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My family is going to take a 2 day trip soon and usually have grandparents baby sit our dogs and cats. Unforunatley, they can't watch them this time and we have thought about boarding at a kennel. I am wondering if anyone has had any experience leaving their dog at a place like that. I know both of our dogs have been vaccinated with the bordatella vaccine (aka kennel cough) I just kind of think they might come home with side effects from being left at a loud unfamiliar place. We have thought about taking them and our friend that we are staying with said please bring them with us, but she lives in a small apartment and we are bringing our 6 and 3 year old kids and as everyone who has young kids and large dogs knows they can all be a handful. I want to enjoy myself instead of being stressed. I appreciate your advice and Happy Holidays to all of you on the forum. Stormi
We also board our pups at a kennel/vet office (although it is not their vet). They have a variety of sizes of runs to choose from and they take the dogs out to a "play area" 3-4 times a day.

When you look for a place- talk to other people who have boarded before and ask lots of questions at the place you choose. We decided on this place because the people they employeed were true animal lovers, they asked us questions about our dogs typical day (which no other place had done), they incouraged us to call in and check on them, etc. Almost all places will give you a tour of the place (if they don't- I'd run like *#!%) Pay attention to how clean the runs are, what sizes are available, and look at the dogs they are boarding at the time. I never set an apt. to take a tour of the kennels. Some place might "prepare" for you if they know you're coming. I would just drop in and ask to take a tour. All of the places I considered didn't have a problem with it and were very helpful and friendly.

They first time we boarded them at this particular place, they asked us if either of our dogs were scared of thunder- the weather forcast called for thunder storms while we were going to be gone and they wanted to be prepared! Buckley is and I hadn't even thought of that! Talk about being a bad mom Embarassed but they sure won points in my book for asking!!

Anyway- like anything just do your research and follow what your gut tells you about the place.

Cindy and The Monsters
Just a thought here.
have you consider taking him to a doggy daycare while you are at work. They get so tired out playing with other dogs, and you end up with a happy content lie at your feet dog in the evening. Less backyard mess, and it's hard walking 2 dogs at the same time, unless you have help.
Make sure you feel comfortable with the place, and they are comfortable with handling dogs. Make sure they have a time out area for dogs if they need a break. Have him up to date with shots including Kennel Cough (Bordetella).
The place I go to is not only a daycare, they do boarding, and obedience classes, and grooming. So you can have your dog play, get groomed, fed, and ready for you when you pick him up.
Good luck.
We had a very long ride, and the kiddos did really well for being only 5 and 2.
I was the one whocould not sit still, I was sooooooo anxious.
On saturday we arrived at the kennel around 9:30 a.m. they said he was being groomed, and would be done in a few minutes. We sat impatiently waiting. Meanwhile the kennel got extremely busy, there is a grooming shop/obedience school.and boarding kennel run there. around 10:15 they brought our boy cooper in,and boy was he HANDSOME. he came right up and kissed us. I was immedaitley in love.
We stayed until about 11:45 taking care of things, and we were on our way.
He sat like an angel for the 9 hour trip home. night time has been a little rough. he wants to be right next to me, but we are working on it.
He is a big ball of love and fun. I am so happy with him.
the one thing I noticed is he seems to take several cat naps. wehrever I am he lays down and this unusual for a 13 month old?
My favorite thing about him is the way he HOPS around when he is palying.
I will post pictures int he picture area!
GUEST: I tried Revolution because the vet suggested it since I was leaving her at a boarding kennel for almost 2 weeks and the kennel charged for giving pills and seemed confused over her Proin schedule much less the heart pill one. Ended up not even using that kennel. Left her with a vet and his assitant.
Injections have their own problems. If it works for anyone it is worth it, but I would not give it to a dog that has any type of illness, that is in distress, or has had any type of severe reaction, as some dog's immune systems can just over-react to strong, even time released doses. Nothing is 100% guaranteed or is actually THE BEST for ALL dogs.
You are right the owners need to do their own research and choose according to their tolerance to what could happen if they use a particular method. It is our responsibility. And I am glad you take this responsibility so seriously.
If anyone asks my opinion I give them my OPINION, with the idea that we all take each other's advice with a grain of salt. Free advice is worth what it costs. But I do not think we should actually judge either owners or drug manufacturers too hastily.
And MY advice is to stay with the tried and true --the oral daily or monthly tablets. I really am not partial to any brand.
In all fairness, the various types of preventatives cater to the various types of owners.
If Revolution is working for you, you trust it, keep using it. It cannot be all bad or it wouldn't still be on the market. If Heart Guard works use it.
My opinion still remains the same, I will just use the oral once a month ones for now. I sometimes consider going back to the daily ones.
Abbi is recovering. Thanks for your concern.
I am sorry I didn't mean to imply that Laberdoodels or any dog is not worth the money they are .especially the one that are stray and homeless.I just ment that to a person new to dogs who dosn't know any better thay would go out and buy this dog beliving it to be as pure a breed as the ones that have been around for many years .I really would love to see what goes into the breed selection of one of these breeds or even to talk top a good breeder. I do have a dog who comes into the boarding kennel that I work for he is a boston pug cross gotten from a pet store He is the worst of both breeds he just cant contain himself and it is heart breaking to see that his family love him(I do to) but really are having alot of behavior problems with him.Yes I know it happens with all breeds.
We've just come back from a vacation up north and picked up Big Ben Sunday afternoon from a new kennel. He was clean and calm (although clearly happy to be back home on our (his?) queen-size bed and cold tile. They said he did really well for the 11 days he was there.

We had always boarded him at our vet but this kennel came highly recommended. Boarding him at the vet wasn't working, he is groomed there and he would get very aggressive with the groomer when she needed to get him in a kennel between stages of getting handsome. We figured if we separated boarding from grooming maybe he would do better.

Anyway, when I dropped him off at the kennel they were extremely professional, didn't ask if I wanted to see where he would be staying - they just immediately brought me back to his area. The area was bright and clean and the dogs who were already there were in clean runs as well.

To make a long story short, Ben is our second dog and we've had some kennel experience between the two. But this time Ben came home with this wheezing/coughing 'thing.' Not to be gross, but his body motion and the duration of each spell (one every hour or so) is similar to when he vomits - which luckily he doesn't do often.

Has anyone had experience with kennel this a symptom, these weird wheezing spells? He's up to date on the bordatella but I know in a prior post someone had mentioned some strains might not be protected by the shot? He's never had allergies before and we supplied his food to keep him on the same diet.

This morning he didn't have any spells before I left for work but he had a bunch yesterday. His appetite isn't quite a big but I know his feeding schedule is a little off from what we usually do at home.

I have an appointment for the vet Thursday morning but I was curious in the meantime if anyone had any thoughts or suggestions?
Panda, Blue, myself and my son are going to visit my friend on that isolated Island which I visited back in March.

Gawd what an agonizing decision as I can only take two of the four dogs. Many offers to take Austin as he's so little and truthfully wouldn't have counted and I could have brought him. What made me decide not to bring him is this wonderful old man at the dog park whom has a small dog and lives with Austin's best doggie buddy. This man and his wife offered to watch him. The Island is very rocky and has lots of cliffs so although I could have brought Austin I would probably have to carry him most of the time.

Now the agonizing decision which causes me lots of restless sleeps...which of the two out of the three remaining dogs to bring.

Merlin and Panda get along
Merlin and Blue get along
Blue still does not like Panda
As Blue is my son's dog he insisted he has to be one of the dogs. Urg! That threw a lurch in the whole thing as I've also had many offers of people to watch Blue as at 15 he's pretty laid back but still active.

Nope, had to be one of the dogs..Now the agonizing decision which one to bring - Merlin or Panda?

I just couldn't place Panda in a boarding kennel for the 2 wks..couldn't do it.. as with his background I didn't want him to feel abandoned. Yet, could I travel on two different ferries and a boat with Panda and Blue who is still not thrilled with his new brother? Or would I be asking for 'ell for the next two weeks? The positive could be Blue would perhaps learn to accept him as we would be on neutral territory. It's only at home that he is really aggressive with Panda. ( I've been going on walks or to the dog park a minimum of three times daily all to give them one on one time)

Merlin..sigh I feel really bad for leaving him out but he has had the opportunity to romp free on the Island back in March and would be able to handle a kennel situation better than Panda.

I feel like I have to choose between my kids!!

Thanks for allowing me to vent...and I'll chat with everyone in two weeks!

Where do you live? I live in Tomball and have some suggestions if you are nearby....

I know you mentioned inside the loop, but on which side? I hear Rover Oaks is great. I'm not sure if it is convenient for you.

Up near 249 south of Tomball there is Prestonwood Kennels, we've had Ben groomed and kenneled there and he did great. They actually just installed a doggy wading pool with thatch roof umbrellas and all...very cute!

I've also used our vet - does your vet offer boarding? I found Prestonwood and Tomball Pet Resort (even further north) from my vet's referral. It just made me feel better that they recommended either kennel when they were booked.
I have a friend who runs a very clean kennel in Upstate NY. It's about 45 minutes from NYC located in the town of Wallkill. Each dog has an indoor climate controlled area and an outdoor run. They also get to spend time running in a Huge fenced in area of the yard. He has acres and acres and it's located in a beautiful farming community
He treats each dog as if they are his own. When I lived in NY, My Boxers (when they were still alive) spent a lot of time there. They were always happy being there and would actually get excited when we drove up the driveway. He lives right upstairs from the kennel so there is always supervision. He is also a dog trainer. Very reasonable prices for boarding.
Here is his info. He is usually booked months in advance but maybe he has room.. Good Luck!
Greg Edgar School for Dogs LLC
716 Plains Road
Wallkill, NY 12589

They do look tough but have thin skin. Our Jackson was a dark brindle, he was in my opinion the absolute best dog for us. My husband is not a real dog person, but if he likes one it says alot for that dog. He would actually brag him up to some people. Remy has recieved his approval almost from day one.

I still miss Jackson, I miss the feeling of security he gave me, and at home his loving nature was over the top. Unfortunately noone else liked having him around, in time we were told not to bring him, or he'd have to stay outside, he was better off leash, and on leash was male dog aggressive. He was neutered, we did dog, he was spoiled. He was absolutely awesome with the kids, they could do anything with him. I got the help of a boxer ckc breeder friend to help me place him in a better home than I thought I was giving him. He's in a great home, but came down with hayfever...lives on an acreage. I have regretted my decision ever since, and even tried to get him back...didn't work they were attached. I researched the boxer breed very carefully just as much as I did for an OES, and I thought I had everything figured out. I never once thought family/friends would rather us stay at home or not bring the dog. I didn't trust boarding kennels, I have one now for Remy, they opened their facility to accomadate for boarding. The same place I went for Puppy social, daycare, and obedience.

Anyways, our city does not need another human park, but this dog park has $$$$ written all over it for land developers. They don't care that hundreds of people use it for dogs, biking, skiing, we'll see what happens. I guess it's been going on for awhile.
You should have seen me when our son turned 6 mths, I regretted that decison so much, but now that 4 yrs have passed and I am looking forward to time to do something else. I want a job in a boarding kennel so that Remy can come with me everyday, and after school the kids can play there too. If I get hired by them, I board Remy there, we did obedience there, and she gets daycare there...I want to work there now.

But if I were to get pregnant, and this turns out not to be ectopic I would be thrilled to have one more. It's what I always wanted. As of today (Sun) still nothing, infact PMS symptoms are fading. I haven't told my husband I took a test, but I know he know it hasn't come yet. I also asked him to change the cats litter...just incase...he said no way...I would only do that if you weren't pregnant...and there is no way your pregnant.

I like to suprise him, but I don't like to worry him until I have absolute proof something is going to be wrong. Once I get this problem confirmed by my doctor then I'll fill him in. I still don't think I can be...but I am still late. Confused Confused Confused
i received this email, hope someone can help!


I am from Pocono Lake Animal Hospital, located in Pocono Lake PA. We have in our possession, a 14 year old Old English Sheepdog that needs a home. He is a very sweet dog that deserves a new home. He was dropped off, with his sister for Boarding at our hospital for the Thanksgiving Holiday. The owners never came to pick him up. They avoided contact at all costs. There phone number was disconnected. We were forced to resort to legal action after nearly a $2000.00 Boarding, Neutering, and Grooming bill was not paid.  They were surrendered to us.  We have been taking care of them ever since.  I , as well as several others cannot see this dog spend another day in the kennel. He is such a sweet dog. He gets along well with other dogs, and people. We DO NOT know the history of the dog beyond us having him at our facility.  We would like to know if your accepting any more dogs for adoption. He needs a home ASAP. Or we are forced to take him to the ASPCA. Which we know they are a Kill shelter. NONE of us want that. Please contact the hospital at (570) 646-2963 and speak to one of our receptionists. We would greatly appreciate it.


Pocono Lake Animal Hospital
Here is my other true love, I miss him every day. I do hope he is giving his new family alot of joy, they don't keep in touch and it makes me kinda mad. Anyways, he was a truly great dog, and in my opinion the best of his breed. Awesome with our kids, and I did ask to have him back, and of course they said NO. So all I can say if you truly love your dog, find a way to make it work, because rare gems like these don't come along very often. I gave up on trying to make my fmaily and friends accept him, so they won, and I decided it was best for him to go. What I should have done was find a great boarding kennel, for those few visits of family. I will never let my family or friends ever decide what kind of dog is right for OUR family.

He should be almost 1 in these pictures, and his age today would be 3.

Fortunately everyone likes Remy, because she can be all times.
He was a real sweetheart, thanks for the nice comments. I would get another one in a heatbeat if we could.

I've learned alot about what I can do to accommadte dogs in the city, but it came to late. Now I encourage anybody who seems to be going through something similar, to check out boarding kennels. If you find a good one, they can be a lifesaver. I found one within the city, well I had already used their facilty with Jackson for obedience lessons, and wasn't until I let him go they opened up a boarding part...they bought the building next door. So now they get Remy if we need to put her somewhere, and she gets daycare all day as well. Grooming too, but I haven't used them yet for that, they did a good job on the Lhasa I fostered.

Now I'm rambling Laughing
Well everyone, I need some advice, and some ideas.
I just found out a couple of hours ago that my place of employment is shutting it's doors. They say it will close on August 19th, giving us six months, but I think it will unravel fast as 250 devastated and distraught employees try to figure themselves and their lives out. I wouldn't be at all surprised if they close in two weeks, a month, 2 months, whatever. I just can't see it lasting six months as not enough employees are going to be reasonable, and continue to be professional for that long.
They have offered some of us, including myself, alternate employment, same seniority, same wage rate, in our other offices, the closest of which being an hour away, the furthest of which being in the Carribean or Philipines.
Anything too far is simply not an option as I have uprooted my kids far too many times as it is. I moved to this forsaken town to be closer to my family, so here I will stay. Commuting an hour is certainly an option, but it is on dangerous mountain roads almost always covered in ice and snow with sharp turns, steep inclines and horrible road maintainence. I can't decide if it is really worth it, or even possible since I would have to arrange for someone to take the kids to school and pick them up, not to mention the high cost of gas for my car, and vehicle wear and tear. I don't feel I make enough money for that to be worth all that.
My other options include finding another job nearby, which is not hard to do, but it is the hours that are my concern. Not many other jobs would be so flexible as my current one, I don't go to work until I drop the kids off at school, I leave work when it is time to pick them up, I am able to take off days when the kids need to be home for whatever reason etc. I'm not willing to sacrifice my family for the almighty dollar, however, we cannot afford for me not to make at least some money, for one to support my fur addiction Laughing
What I am thinking is perhaps starting my own doggie daycare in my home, as well as offering grooming services. I have no idea what kind of market is available for the boarding aspect, but I do know that to board a dog around here is about 20-30 $ a day, and that is in a caged, kennel type situation. I would offer something in my home, and charge a package price for week long or weekend holidays, when families go away. The dogs would have to be healthy, up to date on all vaccinations, and tempermentally sound, and would be cared for in my home as if they were part of the family. Grooming around here is hard to find, only two grooming salons in town, one out of someone's home and one out of a pet supply store, both exorbitantly expensive. I inquired out of curiosity, and for an OES the cost is between 100 and 150, and that is only if the dogs coat is in pretty much perfect shape to begin with. Most won't even help an owner who's dog has become matted, they will oly shave it down and charge 150 minimum for that. That is the price range for large breed dogs with a lot of fur. I didn't ask about the smaller breeds.
This is something I would love to do, and would enjoy, as well as the added bonus of being home with my kids and furkids.
I have six months to try and get it to take off financially, if my work stays open that long that is.
Anyway, I would like suggestions. What do you like to see in a boarding situation? Would in home care appeal to you more than kennel type care?
What kind of set ups do you suggest? What about the grooming aspect? I'm going to look around and see if there is a course available, and then ask about going rates for all other breeds etc.... but do you prefer to take your dog to a business to be groomed, or, would you like the idea of taking the dog to someone's home to be groomed?
All suggestions welcome, no experience necessary! Smile
When I have to go out of town, I take Kayli to "Camp Michelle". Michelle used to work at the Yuppy Puppy daycare that Kayli attended 1-2 times a week when she was a puppy, so Michelle knows Kayli and her quirks. Kayli LOVES it there and I have to drag her to the car to take her home. I can't even say the name "Michelle" around Kayli anymore, 'cause she goes nuts.

Michelle boards dogs in her home. I believe they are crated at night, but they are treated like family and get play time with the other dogs. I am more than willing to pay $30 a day for this, so I think you're on the right track. I've only boarded her at a kennel a couple times and she was so stressed for a week afterwards that that is no longer an option. These days, I call Michelle before finalizing vacations - she's getting booked to capacity more often now.

Kayli doesn't need grooming, but now that I have Belle, I love the idea of grooming/boarding!

I'm so sorry to hear about your company closing - I'm facing the sale of the company I work for so I can empathize with you. The uncertainty is a stressor in an of itself! But I think this is a great idea and if you lived closer, I'd take the girls to Camp Willowsprite in an instant.

Oh - Michelle was the savior who came over midday for six weeks to let Belle out while she was acclimating herself to the new routine. Maybe that's another service you could offer? She's also come to the house to feed/potty them if I'm off on a 1-day business trip.

I never did say by the way, that I would really love taking my dog to
a home for boarding rather than a kennel or - as I do- to my vet.
I also would love to take him to a home to be groomed. I do not have
a groomer, but sometimes I would really love a break. I only ever took
my dog to a groomer once and they really butchered him Shocked . It looked as if he had been attacked by the 'wild shaver' and had hunks shaved out
randomly. He wasn't even there to be trimmed! just a wash and comb
out. I would never go to someone unless they had OES experience,
they said they did, but now I know better. I'd much rather take him to
someones home if I ever did it again -although you may be too much of a drive! Laughing
Oh Willow, I am sorry to hear about this. A couple pieces of advice: 1)check out the zoning in your neighborhood. Henry's doggie daycare/kennel has been at its current location for ever and they still have complaining neighbors. There will be lots of dog poop, noise, and traffic. Consider how this may affect your neighbors. 2) Although it sounds great to work at home, remember that you will not be able to walk out of the house to get a loaf of bread without some responsible party at your house watching the dogs. That means no driving the kids to school or picking them up. This would not be so true of just grooming but would be if you do day-care or boarding. 3) Also there can be dog fights and you may want to have access to a vet.

If you can find someone around you who does this kind of work offer him/her a nice lunch to talk to you about the pros and cons, and what it takes to do this.

Good luck, Henry and I are sending our best thoughts to you -- or I should say I am, and Henry will as soon as he wakes up from his nap.
Actually, I have come to the conclusion that there is a very good reason for boarding facilities to have kennels for the dogs. LOL
I don't think this is something I will attempt to do on a permanent basis without proper facilities. I may consider it for the future, when we buy property out in the country, and can build runs or something. I still like the personal attention theme, and a more homelike atmosphere, however, there really does need to be kennels and runs in place to give dogs a break from each other, and to give people a break from the dogs. These guys play so much, it is exhausting just referreeing, and keeping a close eye to make sure it doesn't get too rough. I have been trying to separate them to different areas of the house to give them and myself a break, but when they know the other one is in the next room, they want to be there too. LOL

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