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Click here for Rice Water Recipe to control Diarrhea

Don't feed Remy for at least 4 hours afte he vomits or 6-12 hours after he has diarrhea. Give him esome rice with chicken or beef broth if he gets hungry, but no hard food. When you do give him some food put a tablespoon of yogurt on it and see what happens before giving him anything else. If he starts shaking you may try pedialite to rehydrate him, but I would take him to the vet.
His stomach lining is gone after the first day or so..he will not get better until he gives his stomach a rest.
Immodium worked for us as well. Turned out Abbi was allergic to eggs and egg products and milk and skim milk. But not yogurt for some reason?? We eliminated eggs and milk (even in her dry food) and she never got so sick again.
You might try the rice water recipe in the other diarhea post. I used it once and it worked rather well too.

Once they start having diarhea, you have to quit feeding them or they just mess up their stomachs. Plenty of water, chicken or beef broth (with no spices or MSG (monosodiumglutonate), with a few tablespoons of cooked white rice, some immodium to slow down the contractions and get some sleep. Or you might try the rice water.
Introduce any food slowly and give a bit of yogurt a try. Check the ingredients of your human grade food ... bet it has some spices and eggs in it, maybe even milk. Usually these things are fine, but some sheepies cannot tolerate them.
If you can get Remy quiet and no major BM's for a 2 hour period, take his temperature. If his temp is over 103.5'F or under 99'F take him to the vet. If his rectum is real active it can suck a glass thermometer in, so you may want to buy a cheap digital thermometer. Lubricate it with KY jelley or some oil (Vitamin E or olive), or at least some water. Have someone hold him and talk to him and SLIDE the thermometer in, no poking. If it will not slide in and Remy is still listless, take him to the vet.

Put him on some towels and try to keep him dry even if he is dirty. Just toss the towels in a separate load and wash them with some bleach if you can.
Dogs get diarrhea from time to time, but it is usually something they ate or a reaction to vaccinations. Their stomachs and intestines are shorter than ours so the flu and food poison don't usually last very long before they are expelled. But anything is possible. Right now his stomach needs to heal.
Generally a bloody stool is never something to dismiss by the way. The vet shouldn't have made it seem like it was normal ... I don't think it is.
Good luck.
If you spend any time reading this forum you know none of our guys are perfect. Rescue or not, this is a large dog. All dogs need to be taught and watched and cared for. Rescues can even be more trying, because you are taking somebody elses problem dog. And you don't know for sure why it has the problems it has -- is it normal, normal for this dog, or has it been .....
Rescues can be great alternatives. But not for everyone or every dog. We had similar experience with a rescued Spaniel. But my girls loved that dog so much. You know what, after having it for 3 years, it ran out of the door and disappeared. Just like that. We searched for it for weeks. I think it ran itno somebody elses house and got adopted, but the girls think it was kidnapped. I like my kids view better.
I hope your dog continues to bond with you and you find more positives with your Rescue ... and I admire your truthfulness.
It is refreshing.
If we can help with anything, just let us know. Anyone with children or a pet will sympathize. I wonder if there is anything that would make a dog learn loyalty? Besides food. And even though you know why he has diarrhea, maybe you should add rice water or more white rice to his diet?
Thank you and thanks to all of you who post regularly. I discovered this forum recently when I was disheartened about how little progress I have made with Henry. Your postings make it easier for me -- I know that I am not alone with these problems.

Did I mention in my 10 Reasons response how much I love my dog? I love my little Henry. And I think that he is beginning to understand how to love me too. I read a long time ago that if dogs don't learn to bond with people during their early weeks (6-?? weeks) they never learn. I will not give up on my little love puppy . . . .

Stupid question: is rice water just the water than rice has been cooked in? I will try anything to eliminate Henry's diarrhea.
Poor Pisco. Its hearbreaking it is to have health problems that we can't just fix.

On the loose stool question did you see the post that Aging Right sent me about rice water. It sounds like a great and natural remedy. I haven't tried it yet but I am planning to cook up some rice tonight for this:

rice water is the water that you cooked the rice in before it is boiled down completely. A fourth to a half of a cup will help solidify most loose stools and give the intestines a chance to heal. And it is easy to digest. Cooked white rice and broth will also work, in moderation. I wouldn't add any meat ...

On the food question, I understand that the problem with most commercial food is that the ingredient percentages vary from batch to batch depending on the ingredient prices. In other words, your dog gets a different food a least every new bag -- of course those with sensitive digestions have diarrhea.

The other problem is that ash is used as a filler and it is not healty for their bladders. (My last dog, a female Chesapeake had constant bladder infections until she went on better food.)

Have you investigated cooking your own food? Maybe just for a month or two to try to help get Pisco's digestion settled? My sister has had great luck with the raw diet for her dog who has cancer and heart disease. If you are investigating raw food please read everything you can find, pro and con, it is quite controversial.

How fun to be on TV with Pisco. Henry was in a commercial for his doggie day care. But he is the same humble boy he was before he became a star. Wink

Good luck to you and Pisco!
Rice Water Recipe to Control Diarrhea

I know that the benefits of using "rice water" to control diarrhea have been discussed and applauded here before, but I couldn't seem to find a recipe on our forum.

So after scouring the web for the second time to find a rice water recipe, I've found one, and here it is: (Normal rice preparation in parenthesis)

3 cups water (instead of 2)
1 cup regular enriched white rice

Bring water to boil.
Add rice and simmer for 15 minutes (instead of 20).
Pour off the water into an appropriate container.

Discard the rice solids, or use as filler in your favorite non-medical recipe. Wink
The consistency reminds me of sticky-rice at Chinese restaurants.

The key seems to be the ratio of 3 to 1, water to rice. We use a large 8-quart dutch oven, 9 cups of water and 3 cups of rice. When we pour off the water, we have about 3 1/2 cups of rice water.

We feed 1/2 cup for our 88 pound pooch.

If anyone else has another recipe or dosage, chime in!
When Nab was sick (my sister fed her candied ginger which killed all the good bacteria in her stomach) the vet had us feed her Pasta or rice and cooked extra lean ground beef. After we cooked the beef we had to rinse it under water to remove as much of the fat as possible. We had to keep her on that until the diarrhea cleared up completely. It was not easy getting her back on her dog food after a week of special cooked meals! Laughing
Here's some help:

Down near the bottom is a good ricewater recipe that might help.
Witchy, here's a page for you:

But definitely have the stools checked by the vet first.
Here it is:
Google landed me at this forum when I did a search for latex hair bands for my Yorkshire Terrier boy.

The two topics here nudged me to the registration page so now you're stuck with an owner of a miniaturized oes, heh.

We learned from our vet recently that giardia is common at this time. I don't know if she meant regionally or not, but she was referring to dogs being walked at parks now that the weather is warming up more.

Standing water and dogs with diarrhea eliminating at the parks seemed to be her concern, but doesn't quite apply to Bodhi. He was given antibiotics for giardia even though test results were negative.

We do the boiled chicken/steamed rice whenever he has tummy issues, but I didn't know that food should be withheld for several hours. This is great to know about the rice water.

Might I suggest freezing rice water in ice trays filled about 1/2 way as variety? Bodhi loves to have little ice disks to crunch on. ( I usually use chicken water with a bit of chicken in each)

This might be good for those who turn their nose up at a bowl of rice water because they can also bat it around on the kitchen floor before sitting down to lick it.

I share the same concern of chicken and rice being given without other nutrients. Bodhi has also been prescribed Hills Canin I/D which is mostly chicken and rice with other nutritional bits that are easy on the tummy.

Those seem to be the thoughts that I wanted to share as I read this. Oh, one other thing about falling. I SO sympathize!

In my rollerskating class last summer, the first thing we were taught was how to fall. Roll as soon as possible to spread out the impact on the body. Especially when falling on your rear.

I forgot once, but subsequent falls that I did roll out of surprised me. Rolling really kept me out of pain, in fact, I laughed!

Okies, enough yammering. I hope that I am offering to this thread. I also hope that my edits didn't mess up any grammar, ha ha.
Boy, I could spend all day reading all the wonderful information on this site!
Our poor little guy awoke at 4:00 AM Monday morning vomiting (only one episode), followed by several hours of diarrhea (lasting a few hours). He slept for several hours, and through much of the day, and as the day progressed, he drank some water, but looked like he had been beaten up. We have no idea what brought this on. I talked with our breeder who suggested rice with chicken broth. Our Veterinarian and Vet Tech were off for the day. We fed him the rice and chicken about 4:00 PM, which he ate like he had never eaten a morsel of food before. He had no further diarrhea. We fed him rice and chicken broth again this morning. I spoke with the Vet today, and he suggested that we get him back to eating food with nutrition, not rice. The little guy (amost 50 pounds little) drank lots of water, and this evening he had his usual Nutro Max for Large Breed Puppies (reduced amount) and some rice. His energy level has returned to its pre-bowel uproar state. Now we are faced with bowels that are so bound by rice that I hope we haven't caused his bowels to shut down.

I'd welcome any suggestions! Thanks in advance.
Personally, I'd gradually switch him over to a brand of food that might agree with him better. We had a problem with Wellness and Solid Gold foods being too rich for our girls... it wasn't diarrhea- just way too soft. Nutro firmed it up great but we later went to a larger company/national brand after that scare with Diamond. When we switch to a different food we transition them over a period of about 10 days... 1/4 new food to 3/4 old food; then 1/2 new food to 1/2 old food; then 3/4 new food and 1/4 old food; finally all new food.

Here's our approach to occasional diarrhea...
We usually skip one meal when diarrhea first appears. Then boil together in same pot: Uncooked rice to equal 3 cups cooked rice and 1 cup raw turkey, beef, etc. Add water as instructions on rice call for. Boil until rice is tender. If water evaporates too soon, add additional water. Cool and feed until stool firms up... usually in a day or two. If it doesn't clear up by then or it looks more serious it's off to the vet.

Kaopectate: Cherry Flavor Mine love the stuff!
Use syringe to administer the appropriate dose. Put in side of mouth flap between cheek and teeth. Squeeze slowly as they swallow.

We had a battle with recurrent diarrhea and our pack. I don't think it's what you're dealing with but anyone with a pack might want to tuck this info away for future reference. We went through it off and on for over a year...

About 2 years ago, my pack (4 at the time- two adults and two puppies) had a problem of diarrhea and vomiting. It would start with one dog... we'd treat her with Metronidazole and anti-diarrhea meds and she'd get better. The next dog would become ill and we would go through the process again. We called it the Spring-crud and it would go through the pack more than once! We treated them individually and we treated them as a pack with everyone being treated at the same time. The vet checked the "samples" brought in each time and indicated simply that there were high bacteria levels. All of the girls were on heartworm/worm meds year-round.

We switched vets last year, added another dog to the pack and again the cycle began. This vet too treated them with a round of antibiotics and anti-diarrhea meds. When the sickness came back again, we expressed our extreme frustration and the fact that this just was not normal. He spoke with an internist and had us treat the entire pack with Panacur (the white liquid)... I think it was for 3 consecutive days. He explained he had gone to a seminar recently and they recommended this approach. We missed the Spring-crud this year and have not had this cyclical illness since.

Probably WAY too much info but you can weed through it and take what might help. Please keep us posted on how he's doing. He is sooooo cute! Very Happy
Hi. Finnegan is 3 months old now.
Last night before I went to bed he was his usual, happy, active self. We played, petted, rested, etc, etc. This morning my husband said he had to get up twice to clean up vomit and diarrhea, Finney vomited early this morning when I got up (around 545) and didn't eat his food or drink water. I read some older posts and decided to try chicken and rice which he ate up like a wolf. I gave him 1/2 c. but stopped there b/c I didnt want him to vomit again. I've gotten him to drink water, eat ice, and he's gone to the water bowl twice on his own. He just went outside and pooped, but it was pure liquid. Not runny poo, it was all liquid.

I just called the vet, explained the story. Besides being completely rude and making me want to reach through the phone and smack her, she told me that I should not give him food or water for 12 hours to settle his stomach. I agree that this makes sense in theory, but isn't no water for a puppy with diarrhea a bad choice considering dehydration and the weather? Is it probably because he ate something that I don't know about? Could it be from licking cats (I'm very paranoid about him licking the cats, he tends to focus on the southern hemisphere)?
Please don't be mad at your vet. Realize diarrhea is the most common malady they see.......rather like a human doctor and the common cold.

Many things cause diarrhea, just a few are:

change in water
change in routine
change in food,
unexpected exercise
too much exercise
extreme heat
eating spoiled food
inappropriate food (that covers a bunch)
too much food

viruses and bacteria, and other microscopic creatures

and more, this is all I could come up with right away.......

With the food/water/exercise induced problems the cure is pulling back and letting the dog's system cure itsself. The bland diet, rice water, etc is probably more a nonirritant than a cure.

With pups you have to be a bit more careful as they don't have the reserves a bigger dog you are entitled to be a bit more concerned. But this won't be the last time you experience's part of owning a dog. Get yourself a gallon of stain remover from the petshop, you'll need it. Speaking of which, I saw something suspicious in the front hall ......I'd better go check. (sometimes the "gifts" are tiny)


I feel like a big baby. Well heck.. I am whenever I am sick.

My temperature is 101. I'm not vomitting "as much" but any water I take in, comes right up. I'm just worried about lil J getting sick.

So, I called the 1800 line we have for any medical questions. She is the second person (first, just being a friend) that says it's possible that I have a 24-hr bug that's been going around the entire state (severe diarrhea and vomiting w/temp). They said that because of my temperature.

I'm not a medical expert, but I feel 100% it is food poisoning. I ONLY went to taco bell yesterday, and through the drive-thru. This is a lot like what happened last time I had it. And when I looked up the symptoms of it, it said fever.

Either way, the nurse said the treatment is the same. She told me not to eat anything today. Drink only a Tablespoon of water or ice chips every 5 minutes. Anything more will cause me to throw up, and she's right. She said only a diluted version of gatorade. Then tomorrow, only rice, oatmeal, toast, and something else. I don't remember...

I can't stand up at all. I'm going to go in if my temp. goes up to 102.5 (her advise).
Unless these brownies were super dark chocolate fudge brownies, I don't think the amount of chocolate will be something to worry about. I'm a little concerned about the rib bones. Were you able to account for all of them?

As for the diarrhea, there are many ways to try to settle the digestive tract. I prefer this method:

If you are worried, please call your vet.
Hi Hendrix's Mom and Amanda!

I find it odd that all of us live in the Chicago suburbs and all are struggling with the same tummy issues with our OES. As far as I know, our OES are from different bloodlines....hmmmmmm. City water?

Anyway, Oscar has gone through all of the things you both describe, such as gas, loose stool, recurrent giardia, etc. After switching food a dozen times, using filtered water instead of tap water, rounds of antibiotics (metranidazole), and countless fecal samples and blood tests, we did an endoscopy a year ago. Oscar has a severe inflammation of his small intestine. Bottom line, they really don't know what causes it, other than a potential food allergy. His condition has been managed by constant use of metranidazole and Pepcid, with the addition of steroids twice a week. I HATE the prednisone, but unfortunately the minute he goes off it, he's back to vomiting, diarrhea, gurgling tummy....he's just miserable.

We all want Oscar off the steroids, so my vet in Niles referred us to a holistic vet in Skokie, Dr. Share Siwek at Kindred Spirits. I am very pleased with her approach, slow and steady. We've tried some herbs and digestive support products, and Oscar has had solid stool since last September. (fingers crossed!!!). At Dr. Siwek's recommendation, I switched Oscar to Natural Balance Venison and Brown Rice, which I buy at Petco. He was on Potato and Venison before that (can't remember the brand, maybe Hill's Science Diet?), but the potato gave him gas. We completely eliminated all treats, so Oscar gets nothing but kibble.

The next step we are taking is to decrease the amount of prednisone and see how it goes. Hopefully, Oscar's digestive system has calmed down and he can manage without the steroids, and hopefully he has not developed an allergy to venison! Rolling Eyes

Hendrix's mom, I wouldn't make any food changes while you are going out of town, only because that is sure to upset your dogs' tummies. Hopefully your vet comes up with something in their stool samples. If not, you might want to ask your vet if there is anything he or she could recommend giving them, like metranidazole, which helps to regrow heathly flora in their digestive system. Also, do your dogs get treats? Maybe their food is fine, but it's something in the treats.

Amanda, Oscar also had recurring giardia infections, with no idea as to the origins. Oscar NEVER drank from anything but his water bowl, and because of his deafness, he is NEVER outside without being on a leash. Geez, he's never outside unaccompanied! Ever. My vet was stumped. Does your vet have any idea where Izzie might be picking this up?

I hope you are both able to come up with solutions for your pups. This is such a frustrating thing....
Check with your vet, but what about mixing in some plain cooked rice with the food?
My dogs love it. And you can cook it up ahead of time and store it in the frig, ready to microwave as you need it. I put a bit of water in with the rice for reheating.

My vet has us use the following recipe for vomiting or diarrhea.
1 pound hamburger; boiled, drained
1 cup uncooked rice; cooked
2 whole eggs, hard boiled, shelled
2 tablespoons karo syrup, light
May substitute skinless chicken for hamburger. Shred meat/chicken. It is critical to drain the fat off, so boiling the meat is recommended.
Cook the rice according to directions on the box. One cup of uncooked rice will make approximately 3 cups cooked rice.
Mix all the prepared ingredients and refrigerate. Warm before feeding.
My 110 lb dog was given 2 cups five or six times a day. Then we started mixing half and half with his regular dog food. Even my non-ill dogs had to get a bit in their bowl.
This might help:
Click here: RICE WATER

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