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Grooming a Sheepdog
Using the Line Grooming Method
as demonstrated by Carl P. Lindon  B.Eng., CD.
Photos by "the Momma", Michele Lindon.
Special thanks to our long-suffering model, Martin Zephram Lindon

Over the years, we've been asked how to groom a sheepdog countless times.
Now we know. Thanks to a tremendous effort by The Lindons,
 oes.org is very pleased to announce:

Laying the dog on the table

When laying the dog down be careful to ensure that the dog's feet and legs are not "pinched" between the table and your body. Also be sure to lay the dog down in a smooth and controlled motion to prevent injury to the shoulders, ribs, hip and head.

The goal is to have your dog lying on her side on a grooming table, her back parallel and close to one long side centred so that both her nose and butt are supported on the table with no "overhang". Her neck will be basically "level with her back" and quite close to the table edge. Her legs will be pretty much straight out and feet may well slightly hang over the opposite long side. She needs to be comfortable on the table as this is the basic position for 80-85% of the time on the table.

Lay your dog down into the position described above as shown; don't get her to sit and then lie by herself as she will rarely center herself on the table which will end up making things more difficult in the grooming, as the hair will be headed in different directions.

You need to be sitting, or standing, on the same side of the table as her back so the body is close to you and feet furthest away.  However, for the sake of clarity of photography in this presentation, frequently you will see me on the other side of the table, as I demostrate tecnique and show off Martin's coat.

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The Second Line
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The First Problem Area

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