.
Called up the original vet at lunch. He finally got back to me as I was holding Abbi for the blood tests in the other clinic at 4PM.
Said there wasn't any tests for the autoimmune disease he suspected, it was a skin involved one only. The other two vets standing there almost exploded. But they kept there cool, walk out, and then came back in to make sure I still wanted to do the tests.
Which I did.
Results of the RBC, PCV, and a whole bunch of others will be done. They said to give her the antibiotics and the topicals; but hold off on the predisone. They thought she may be having a reaction to all the vaccinations and meds she had been given in the past month and were going to do some checking up on it.

I, of all people should have known to go to the list. But a couple of years ago Grannie Annie sort of over-stepped my boundaries a few times. I was in Argentina and she kept giving advice that I could not follow because it wasn't done that way there and there are not that many dog foods available. I didn't live in BA, it was further south and more remote.

So I went to join today. I forgot about all the rigamarole it takes to join. I still might do it, because you are absolutely right about there being a lot of good, caring, and knowledgable people there.
I am just a bit upset right now. I feel I should have known better or something. We have been to the vet about 4 times in the past 2 months because I knew something was wrong. I should have thought about changing her diet before this. Should have looked for a new vet when she had siezures on the Revolution and he said it was something else.

So glad I went to this other vet clinic. At least they do not put you down or make you feel guilty. Both vets thought that she was in good shape, but just needed a better diet and maybe a fungacide and antibiotic. And a thyroid and blood work-up.
If she has AIHA, it is a mild presentation and they feel it can wait until Saturday before being treated.
Thanks Ron.
I needed to tell someone, and I thought... why not? My girls would just go to pieces if something happenned to Abbi. My husband is out-of-town and hard at work.. When he got back with me, he said, "You did get a second opinion, didn't you?"
Here's hoping it isn't anything I cannot fix!
Let you know Saturday.

Abbi wouldn't let me go for a walk by myself tonight, so I put baby booties on her feet and away we went. She is my walking buddie. The booties look a little worse for the walk, but she didn't stop to tear them off like I thought she would. It is hard to believe she may have a serious disease. I hope it is something curable, and not a maitenace type thing, with infections hanging over our head all the time.
Here's to hoping the combo topical I am using on her pads and nails works as well as it has on her nose!
They put too much calcium in most of the puppy food. This causes lameness in large dogs.
Abbi couldn't walk by the time she was 6 months. I did not know whether it was all the vaccinations or her food. So I switched her to a well balanced adult food and did not go back for anothre vaccination until she was a year old. Within a week she was walking again.

I wish I had my old computer with the bookmarks for the studies I found on the effects of too much calcium on large dogs, but I cannot find it right now.
She was never in much pain that I knew of though? She just would look at me sadly and licked her paws a lot. Like she's doing right now ...

If you dog gets worse, let us know. My Abbi is a bit under the weather also. One vet thinks autoimmune, the othe allergies. I think it was a comination of the vaccinations and that Revolution I tried out.
Name: Abbi
Age: 5 years as of Feb. 2004
Weight: 73 pounds (She's at her perfect wt.)
Eye color: both light brown
Dog food use presently: Nutro Max for Large Dogs

Behavior problems: Loves to chase cats. And birds. And rabbits, deer, and squirrels. Will try to pounce on new dogs to get their attention. Isn't afraid of anything, including dogs growling and roughing up their "hackles". Loves to lunge at the storm door and try to get out front to play witht he rest of the kids.
Illnesses: Went lame at 6 months, changed diet(went to adult,low calcium) and she returned to normal. Lost hair on back leg at 1 year, after 22 hour trip from Argentina, it grew back black and is now dark gray. Had horrible reaction to REVOLUTION--which was promptly returned and exchanged for old heartworm preventative. Had auto-immune type response to a set of full vaccinations, including kennel cough. Now never receives more than one vaccination a year (trying to get it where she receives just blood titer confirmation and vaccinations alternating every year). Almost lost her this last Fall to that. She still breaks her nails and wears her back nails down to the pads if she doesn't wear baby booties on our longer neighborhood walks. We have to walk a mile or two a day due to personal illnesses.
Cutest thing ever done: Learned how to beg by bowing (a long stretch in front of you).
Cute habit:Will go get her leash and bow, until she gets a walk or trips you.
Bad habit: Sticking her nose under your hand to get you to pet her -- even while you are eating! Taking grooming equipment and hiding it under couch, carpet, or her paw.

Favorite food: Any meat, cooked or uncooked. Canned or fresh.
Least favorite food: Proin tablets or that hyperallergenic dog food that cost $$$$. Razz

Favorite game: Chase with anyone or Find-the-cat-and-run-it-as far-as-possible.
Favorite place to sleep: At my feet or on her carpet by the back door. This is her favorite place to eat her treats and hide things too.

Anything else: Don't try to get Abbi to "show-off" any of her tricks to anyone else if there is: another dog present, a cat in the vicinity, or a young boy or girl around (she's always wanted her own boy. All of my children are girls.) She will not do her tricks even for fresh meat if any of the above distractions are within sight or hearing distance, except maybe the young kids. I have been able to get her to go through her paces with children, but it takes a bit of time and some very yummy treats.
List of tricks to-date: Fetch leash,Find leash, Sit, Stay, Stay for 2 minutes with me 100' away, Fetch from Stay, Speak, Quiet, Come, Come Back, Jump up, Down, Climb up steps and slide down slide, Dance on hind legs, Lay (we use Lie, because she confused with Stay), and Go away (Goes to kennel or mat). Still working on a consistent PAW and Heel. It is very hard to Heel when you are hunting cats! Laughing Also working on stay, then go get your food. She does it about half the time now. Rolling over seems to be hard for her to get too. Not one to go to that position very much (on her back).
I had a feeling you we going to say revolution I am not a big fan of revolution.It just dosn't seem right to put Heartworm prevention on a dogs back.I am so sorry that your girl had such a rough time.I had even done my home work on the pro-heart and waited a year befor even trying it.Just goes to show you that nothing over time is 100% safe.I will say one thing for pro-heart we have a lots of people come to the Animal hospital who arnt capable of keeping up with their monthly prevention.So we give them the proheart Inj and send them a reminder in 6 months.At lest these dogs are safe from heartworms.
GUEST: I tried Revolution because the vet suggested it since I was leaving her at a boarding kennel for almost 2 weeks and the kennel charged for giving pills and seemed confused over her Proin schedule much less the heart pill one. Ended up not even using that kennel. Left her with a vet and his assitant.
Injections have their own problems. If it works for anyone it is worth it, but I would not give it to a dog that has any type of illness, that is in distress, or has had any type of severe reaction, as some dog's immune systems can just over-react to strong, even time released doses. Nothing is 100% guaranteed or is actually THE BEST for ALL dogs.
You are right the owners need to do their own research and choose according to their tolerance to what could happen if they use a particular method. It is our responsibility. And I am glad you take this responsibility so seriously.
If anyone asks my opinion I give them my OPINION, with the idea that we all take each other's advice with a grain of salt. Free advice is worth what it costs. But I do not think we should actually judge either owners or drug manufacturers too hastily.
And MY advice is to stay with the tried and true --the oral daily or monthly tablets. I really am not partial to any brand.
In all fairness, the various types of preventatives cater to the various types of owners.
If Revolution is working for you, you trust it, keep using it. It cannot be all bad or it wouldn't still be on the market. If Heart Guard works use it.
My opinion still remains the same, I will just use the oral once a month ones for now. I sometimes consider going back to the daily ones.
Abbi is recovering. Thanks for your concern.
but my true question is it right to mix dogs and rearrange breeds to form your own standards? I know that it is how all breeds were started but the shelters and pounds are full of unwanted dogs why are we making mixed breeds and calling them a new revolution? and poodles are hypoallerginic how come they arn't good enough? labs and poodles both tend to be high need dogs to mix them togather seems crazy to me. I own one pure breed dog and that is my sheep dog he is from a owner breeder who just wanted to find him a home I was looking to get a dog from the shelter or rescue club when I found him and yes I took him home I love him and have had his hips checked (they are not great but just ok) and have had him casterated(was going to do this even if he had great hips)I am not a breeder and don't exactly think breeding dogs is going to better them. personaly my two mix breeds are as pure to my heart as my sheepie.I am just of the mind set that we need to clean up the shelters before we start making new breeds of dogs. I hope I haven't offended any breeders out there I know you belive in your cause and yes people do like to know what they are getting into when they get a dogthis is the good side of breeding like I said myself I was looking to rescue A pure breed for this v ery reason.I love all dogs and all dog people have their reasons for doing what they do.I am not trying to tell breeders to stop breeding the dogs they love. I only wanted to hear how others feel and I really thank you for your replys.
Hi , I'm a 2 year old female OES who contracted mange about 5 months ago while playing out in the woods near my house. I must have poked my puffy head in a fox's den. Since then, I've been itching like nobody's business! First my mom thought I had a food allergy and switched my food to this tasty, organic stuff. I tried to tell her that she was barking up the wrong tree, but you know, those humans! Then she finally took me into the vet where they instantly proclaimed, "MANGE!". The tips of my ears had crusties on them, my elbows were bare, and my hinny had some hair missing too. The vet said that they usually give dogs Ivermectin (sorry, I can't spell that), but that's a no-no for OES. So, they tried this stuff called Revolution - they were sneaky and put it on the back of my neck, where I can't get to it! It made me itch less and slowly my gorgeous locks started to grow back. She also gave me 2 sulfur baths which made me stink more than a skunk! I was mange-free for about 2 months, but now I'm itching again! Neither me or my mom wants to go through this again!!! That revolution was slow- working and I'm just thinking that there has to be a better treatment out there! Do any of you canines or humans have any insight? We'd be most grateful, but in the meantime, we'll be itching!
Gee, I wish governments would get out of my life! The more power we give these idiots, the more they rediculous they get. A revolution every now and then is a good thing.
I have a 91/2 week old sheepie and the vet is pushing Revolution. Anyone have any experience with this?? Is the flea/tick/heartworm combo too much for a young sheepie?? I heard sheepies are prone to sensitive stomaches and am wondering if this wil cause a negative reaction?
I got this guy a home! James's mom actually said that she would foster him for a few weeks and, if they got along well, then she'd keep him. She hasn't had a dog for awhile and missed cleaning up muddy footprints and stuff. Wink Even if she can't take him, I'll have plenty of time to find him a forever home without the worry of him being PTS.

So, I finally got a hold of them in Ohio today. He was out when I actually called because he was at the groomer. They took off what they estimated to be at least 5 pounds of hair by the time he was finished! Look at him now:

New hairdo

He ridiculously cute and they said he's all happy and prancing around, because he's so happy to get those matts off! ClappingPurple

He's going to be neutered Thursday and get his heartworm test, Revolution, and other vet business. All in all, very reaonable pricing-- for everything adoption, vet services and neutering-- under $100. So, I'm going to go out there on Friday or Saturday to get him. It all depends if I can take Friday off.

I'm so happy that I could save him! I'll take lots of pictures when I get him back to Michigan. Yay!

Well, my unnamed rescue dog from Ohio came through his neutering just fine today. He'll be already for me to pick up on Saturday. They told me that he's just a super happy dog to be around-- he's not barky, not jumpy, just a really sweet little guy.

Unfortunately, I chose to have some extra vet work done and he tested slightly positive for heartworms. They said I didn't have to adopt him if I didn't want to but, the whole reason I rescued him was so he wouldn't die so it wouldn't make much sense to not try to save him again. Anyway, their vet offered a suggestion that since he was just slightly positive, a new school of thought was to just put him on Heartgard or Revolution to keep what he has at bay and let him live out his life like that, rather than put him through the arsenic poisoning and rest period.

I have to say, I'm pretty upset right now. Has anyone gone through the deworming process or heard of the alternative that the vet at the pound offered? I only want to do what's best for him and I'm leaning towards the arsenic just so we get rid of them completely. I'm just hoping it won't cost a fortune to do it. Am I an idiot for even considering putting a dog that I've never met through a potentially expensive treatment?
I've never seen a tick by me so I don't have them on tick preventatives either but I have both dogs on Revolution-- mainly because Lucy is very allergic to flea bites so if I keep them off of both dogs, we're safer. For some reason I was thinking that kept ticks off too but, after just looking it up, I realize I was mistaken.
For those of us in the South, we have more of a problem with ticks and fleas, they just don't die off in the short, mild winters. We also know from our vets that Lyme Disease is not prevalent in our area. Luckily, we live in a suburban neighborhood that seem to all have professional yard and pest workers. We have to call in pest professionals for several reasons our children, pregnant or lactating cat, newborn kittens, our dogs, and our frogs. We do have to have a special chemical put down for different pests. It is completely safe for us all. We go through the local business and pay very little a year to have the outside, inside, and attic kept free of any pests. We did find that Advantix (sp?) worked the best for the dogs, when a flea episode did break out last summer, Adams flea and tick Shampoo worked awesome!! I can't say enough about Adams!! I have heard that the Adam's sprays work as well. On my in-laws ranch, in Northern Oklahoma, they use just garlic to keep the fleas and ticks away with success. We use Revolution for cats.

Stormi and co.
I use Revolution for a number of reasons. The dog and cat Revolution is the same stuff, so if I run out of kitten or cat Revolution, I can call and they will tell me the amount of dog revolution to put on, or vise versa, however it can take a few cat Revolutions to get one of my dogs done....LOL Also in dogs it treats a wider range of things, such as fleas, ticks, heartworm disease, earmites, and a form of mange. In cats, the same ingredients treat the same things, including aiding in the prevention of hookworm and roundworm.
2 months ago, I ran out of the Revolution, and had a few extra Advantage vials left over that I hadn't used yet, the date was still good, and since a full month had passed, I saw no reason why I couldn't apply the Advantage to the sheepies. Annabelle had no reaction, but Jack lost a patch of hair the size of a 3 inch circle in diameter, and the area turned red and raw. I assume it was a reaction to the Advantage, it healed quickly and the hair has grown back. I won't try that again though. Rolling Eyes

We had an outbreak of fleas, not too long ago, we used Adams flea shampoo on the sheepies and umpteen cats, and then treated everyone with Ivermectin, and fleas were gone again. We learned to be careful and quarantine for a period of time when we bring a new animal in, and make sure it gets a flea and tick treatment before going around the other furbabies.

Stormi and co.
He is jumping off the ground 2 ft in the air! He is so happy now. He runs a bit after the cats but I think he just wants to play with them. He will try to eat the kitties if they want to eat his food. They really want Cindy to cook for them, too!

He had his 2nd dose of revolution Sun. He should be fairly cleared if not completely cleared within a week. I think I will test him with my pyr this coming weekend. Every pyr loves my Quinci and I am sure Petey will, too! Quinci is my distemper survivor that the vet kept telling me would not make it.

Cindy will probably take Petey back to the vet for fecal, blood work and skin scraping next Mon. Cindy has been SO wonderful in doing so much to help with Petey - bathing him every week, cooking every meal and coming over to play with him! Cindy lives about 30 min from me but never fails on her weekly visits. I am so tired by the weekend that bathing dogs is such a task. Crossing fingers that 2 pyrs have a home within the next few weeks so I can be down to only 10 fosters!

I will not be online much starting Fri. I have a VERY sick kitty at Texas A&M (going for surgery tomorrow). When he comes home, I will be focusing on getting him better. So many little time Sad

Petey's foster mom
when I got Daisy from the animal shelter she had fleas and during our first visit to the vets a few days later she was put on frontline. when we continued to have fleas I gave her a flea bath (several days after the frontline). we contnued to have problems and went back to the vets who gave her Capstar and another Frontline, saying it could be used every 3 wks if necessary. We spent 3 mos using the Frontline every 3 weeks with flea baths in between and still had a TERRIBLE time with her scratching. At that time she was sleeping on hardwood or linoleum floors so it wasn't in the carpet or bedding and I did not see any other than on her. During this entire period, the cat (on Revolution) never had a single flea.

We went back to the vets and he switched her to Advantage and had several more doses of capstar, steroid shot and anibiotics. At this time I THINK we have the problem under control, but since the weather has cooled off, it's hard to say. Also began using Brewers Yeast w/ garlic which is supposed to help w/ fleas. Also heard that lavender oil sprinkled on bedding will get rid of fleas.

Good Luck - I know what an annoyance it can be having a dog scratch all the time.
Hi all,

I ran out of both heartworm and flea medication for Phlufie, and I figure now is the time to research the field. He is currently on Interceptor and Frontline. I wonder if other med might be better? Can you tell me what your dog is on? Do you know what med doesn't work well? Phlufie used to be on Advantix, but it didn't work well (ticks on him!!).

I saw Revolution, which treats heartworms AND flea.... but I don't think it treats as many kind as Interceptor and Frontline combined (roundworm, tape worms, etc).

I don't have any problems yet with the med he is on now, just want to see what else is out there.

Thanks, Cool
I aologize, Has Tasker aalways been an itchie dog? Or is this somrthing new since the flea episode? Has your vet considered mites(sarcoptic mange)? A pain to diagnose, but much easier to get rid of these days with Revolution. Treatment followed by relief ,is the best diagnoses.Just a thought. Good Luck!

guest wrote:
I aologize, Has Tasker aalways been an itchie dog? Or is this somrthing new since the flea episode? Has your vet considered mites(sarcoptic mange)? A pain to diagnose, but much easier to get rid of these days with Revolution. Treatment followed by relief ,is the best diagnoses.Just a thought. Good Luck!

Tasker has always had "bouts" of itching, usually lasting a few weeks then stopping. Never this long. We did not discuss mites......I'll add it to the list for the "next visit" if the current treatment doesn't work Shocked Thanks!

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