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Professional photo pf Phoebe, a four and one half month old Old English Sheepdog, lying on blue velvet.

Phoebe at 4 1/2 Months
   2 Sheepdog Photos


PK the Old English Sheepdog lying by the side of a pool that is lined with brick.

PK By the Pool


A very dirty Blarney, the old English Sheepdog is sitting in front of a scene of devastation, and he is tied with a rope through the broken windows of an overturned Sport Utility Vehicle.

The picture of Blarney


Cover of the February twenty fourth  1975 issue of Sports Illustrated magazine. The cover shows a very hairy Old English Sheepdog with its tongue hanging way out. The cover reads Big Itch in the Dog World, Westminster winner Champion Sir Lancelot of Barvan

Sports Illustrated cover, February 24, 1975


Bald Handler in a very 1970s green sport jacket holding a chijuajua.  Lying on the ground is the champion Old English Sheepdog Sir Lancelot of Barvan.

Inside SI,
February 24, 1975


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Two Old English Sheepdogs looking back over their shoulders towards the camera, sitting in a grass field.

Haley and Tyler
   2 Sheepdog Pictures


Four Month old Humphrey the Old English Sheepdog lying on a big tiled floor with a Booda doll in his mouth.

Humphrey Reale
   2 Sheepdog Photos


Two Old English Sheepdogs on either side of a little blond heaired boy. The photo is titled My Best Friends

Flocke, Beauty, Easy and Lucky
   3 Sheepdog Pix


Baby Bently Blue, a very little 6 week old all white Old English Sheepdog Puppy, with bright red eyes, and a little itty bitty tongue poking out of his mouth.

Baby Bently Blue


Closeup of an Old English Sheepdog with a huge white head and big pink tongue cutely hanging out.



Benji is lying on the carpet in the bedroom, and is quite a large ballof mostly black hair.

Mighty Benji


Widget the Old English Sheepdog looks at a little concrete statue of an Old English Sheepdog

Higgins, Widget and Raleigh
5  wonderful photos and a couple of links


Two Old English Shepdogs lying in a doorway, expectantly. The larger dog is on the right.

Mr. Muggs And Holly


A closeup of two very excited and bright eyed Old English Sheepdogs peering over a blue couch.  The dog on the right has extremely blue eyes.

Sophie And Sadie




15 Sheepdog pictures, on
3 pages


Two sheepdogs, one hugging the other

The Monsters
   3 Sheepie Pictures


   and the Sydney bushfires


Swiffer WetJet
   P&G ad with a Sheepie


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Santa Clause is half-lying on the floor with a professional studio background, holding and hugging two Old English Sheepdogs.

Barrett and Emma
   8 Sheepdog Pictures


Grannie Annie Raker, Placement Director for New England Old English Sheepdog Rescue, Inc. is Sitting on Santas lap.  Both are laughing.

Grannie Annie and Santa


Close up of Jake, the Old English Sheepdog, sitting, wearing a blue and black and red bandana and hat.

Hot Jake


A little blond haired boy hugging a huge Old English Sheepdog, whose nose is at the same height as the boys face.  The boy is grimmacing, probably in reaction to a big sloppy wet kiss.

The Hug


A Sears, Roebuck advertisement showing an Old English Sheepdog lying on a couch, next to a boy sitting with a drippy hot dog and a soda. The ad is titled Spills Can Happen. The ad is for Scotchgard Fabric Protection Service by Sears.

A Sears Roebuck Furniture point-of-sale display ad


Brandi and Vince asleep together in a very small bed.

Brandi and Vince


Black and white photo of a black and white cat nose-to-nose with a black and white Old English Sheepdog Puppy.

Henry and Sydney


Bear, a cute little Old English Sheepdog Puppy, playfully chews on the blanket of the human bed on which he is lying.

   2 Sheepdog Pictures


Sampson the Old English Sheepdog lying under the kitchen table with his head up on one of the legs of the table.

  A 4 Sheepdog Picture spread :)


Jake the Sheepdog, with his head tilted and looking at the camera with an innocent look

More Jake
   4 Sheepdog Photos


A woman walks her two Sheepdogs on a busy sidewalk in New York City

Sheepies in New York City
   2 Sheepdog Photos


Abbie the OES lying in the grass with a big hunk of watermelon half eaten lying in front of her

Abby and her Watermelon


Annie the Old English Sheepdog poses for the camera.

Little Annie
   3 Sheepdog Pictures


Sheepdog sitting on a pink slate patio wearing a red bandana

   2 Sheepdog Pictures


   3 Sheepdog Pictures
   1 Golden/Mix Picture


Abbi gets a Bath
     Abbi gets a Bath2
   9 Sheepdog pictures, on
   2 pages


Abbi on the Computer
  4 Sheepdog Pics



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