!!!Broken heart...

:cry: :cry:

My sheepie Yumi had been broken her foot when she fought with another sheepie.
And she cry with pain , now she did not want to eat anything and do anything because of a pain in her leg..
what can i do ,
how do i deal with it??/ :cry: :cry:
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I'd start with a trip to the vet and see what he advises. He may be able to make some suggestions to ease her pain and help her be more comfortable.
oh! thank you ,,!!~
I will take her tomorrow. She is sleeping in the sofa..
e,,,, Have you ever experience this ! :)
Never with a foot but I've definitely had dogs that were in pain and didn't want to eat. Your vet might want to look Tumi over to make sure there's nothing else wrong that could be causing her not to eat, too. Good luck. Let us know what happens!
Good luck with the vet and let us know!
Today,I took Yumi to the vet, and the vet said she was sprained an ankle.And the vet had injected Yumi with a drug,and said she will be fine after one or two week.
That's great news that she will be better soon! Welcome to the forum!
Las Vegas Sheepie Lover wrote:
That's great news that she will be better soon! Welcome to the forum!

Yeah,I'm new here!~Your advice will be pleased :)
Glad to hear it's only a sprain. :D
Welcome to the forum.

:) Today,Yumi want to eat something now although she doesn't very happy.
fine!!!! :banana:
ohhhhhhh!!! a sprained ankle sounds painful..I'm glad she is feeling better...

VAL :lol: :lol:
Hang in there Yumi (kawaii-so), and mommy.
It's absolutely heartbreaking to hear them cry.
My sheepie pup Hudson suffered an injury about 6-7 weeks ago so I know what you're going through. I iced his leg immediatley when his hind leg was sprained but when we took him to emergency the vet told us he would probably need surgery. Thankfully that diagnosis was not supported by the 2 other vets I had look at him. He was injected with an anti-inflammatory that night as well, then I had to continue with it orally for about a week. Considering he was about 14 wks at the time bed rest was VERY difficult so healing was a very slow process since he was so susceptible to re-injury. I would see him lift his leg up when he put too much weight on it.
I hope Yumi feels better soon, best wishes for a speedy recovery.
Aw, I hope Yumi feels better real soon. My Annie seems to have twisted her front paw yesterday too while playing with her brother, Fozzie. Welcome to the forum!
I stepped on Shane's foot and broke his toe :oops: :oops: He was very stoic and didn't cry out even when limping. An x-ray showed the break but the vet said, "I can't do anything for it." Fortunately dogs heal quickly and soon Shane was back to normal. I hope Yumi heals quickly also.

My MO has arthritis in her left front ankle and often trots with her leg held in front of her. She doesn't complain anymore, but initially she'd cry often.
I think Yumi feels better now , she is playing the ball with me !~
haha~*^-^* she is very happy,so do I ~

thank you,
everybody and sheepei, Have a good day...
:D :D :D
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