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Santa, Emma and Barrett

Santa Clause is half-lying on the floor with a professional studio background, holding and hugging two Old English Sheepdogs.

"This is MY favorite picture of Barrett 'The World's Most Photographed Sheepie' Reeve.
I'm the one in the red suit, Barrett is in my lap, on your left, Emma is on your right.
I use this photo as the wallpaper on my PC at work."
-Ron Schnaper,
Old English Sheepdogs.org

    The following 7 photos are courtesy of NEOESR, Inc.
    Thank you, Ted Knowlton...

Old English Sheepdog standing in a wading pool.

Ok, I get the joke.  Now where's my REAL waterdish????

Barrett and Emma Reeve
play Snow Bunny
Keep on scrollin', there are 6 pictures.

Barret sez, "Hey Emma, wanna play in the snow?"
Emma sez, "No Barrett, I'll just watch you from here."

"Come-on Emma, it tastes good."

"Emma, it even feels good."

"Hey Emma,  I think I smell somethin'."

"EMMA! Hurry, I think I just saw a snow bunny."

"Oh Emma, you really missed all the fun."


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