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Shayleigh, a 6 month old Old English Sheepdog,
 after an exploration into the bathroom trashcan.
She's been caught red-handed -- wearing the evidence!

"While curiosity may have killed the cat, it merely entrapped our six month-old Old English Sheepdog Shayleigh, pictured here with the evidence from a foray into the bathroom trash can displayed prominently around her neck."

Shayleigh the Old English Sheepdog sitting near the kitched door with a push-open trash can lid around her neck.

"Shayleigh came to us by way of a breeder's ad in the local paper. This was after many months of trying to convince Mom that a puppy would bring new life to Lady Kate, our then 12-year-old golden retriever mix. Once Mom was convinced, the proof was in the pudding. Lady Kate's energy and competitive edge were restored considerably as she strived to keep up with Shayleigh's pace during our walks and in the kitchen during food preparation. Lady Kate lived another year-and-a-half, the involved senior member of our family, thanks to Shayleigh's relentless prodding."



"Recently, we learned a wonderful new adjective used to describe the OES personality, 'bumptious,' meaning 'overly self-assertive.' Shayleigh has earned her new title, 'Her Royal Bumptiousness,' with displays of in-your-face affection at nap time, insistent whimpering pleas for walks, acting as personal trainer by adding her weight to (and on) anyone doing floor exercises, and 'clacking' her teeth with jealousy when hugs and kisses are going around that do not include her."

Improving her vocabulary -- through osmosis!?!

"Naturally, with all these activities, she has to rest sometime, but  even then, she's at work, and like many of us during our school days, she subscribes to the 'osmosis theory.'"
John and Kathy A.

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