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The incredible story of
Winston, Part 3

Winston, a four year old Old English Sheepdog was locked in a laundry room in Wisconsin 24/7, until he was rescued by an Angel real estate agent.  His story is quite touching, and is told in pictures on this page and the previous two pages, and the details can be found on the oes.org forum:

The incredible story of Winston
The incredible story of Winston, part 2
The incredible story of Winston, part 3

Joan is greeted with a beautiful, intricately woven Ginger Lei (left), while Bernie and Ron are greeted with six-foot-long Royalty Maile Leaf Leis (below, left) a symbol of honor and respect. Winston is greeted at home with a beautiful Kukui Nut Lei (below). Joan is later presented with Winston's lei as a keepsake.

Every morning I get up at 6:00AM and lick everybody awake... once they get up, I hop right in while Mom is trying to make the bed!

<bgsound src="http://www.oes.org/assets/multimedia/harmoniouswail4-14.mp3" loop=true>

You are hearing a sample of
"Sheik of Araby"
Performed by Harmonious Wail

(You can get the album "Gypsy Swing"
by clicking here.)

I love romping around in my new fenced-in yard!  Here I am, running with and bringing my ball from Big Dogs. Did I mention how the employees at Big Dogs loved me?  Of course they did!

That's because I'm a big hit wherever I go.  Here I am, my first time on Kailua Beach, getting lots of attention from everybody. I deserve it!

What a great life I have -- a great new family, and this wonderful beach to play on every day.  I'm in Paradise!

Did I mention I hop right in after everybody gets up?  Lucky dog.

The hardest part of my trip was saying goodbye to Joan and Ron.  Not that I miss them, they are so tall it was hard to give them a hug! 
Well, ok, I'll miss them a little bit. But I have my eye on that cake... :)

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