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Old English Sheepdog Bently sitting in a nice brown leather couch with one paw hanging over the front edge.

Bentley is a 3 year old OES whom we've had since he was a puppy. He is incredibly loyal and attentive and not much gets past his herding instincts.  He is our Velcro dog; It doesn't matter where a member of the family is--if he senses that he is needed he is there!

A very close up picture of Bently the Old English Sheepdog. All that can be seen is white hair, a black nose, and a pink tongue.

He "talks" a lot and doesn't hesitate to get in on the conversation if he thinks he can contribute. His most lovable attribute is his unconditional  loyalty to my sons, and of course with Bentley's "Muppet-like face" and attached bobtail, it's hard to resist!



Old English Sheepdog Bently lying majestically on the carpet, with his head up and one paw folded under.

He is notorious for his counter-surfing, and although he is the largest member of our canine family he will still share the rewards of a not-so-well-placed meatloaf with his Jack Russell Terrier "girlfriend" and his Newf-Chow "mom."

We love Bentley enormously and feel blessed to be owned by him.

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