3 1/2(ish) months old...teething already?

Ok. We had a very bad night of whinning and yelp barking. She's been acting sicky and grummmmppppyyy. I mentioned in another post that she's cut back eating.

I was sick worried this a.m. but then the new neighbor friend I made (with the dog that's a year old) said she's probably teething.

I looked it up and this could explain the increase in biting, the eating less, the grumpiness, and now the sleepless nights.

Does this sound like my neighbor could be right? Is there anything you can give your dog? Another friend said they make Tylenol for dogs. Then I got to thinking about that oragel or whatever that moms rub on human baby gums while they are teething. I assume it's not good to just drug a puppy and I'm certainly not really even considering it.

I was looking for an opinion on whether it sounds to you all like she's teething. And is there really such a thing as puppy tylenol? And would you use it for teething?
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Never, ever, ever give your dog anything with the word Tylenol or acetaminophen in it. Buffered aspirin is the only OTC pain medication a dog can take and, even then, I wouldn't do it unless your vet said so.

If she is teething, just give her ice cubes to munch on or a frozen wet washcloth. That'll soothe her gums and, before long, the teeth will be in.
thank you so much for telling me that! I wouldn't have even thought of doing it unless my vet said to give her something. But I'm still glad to know!
With Jenny we used the frozen rag and also froze her kong filled with peanut butter.
Ah, yes - teething! :twisted: Winnie started about 3.5-4 months old, too. Ice cubes help a lot - along with a wet sock that's been frozen. We find those don't last long, though. We also got some puppy chew sticks (all natural) and those help, too.
Other poster is right - Tylenol, Advil, etc. are deadly to dogs. Baby aspirin is what my vet advised - used sparingly and only for the worst of the days. 8O (Winnie also likes to chew cabinets, woodwork and walls...) :wink:
to knock them out benedryl works for boy helps him get through the nite and me too :wink:
I've just made mine tough through it and given them extra chew toys. :)
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