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Sheepdog sitting on a pink slate patio wearing a red bandana

Our Sparky will be 5 yrs old next month (Feb '03). He is the second OES we have had.

He is "brother" to our two children, ages 13 & 11, and also to our cockateil, Charlie, and guinea pig, Chip.
Our cockateil and Sparky get along wonderfully. Charlie will go up to Sparky and say "Hey buddy!"!!!

Sparky is definitely a "counter surfer". He has eaten leftover cinammon rolls, muffins, donuts, and even my daughter's birthday cake that was cooling on the countertop!

Sparky just signed with an animal talent agency in December and had test shots taken for a Christmas card for next year. We love him dearly!


A sheepdog lying on the greenery on the ground

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