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Obviously getting Robin to his new home at an affordable price takes precedence - and that is a substantial difference in price!

I've found Bach's Rescue Remedy to be effective in calming scared dogs and cats (and many rescue animals that have stayed with us). It is made of flower essences and will not affect anything other medication that he may be on. I don't know if you can get any in Hong Kong, but I would suspect that you could find something similar. When I use it, I mix four drops in an ounce of water and then give the dog a droper full twice a day. I don't know if it would work for Robin - particularly on a 13 hour flight....but it may be worth a try.

In addition, I think that some one mentioned using lavender to calm their dog. I'm not sure if it was on this forum or on the OES-L. I'll try to dig out the information on that.


[ Nelson Bach USA - Rescue Remedy, from Herballoveshop 20
This is the best price I've found on for the 20ml size (about .67 ounces) -Ron]
Baxter's doctor recommended Bach's Rescue Remedy for when he gets over anxious. It's available at most health food stores. I mix 4-5 drops in an ounce of water although I understand that some people give it to their dogs without mixing it with water. It will not affect any medications that the dog is on.

I use it when I know that there will be a thunderstorm. It does seem to help. I also use it on my stepmothers cat when I have to take him to the vet (which the cat HATES). I just have her give the cat a droperful of the mixture twice a day for a few days before the appointment - and the vet doesn't have to worry about the cat going nuts. Defintely an improvement.
I agree with Ron... if it is a new behavior, did he recently have a bad experience (like a car ride ending up at the vet or groomers etc) that may be causing him to act differently now. Also, maybe he is feeling threatened at training class for some reason, dogs show their anxiety in many strange (to us) ways...
You could try a drop or two of bach's rescue remedy on his tongue before car rides.. I've heard it works wonders. You can find it in almost any health food store.

[ Nelson Bach USA - Rescue Remedy, from Herballoveshop 20
This is the best price I've found on for the 20ml size (about .67 ounces) -Ron]
I fostered a dog that was like that. Crating is really the only way to go.... after a while with crate training you may find you don't need it, but I would suggest it for your sanity and his safety.
Just don't leave his collar on while in the crate, a dog that gets really upset like that may injure himself trying to get out if there is a collar that can get caught on anything.
Also, have you tried Bach's Rescue Remedy? I have heard rave reviews about this product, it is sold in most health food stores, and you can just put a few drops in his water every day. I've never tried it myself, but I didn't know about it till recently, if I had known it was available I definitely would have tried it for Lexi, the foster husky cross I had. By crate training her though she did settle down, and was able to find a loving home. This dog would have been put down, people said she was absolutely insane and destroyed everything she could when left alone even for a few minutes.
I bought mine at the Dog Obedience School - not sure where else you can get it - but here's the website...
This is where you can buy Rescue Remedy:

I found this on

[ Nelson Bach USA - Rescue Remedy, from Herballoveshop 20
This is the best price I've found on for the 20ml size (about .67 ounces) -Ron]
I have heard of this drug, it is similar to a human drug, that is quite safe for people, but I am not familiar with it's safety in dogs. I believe they have used it for a long time, but if you are concerned I would ask your vet to give you more information, side effects, risks, etc.
Personally, I would try something herbal first. Bach's Rescue Remedy can be found just about everywhere. Just put a few drops of it on their tongue during a particularily anxious moment, or if you expect him to be anxious. Also, many people will give it to their dogs for several days in their water before a big event, and continue to give it in his water during your trip.
I've tried it only 2x and it did seem to help Dancer accept her grooming session better. There are other people here who have more experience with it.
Sorry I didn't reply sooner, I didn't see your post till today! Smile
Hi and congratulations on the new addition to your family.

First - yes you can teach a dog of ANY age proper toilet habits. We got our first dog when he was somewhere between 11 and 12 years of age. He had never been inside and obviously had never been house trained. or taught to go up stairs, or leash trained etc. With some perserverance and watching his body language very carefully we were able to housetrain him in about two weeks. Just watch Loona carefully and give her a little time to figure out what you want her to do. You'll soon be able to figure out when she wants to go outside. While you are working on training Loona, just get some Nature's Miracle to clean up any accidents.

As for getting used to the noise, that will also take some time. You may want to get some Bach's Rescue Remedy (available at health food stores) and either put a few drops in her water dish daily or put 4 drops in an ounce of water and give her a droperful twice a day. This will not affect any medications she is already taking. It may however help her anxiety.

Good luck.
Where in Canada did you stop?
It's too bad your trip is not going as well as you'd hoped... perhaps next time a boarding place might be the best idea. If you are thinking of making another trip, perhaps find a good place with people you trust and take the dog for several visits before he actually has to be left there.
Did you try Bach's Rescue Remedy? I've heard it works miracles... I bought some to use with Dancer for grooming, and honestly I didn't see any difference at all, but that may be just her. My sheepie seems to be the one nothing works on...LOL
I would take him to your own vet and have them check for ringworm? It could be just the stress he is under, if it is not ringworm or anything medical, maybe try Bach's Rescue Remedy, a few drops in his water every day to ease his anxieties until he adjusts? He may be very happy with the loving home you've provided him with and he may not seem stressed, but everyone, animals and people, expresses anxiety differently. He may miss his canine companion as well.... do you have other dogs? If not, and once you make sure he has no medical condidtions perhaps think about adopting another four legged companion?
Wherever you are, the location doesn't matter. Mine have all done well. I've heard of others who camped near the car, "When are we going home?"

Right now I know of one who is watching the household items being boxed up and taking up space. It is very confusing, so she is keeping an extra close watch on Mom and Dad. If you pup tends to be rather hyper anyway, Bach's Rescue Remedy might help get them through the experience.
Has anyone used Rescue Remedy for stress
or anxiety with their sheepdog ?

What was your experience with this product, and
was it effective ??

Thank You...

[ Nelson Bach USA - Rescue Remedy, from Herballoveshop 20
This is the best price I've found on for the 20ml size (about .67 ounces) -Ron]
Don't know if you can get this in USA but in Britain we use Bach's rescue remedy for calming dogs down .A lot of us use it on Bonfire night if the dogs don't like fireworks.

Calm down spray
If you get Bach Flower Remedies 'Rescue remedy' and 'Star of Bethlehem' put two drops of each in a 30 mL bottle, top up with filtered/bottled water, (never tap water) put into spray bottle and spray it around him. Spray him 3/4 x per day. Just a light misting is all you need, don't soak him. It will help calm him and the Star of Bethlehem will work on the trauma

or just put a little Bachs rescue remedy in his water or in his food to help calm him down.
Rescue Remedy is made by Nelson Bach
Their web site has a list of the flower essence ingredients and
what symptoms they are helpful for. There is a chart specifically for
pets. My understanding is they can be used both internally by mouth
or mixed with water in a spray. The spray is as effective as
by mouth as it is energy fields affected by the flower essence.
I've used the spray on plants and they really grow and blossom!

The site is

Another reference is
Go to Dog Health,then bach Flower remedy
There is dosing information.

Highly recommend the seminars by Nelson Bach, it was very informative.
( Adding Bach Flower remedy to the bath was one exercise,
I found it relaxed me !)

Hope this helps...

[Here is the best price I've found for it on the web:
Nelson Bach USA - Rescue Remedy, from Herballoveshop 20 -Ron]
I added this link to zahra's post:
Nelson Bach USA - Rescue Remedy, from Herballoveshop 20
The direct link for Bach Flower Essences for Pets is

Flower essences can be used individually or in combinations.
Rescue Remedy is a combination of Impatiens,Star of Bethleham,
Cherry Plum, Rock Rose, and Clematis.

New to flower essences ? See
This site explains how they work, a flower essence list
and what each is used for.
For information on Bach Rescue remedy please see my
posts on April 14/15 at medical /nutrition -topic was, separation
anxiety and rescue remedy

Hope Ty settles in soon!!! Very Happy
Have you ever tried Bach's Rescue Remedy? That has helped many dogs with various anxieties....
OH...the benefits of having a deaf pup! Though when it starts flashing lightening, its all over! Confused

I thought someone had recommended Bach's Rescue Remedy for this in another post. I had to use this for a friend last week (long story) and she really felt like it worked great! Very Happy It's not expensive and it's all natural and it just calms you, maybe that would be a good thing to have on hand Darcy?

My last 2 sheepies were just like Panda and Tasker! I always felt so sorry for them! Crying or Very sad Wish I had known of Rescue Remedy back then!

Give Panda a Big Sheepie Kiss from GG...he said to say that! Very Happy Also, he says that he is very brave in thunderstorms and would for sure like to come over, the next time you have one, and "comfort" Panda. Embarassed He's so BOLD! Embarassed

Colleen and Gucci George=>"Just call (or sign) out my name, and you know where ever I am, I'll come running, just to see you......"

PS. Colleen=>I have no idea how GG knows Karen Carpenter songs, but he is a smoothie! Embarassed

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