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Thank you. It is embarrassing to say that my dog smells. I really do worry that other people think that my house smells badly too.

Have you ever tried that dry doggie shampoo? would that work on a heavy coat like a sheepie? Does it keep the aroma down?

When Gus was a puppy I thought he smelled. Friends told me that all puppy's have a strong smell that later goes away. I'm not sure if it really goes away or if owners just become acclimted. Usually Gus smells pretty good for at least two weeks after a bath (although his breath is always bad). Around the fourth week he can get pretty smelly, but I think that's because he urinates on his front legs all the time. We buy and use regularly dog bath wipes. They work really well and have a nice smell. If company is coming we wipe him with one of the wipes and the pleasant smell will last several hours. Another trick is to spray them with Fabreeze (it's not advertised for this purpose, but is pet safe) or dryer sheets. My number one suggestion to keep your house smelling nice with a big dog is to not allow them on the furniture or bed - ever. This is really hard to do, especially when they're a small, cute puppy, but you'll be greatful in the longrun. Besides the dog smell seeping into your couch, at about 6 months they'll be way to big for both of you to fit. I will warn you that a bid dog means big smell, big accidents, big messes, big grooming bills - but its worth it. OESs are great dogs, very intellegent (yet goofy), laid back and just independent enough. Good luck with your puppy.
In general, Sheepies do not seem to be big droolers. The only time Jake really drools is when he sees food, but not when he is just waiting for his dinner. In fact , we knew medication was not agreeing with him when he caused him to drool a lot.
We adopted Jake when he was almost three, so I do not know about puppy smells. We started bathing Jake once a week, but then the vet noticed his skin and coat were very dry. We dropped his baths down to once a month and that seems to keep the doggie smells away. Jake is not a water-lover, so that keeps him fresher-smelling longer, also.
I think you can tell from the visitors to this forum that Sheepies are a great breed. Hope you enjoy your Sheepie puppy. If you live near New England, please do consider visiting on of the New England OES REscue functions. There is an auction and potluck lunch on Sat. Oct. 19 near Dedham, MA. (Unfortunately Sheepies are not allowed inside the church hall where it is held). And there is an annual picnic held around June 8 in Bozrah, CT (near Norwich) to which Sheepies are more than welcome (and wanna-be Sheepies, also!). Check out for more info on joining. It costs $20/year and you get jam-packed, fun and informative newsletter every 2 months. Sorry, I did not mean to be so long-winded. Have fun. Just by the fact you have been doing so much research indicates you will be a caring and responsible owner. Keep the forum updated as to the new member to your family. When you have photos, contact the Webmaster ( He loves to put new photos in the OES Photo Gallery and people love to visit!
IS it normal for an OES to stink? Our new OES is getting larger and stinkier all the time. We bathe him once each week, and by the end of the day, he smells like a wet dog again. Wehn we take him on trips, we just about suffocate. Any suggestions???
Thank you for your response. Our OES is consider a puppy (a large puppy). We feed him "One" - large breed puppy food. We use "Pefect Coat" no tears puppy & dog formula shampoo. We don't dry him completely after a bath. He smells like a wet dog all the time. He is not on any medication, although he had a skin and ear infection when we got him as a puppy. The vet did prescribed him some antibiotics in which he had to take twice a day for about 2 months. After that he still smells like a wet dog. His skin/coat seems normal. We kept him shaved about 1/2 inches all the time since we got him. He does go poo poo a lot. He puffs his mouth and does a lot of small poo poos in various places instead of one big poo is one spot.
thanks for the reply. well, i just lucked out. a lady in new jersey was to get her but then her mother became ill so i was at the right place at the right time. she was in west virginia. a long drive for me but well worth it. she is a very sweet dog but is my first puppy and it took a lot of patience and learning on my part. we still have a very long way to go but i love her to death! we are starting puppy school on thursday...she has some MAJOR nipping issues but from what i hear, that's a baby oes for you. Rolling Eyes she likes to nip at my legs when we play and i just cannot stand another bruise/cut or to lose another pair of pants. other than that, she's the best. she just got a bath today and she smells wonderful! she's also starting to really understand the whole potty thing. last night we were running around the house and she was very excited...all of a sudden, she ran to the door and i got her leash on her and she bolted to the potty spot in the yard and went. i was so proud of her! Very Happy well, sorry to go on but i'm a new know. hope you have some luck finding one of your very own. i found her at best of luck to you, bridy
I have never dealt with sheepdogs before, until a stray came to my house. I have had him 2 years now. Right away I noticed he had a skunky odor --bath or no bath. Others have noticed it too, and just thought he had contacted a skunk a long time ago and the smell had just faded. I looked up this website to see if sheepdogs have some sort of natural smell just like other creatures sometimes do. Perhaps it is just present in the body oils. But I have had him two years and he is a well groomed and much loved "kid". But he still smells the same today. Faintly skunky. I believe I have become used to it, but others still notice it.
Doesn't it break your heart? But you must prevail --you see he tries to come up with a more pathetic and woeful bark hoping that this yelp will be the one to set him free. In the crate put in something that smells like you, favorite toys etc. and it will subside--I promise. At first my Bentley sounded like he was being murdered, but eventually he learned to love it. Hang in there. I've deviated from crate training once (with another dog), and boy what an expense in carpet cleaning that turned out to be. He's workin' your heartstrings bless his little sheepie heart!
I know I shouldn't even suggest this, but I live on the Texas Gulf Coast. I love my dog, but hated the dirty chin, lips, and goo. So I shave her face and chin and clipped her top knot.
She isn't a show dog, so what's the harm. And I don't have to worry about her face any more.
I use to have a standard poodle. Now my OES looks like a very beefed up poodle herself, because I gave her a lion cut. Its sort of like the Continental, but it leaves all of her chest hair, legs, rump, and head. She has a smooth back, totally clipped under neath, shaved face and rear.
Everyone stops me to ask what kind of dog she is. Most OES owners down here use the puppy clip on their dogs and want to know where I had Abbi's hair done.
I think she looks fantastic and she loves the attention.
To whiten her up in between baths I comb her out and use corn starch bath powder--she smells great too! I have a spray bottle with lemon juice and water (1 tablespoon lemon juice to a quart of water) that I give her little spritz baths with now that she became incontinent(?). She's on hormones and is become her old reliable self so fast! But for those off days I have the spray bottle and a roll of paper towels. And Abbi seems to like the attention, because she turns around for me to wipe her now every time she goes outside. I did not think she would actually learn that so well.
Of course Abbi does not look like the classic OES, but she doesn't run into the fence anymore either.
If it is grubs, there is a spray you can put down to kill them. Also if you have grubs you may have a mole that he smells. My dog can smell my mole that I have been trying to get rid of for weeks, but he has not dug any holes yet (still a pup). I hope that helps. Shelly
Fortunately for you Ellie is 2 yrs old, or you say close to. She should be fully mature as to growing and any future risks of hip things will not be an issue for caring pups. Young dogs not finished growing have the risks of being put out of kilter, and may not recover after whelping pups.

When the pups are born they should have tails docked in the first day or 2 after birth, I believe it is soon. May not be necessary if they are natural bobs. Also deworm them, a couple of times before they go their new homes, it's very gross to see them poo out worms. They should also be sent home with 1st set of shots, and vet checked. It would be nice to gather basic info together for future parents so they have no unexpected suprises, how to house break info. Send them home with the food pups are eating, and something that smells of litter mates and mom, cut up the blanket they all share into equal pieces to help with the first night of separation.

Definitely socialize them before they leave you. Get familiar with the degrees of personalities and how to test them. Learn who is more appropiate to handle the dominant one and submissive one, not all will in the middle. Don't be afraid to ask the potential owners, about their life, who will be home or who works, kids, fenced yard. Make sure they understand about grooming. Make them understand these pups need to continue with socilaization, they have a small window to expose them to EVERYTHING and EVERYBODY, noises, old people, young people, traffic, stores etc. Once dogs turn about 6 mths, they are developing their own opinion.

Hope you let us know how things develop and if she's actually preggers.

I guess he just feels he needs to protect "his home" and if you where close to home he sort of extended his territory...that includes you ...he feels he had to protect you and if the kid moved out of his vision he sort of felt a bit threaten....
In the crate....try this....make a tape of your voices and play it while you are gone (outside) maybe he can be fooled (Pisco did) and leave an old sweat shirt...something that smells like you in the crate with him as well that way he still smells you around...and wont feel left out....remember dogs are pack animals they need to know they are part of your pack and by leaving him behind he feels an outcast...and thats one of the worst punishment (his thinking) he can have....slowly he will understand that he is not left behind and you will come back to him....try after you are gone and are back to go outside with him,if only to the yard. that helped me a lot with Pisco....hope it helps you. Smile
I use a hartz brand shampoo for dogs with long hair, it has conditioners in it and it's supposed to be mild so as not to dry out their skin. It has a pic of a sheepdog right on the bottle, which is probably why I bought it, lol, but it really works well and smells great.
I use hartz dog shampoo with conditioning in it. It is meant for dogs with long hair, and detangles it nicely, as well as leaving her clean and smells great. It's only about 6$ at a pet supply store.
Hi Ragamuffin,
Are you planning on getting another Sheepdog.
Not that you can ever replace the one that you had but puppies
are always exciting to get. I love everyting about them even puppy breath. My friend is not a dog person. She thinks i'm weird because i think puppy breath smells good.
Hi maryann, Do you speak French? Just wandering.I know alot of Canadians are French. So you like to garden too. I have to garden outside the dogs fence from now on . They have a dirt racetrack worn around my pool . I put them in the tub and hose their feet off during this rainy weather. It's kind of a mystery how so much mud can get on four feet. I could rinse each paw for five minutes and it keeps coming off.

Hi Intradan, Still can't send pics I have to wait till my girls have time to show me how to do it.
Neato!! If you try it out, let us all know!!!!
Maybe I am used to the smell of doggs... but I dont notice a bad smell on Huggs..... He just smells like a dog to me.... Kids are way worse smelling!!!!!

I picked up some child's detangler, that won't tear the eyes. I thought this might help, if not then I'll move on to dog stuff. The kids stuff smells like pear, adn I'm sure I will use it on my daughter's hair as well. She struggles with combing just as much as the dog. LOL Surprised)
I first came across that ad when I began looking for a Sheepie.

Petfinder is an excellent site and there are tons of wonderful rescue organizations that advertise on Petfinder! I found my Addy Girl on Petfinder!

That ad is simply - SCARY! It also really makes me ANGRY! Here I am trying to find an OES to adopt our family and there is some creep out there neglecting them?

Has anyone contacted the contact person at AGAPE?
Where these dogs spayed/neutered?

Does anyone know the story as to why she was "collecting" OES?
Smells of someone trying to start up a mill to me ... but my theory wouldn't fly if these Sheepies were spayed/neutreed.

If anyone hears anything ... please let me know.
I'd love to hear the good news that this person has been found and the proper charges filed and enforced!
1st issue - the pooping

Is Little D crate trained? I would consider crating her during the day - in the same vacinity as Big D - so they can get used to each other through the safety of a crate. Not knowing Little D's situation (is she a rescue?) - she may not have been properly housebroken to begin with and you'll be at square 1 with that. I would be diligent in taking her outside when she wakes up, after eating, after playing, before bed, etc. Make sure you praise her when she poops outside! Make a big deal of it - give her treats and praise! Don't punish her for going inside - especially if you don't catch her in the act - she won't understand why she's being punished.
Make sure you use one of the sprays that neutralizes smells to clean up any accidents - you can also use vinegar and water.

2nd issue - Big D adjusting

This will take some time - but I'm sure Big D will settle down. If she's not used to ANY other dogs - it will be a little while for her to become adjusted. Make sure they have time to socialize with each other (with SUPERVISION at all times) and make sure Big D gets alone time with you still. Let them work things out on their own - don't interfer too much - as long as they can't hurt each other. There may be some hurdles - some bickering (growling, etc.) - but let them talk to each other and work out the order of things. Sometimes dogs just don't get along with other dogs - and you may find that is the case with Big Daisy - let her tell you when she's had enough and take her cues (if she's still getting very agitated - seperate the two of them and assure Big Daisy that she is safe!).

Daisy (BIG) will drool because she's nervous - but that should as soon as she adjusts! You may want to consider calling them different names (if you don't already) because that may get confusing to them. By the way, make sure to praise Big D when she is good with Little D and give her lots of attention and treats as well!

Give it some time - and Best of Luck!

Kristen (Brittney 12yrs old, Presley 5 yo, and Sydney 2yo).
I wrote to Laurel directly on and received this reply. I wanted to share it as it is so lovely:

After a week of tears and scanning all our memories, we are emerging from the shock of Guinness's sudden passing and able to try to express our thanks at your being there for us during this time.

Guinness was the type who would "barge" her way into everything, so why should Heaven be any different. If there is anyone minding the Pearly Gates, they have certainly been knocked on their celestial butts by our little one storming up to her next adventure.

The shock of it is exactly like you would imagine, but at the end of a week, the overwhelming feeling is gratitude. What a ton of love and how she stole our hearts! It's so funny how life unfolds. While I thought the darn WiggleBus would die before anyone else in the house, we have had the time of our life in it. Thankfully, she had a few weeks in it before she had to go. Everywhere we go in the wigglebus, people ask us about the sheepdogs and rescue. If I had a nickel for everytime someone has spotted the wiggle bus in real life and came up to us to tell us they "used to have a sheepie" or "they knew Grannie Annie", or ask for the phone number to rescue... we'd all be rich! LOL

I am just so grateful from the bottom of my heart that Guinness was on the first crew of the bus, and that, as painful as the memories are right now, her snout print is on the window forever. Guinness and her love of life was an inspiration to me, and I'm so glad that I could share some of her spirit with you. It's so quiet at my house, I'm wondering if this is how "normal" people live! LOL I've read enough Tale's Ends to know that she will be up there picking out someone new for us when the rescue dust is ready to fall again...

Thank you so much for taking the time to write and for the all the love and support. I'm quite sure it kept the family sane. Well, as sane as we ever get here. ; ) We miss her terribly, but she was worth every tear we are shedding now. She was our little piece of heaven on earth. We should all get to be as happy as she was with "her snout out the window smelling millions of smells at 40 miles per hour"...

With love, Laurel, Bob, Matt, Henry, Patrick O'Malley and The Terriers --HT and Scruff.

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