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This is the place to find help when you want an Old English Sheepdog of your very own,
or if you'd like to help out in any way...

10 reasons to consider an ADULT sheepdog...
You want a puppy?  Are you SURE? Please read this before deciding...

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In addition to the "old style" sheepdog photo gallery, there's a new oes.org photo gallery available for your visit.
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Medical Info Pages...
Read about our user's experiences with various Medical issues.:

Pet Insurance info

Heartgard info

Frontline info

Heartworm info

Dog Aggression info

Dog Supplements info

Dog Allergies info

Hip Dysplasia info

Glucosamine info

Dog Bite info

ProHeart Info

Rimadyl info


Revolution Info


Some other new stories to peruse...

Disk drive crash:
A technical Horror Story you don't want to miss.

Hop on board for a very special journey of three Old English Sheepdogs, two Terriers, and a retired school bus...

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