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When Gus was a puppy I thought he smelled. Friends told me that all puppy's have a strong smell that later goes away. I'm not sure if it really goes away or if owners just become acclimted. Usually Gus smells pretty good for at least two weeks after a bath (although his breath is always bad). Around the fourth week he can get pretty smelly, but I think that's because he urinates on his front legs all the time. We buy and use regularly dog bath wipes. They work really well and have a nice smell. If company is coming we wipe him with one of the wipes and the pleasant smell will last several hours. Another trick is to spray them with Fabreeze (it's not advertised for this purpose, but is pet safe) or dryer sheets. My number one suggestion to keep your house smelling nice with a big dog is to not allow them on the furniture or bed - ever. This is really hard to do, especially when they're a small, cute puppy, but you'll be greatful in the longrun. Besides the dog smell seeping into your couch, at about 6 months they'll be way to big for both of you to fit. I will warn you that a bid dog means big smell, big accidents, big messes, big grooming bills - but its worth it. OESs are great dogs, very intellegent (yet goofy), laid back and just independent enough. Good luck with your puppy.
Hi Trish,
Ron and Joan here, Ron doing the typing.

Ron: How long ago was the ear plucking? If it was in the last few days, they can be sensitive for a while. Our Jakester shakes for a couple of days after a good plucking. If it's been longer than 4 or 5 days, it sure sounds like an infection to Joan and I. Jake is quite prone to ear infections, so this is a contstant for us, and we have medication at the ready when we "know" it's an infection.

Ron: I don't mean to be gross or anything, but we (our vet and us) look at this in t he same way they've been advertising Monistat to women: "first see your doctor, but once you know what the symptoms are you can treat this problem yourself"...

Ron: I let Joanie do this next part....

Joan: Sniff the ear(s) and if it smells "badly" or "funky" bring him to the vet. I can't describe the smell better than that.

Ron: She seems not to be bothered as much by the smell as I am, I did it once and the stench nearly knocked me off of my feet. I prefer the rub test... If I rub his ears --down by the canal not the floppy part-- and he whines or yelps -- that's a good sign that there's an ear infection, too. But it's probably more advanced at that point than by the sniff test.

Joan: I keep the ears clean using an otic solution ("otic cleaner" at the pet store, "oti-clens" at the vet if you want to pay a fortune for the same stuff). I squirt some right into the ear (it's cold, so Jake shakes a little) and rub it in, similar to the way Ron checks for an ear infection. Then I squirt a little more on a cotton ball and push it in pretty good and clean with the cotton ball, being careful not to go TOO deeply. I also remove the wax from the floppy part of the ear with a similarly moistened cotton ball. This really seems to help in keeping ear infections down.

Ron and Joan: GOOD LUCK! Exclamation
Doesn't it break your heart? But you must prevail --you see he tries to come up with a more pathetic and woeful bark hoping that this yelp will be the one to set him free. In the crate put in something that smells like you, favorite toys etc. and it will subside--I promise. At first my Bentley sounded like he was being murdered, but eventually he learned to love it. Hang in there. I've deviated from crate training once (with another dog), and boy what an expense in carpet cleaning that turned out to be. He's workin' your heartstrings bless his little sheepie heart!
I use hartz dog shampoo with conditioning in it. It is meant for dogs with long hair, and detangles it nicely, as well as leaving her clean and smells great. It's only about 6$ at a pet supply store.
I first came across that ad when I began looking for a Sheepie.

Petfinder is an excellent site and there are tons of wonderful rescue organizations that advertise on Petfinder! I found my Addy Girl on Petfinder!

That ad is simply - SCARY! It also really makes me ANGRY! Here I am trying to find an OES to adopt our family and there is some creep out there neglecting them?

Has anyone contacted the contact person at AGAPE?
Where these dogs spayed/neutered?

Does anyone know the story as to why she was "collecting" OES?
Smells of someone trying to start up a mill to me ... but my theory wouldn't fly if these Sheepies were spayed/neutreed.

If anyone hears anything ... please let me know.
I'd love to hear the good news that this person has been found and the proper charges filed and enforced!
Well y'all we have just started class at Petsmart...Cassie & I have been to one class(first class was just for uprights)...6 in the class & what a rowdy bunch! It seems to be clicker training & basic obedience... it was great for socialization...sooo many smells & lots of shoppers/audience! It is very low key & Cassie seemed to be attentive & confident...rescues need to shed some baggage sometime. Cassie was the most well behaved & was nominated for Homecoming Queen Wink OK..OK... Laughing We will make the best of it & go on to another if needed!
I have off white carpets through out, and I have pretty much given up on keeping them white. When I think Max is dry he comes running in and leaves foot prints on it! They scrub out, but its seems to happen alot. I plan on putting in wood floors when I can get the funds and the help. Max will hate it, because he will slide all over it. My house really only smells like dogs if I have a friends dog over. Max is not a smeller, but he is if he gets dirtly. He is inside most of the time too.
I would have a sterile urine sample cultured - she may have a UTI and it may not be behavioral (although it would be quite the coincidence that it started when you got the new rug).

Is it carpeting or a rug? Did it replace something that was already down? Maybe by removing the old carpet/rug - some old smells were brought up and she's reacting to that. I would spray it with one of those sprays made especially for dog urine (with enzymes that remove the odors - not just mask them).

The other thing that would just be strange would be if the rug actually has a strong "wool" smell - she's reacting to that as though there was another animal in the house and she's marking her territory.

I would rule out any medical issue first.

If your dog has learned to go on the cage, you must now untrain him. This will require a long weekend because you must keep a constant eye on your doggie.

What I suggest you to do is that after you crate your doggie, sit next to the crate and play with him. When you see the first signs of him wanting to pee, (Usually circling and a "suspicious" position on his body) quickly take him outside, and say something like "Bathroom!", or "Potty time!" as soon as he starts going. Have a treat handy and feed him as he is going or when he's just done, maybe even playing for a few minutes with him will be good. After that, go back to the house and repeat the procedure. If you catch him in the act, don't pay any attention, just take him outside and encourage him to finish his business there.

From the barking you mentioned, I could think that maybe you have some anxiety issues, it could be that he pees to get attention. Does the peeing happen even when you are looking at him, or is it just when you are not looking? I could be a syntom of separation anxiety if it only happens when you leave him alone and he wants out of the cage, he's learned that peeing in the cage and barking will get your attention, you may want to look into that. Lennon had a very acute case of separation anxiety when he was a pup, and Sofa still has submisive urinating because of an abuse history, but with the proper training those problems became rare and specific.

We put A&H powder once a week, leave it for about 20 minutes and them have them romp and a quick brush to remove it, because it could be irritating to their skin. The febreeze products also have been very useful for us in dissapearing dog smells around the house. Also, the remedy of 2/3 Mineral Water, 1/3 Vineager in a squirt bottle is great for removing stains from carpets and removing scents from crates, consider also an enzyme based cleaning product for the accidents. If you don't want to bathe that much, consider a no wash/ no rinse pet cleaning shampoo or bath wipes, those are great for clening up a muddy dog without getting him in the bath tub and may work with the urine scent.
Clyde usually smells a little moldy-- does that count? Just joking, but seriously, I've never heard of mold on a dog but I believe it because it can definitely happen to people. Unappetizing as it is, extremely obese people are suceptible to mold in the creases. Trapping water anywhere is no good!

Molly must feel so fresh and light now. I'll bet you can't stop petting her!
I too have the ecoquest air filter.
It does completely get rid of smells....while it is on. I used it in my bedroom which has doggy accidents embedded in the carpeting from the previous owners dogs.. We can't afford to replace the carpeting yet and have used solutions on the rug and cleaned the rug, but the smell always comes back. If I put the ecoquest in there there is no smell whatsoever.
I bought some of that Iams Gravy stuff tonight, the roast beef flavor for puppies. That stuff smells NASTY.
Ewwwwwwww gross. Blech. Yuck. Disgusting.
I put just a tiny bit on the dogs food, and Dancer seems to like it, but Sky is looking at me like "What did you do to my food?!"
Ugh.... I cannot get over how bad it smells, and how unbelieveably strong it smells! Wow.... I don't even want to know how it's made or what is in it.
They should sell it as a diet aid, appetite suppresant.
I just got Nab done at Petsmart and it was wonderful. I've had her washed and brushed out there 3 times since I got her last July. The girl did a scissor cut on her this time and she looks beautiful. She told me in advance that if she was too matted or couldn't stand for that long they might have to shave her but she did the whole cut with scissors! I didn't want her shaved but she need a cut for spring.

I agree about asking for references. I think it all depends on the manager and the groomers at the store. At ours there is a large window where we can watch the grooming. I have to book a couple weeks in advance to get Nab in but as soon as we walk in the door all the clerks and groomers know her and give her pets and kisses. When she's done she is all dry, no mats and smells good! Nab will even give the groomer a kiss goodbye.

good luck finding a great groomer.
Very Happy Traveling to the vet or petsmart can be lots of fun - if you live in an area where you drive 45 mph or under - you can actually let your cat sit out of it's crate with you.

If they are out of the crate:

If you are going to let them out - make sure you have someone else holding them. They enjoy looking out the windows just as much as dogs do. Of course you cannot leave the windows open. This makes their trip much more pleasurable - as they do not have to stay cooped up in a little pen and have something to look at. Very Happy

If they are in the crate:

Whatever the reason you have them in the crate for (no one to hold them or you are worried for their safety) - make sure that they can see you at all times. It's very scarey if they cannot see you. Putting your hand on the bars sometimes sooths them as well. I normally put them in the passenger seat facing me. Put the seat belt around the carrier and make sure it is secure. I would also make sure the air conditioning is not blowing on them directly. It sometimes upsets them and makes them sneeze.

If you do have someone with you and you put them in a crate anyway - make sure that person is soothing your cat. Putting their hands near the bars or looks back at the cat frequently so they know everything is ok.

What helps them get used to car rides? Take them in the car with you when you aren't going anywhere. Let them roam around and get used to the way the car smells and sounds. It's very good to start them off early (but it's never too late to teach an older cat) how to enjoy being in a car.

Even for short car rides - it is good for them to have something in their tummy so they won't get car sick. Feed them or give them some treats before you take them on any ride.

Warning: Never... EVER use a sympathetic tone while talking to them in the car if they meow. I mean the "My poor little baby!" tone. They will wonder why you feel sorry for them and will meow more and even louder at times. The more you do it the more they will fear the car. Talk in a normal voice and it will comfort them to know that you are there and talking to them.
Hi Very Happy

Love the pics.Laughing Any pics of sheepies in their natural state crack me up.

Try a gravy sauce that comes in a plastic bottle made by IAMS called Savory Sauce (Iit looks like a salad dressing bottle). It comes in beef and chicken flavour and Dallas loves it. Just shake the bottle, squeeze it over the food, stir it and it even smells like real gravy. You don't even have to keep it in the fridge.

Bon appétit!!

Uncle Pete Very Happy
Those are great pics, I love the first one too....
Pete, that iams gravy stuff smells disgusting to but I guess some dogs must like it, or they wouldn't be still making it.
Very Happy The chicken smells a bit funny but Dallas loves them both. They also make bacon flavour!

Whatever makes my girl likes and makes her happy, she can have (as long as she doesn't come and lick my face right after eating).

I used to put ketchup, B.B.Q. sauce and salsa on their food and they loved it.

Uncle Pete Very Happy
I just picked up Max from his first grooming appointment!! They had a puppy special at Petsmart, and he looks like a different puppy!! He's just beautiful, they trimmed his nails and paw hairs, sanitary trim, I opted to keep his face hair but I think they shaped it a bit, he smells great and looked like a cotton candy poof when I saw him, I'll have to post some pictures real soon, my computer is not functioning properly so it might take a while. Another side benefit of today's excitement is that he is now worn out and I can have some more coffee Laughing

I just tried a new kitty litter, and thought it might help your situation. It's by "nature's miracle" (the people who make potty cleanup spray). It's really awesome!!!

It's a clumping litter (so it works in the automatic kitty boxes too) but it isn't clay based. It's made of some soprt of organic product- which is wood colored, and it smells AWESOME like yummy pine stuff. It's actually nice to look at, and the color sort of camoflages the waste- so in the 10 minuted before the rake cleans out the litter, you don't even really notice it isn't clean! Best of all- no dust, and no little litter granules all over the floor that, if they get wet, clump on the floor, get into the carpet, and get into the grout (or whatever else they happen to be on!)

I bought it on a whim to try to romance Iris into more regular use of her litter pan, but I really really like this litter!

It may help you with Dad's obsessive nose Smile

Karen Smile
I've been using a raspberry shampoo from Hagen Pet...I dilute it quite a bit, to make rinsing easier. Then we finsih with a doggy colonge spray, she smells so good after, combination of fruits.

In a pinch I've used baby shampoo. They say not to use human shampoo on dogs because we have different PH levels, something like that.

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