Your Favorite Dog Breed Book?

My friend that has been helping me out wants to adopt a dog (not a sheepdog :x ) but he needs to learn more about the breeds out there -- size, temperment, athleticism, health, grooming, etc. I want to get him a book as a gift.

What is your favorite picture book of dog breeds?
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This one... ... F8&s=books
This looks similar but I've never actually looked through this one... ... 13-7651368
I have one that my brother got me for Christmas
a few years ago. I really like it, but it is the only
one I have that talks about so many breeds - so
take my suggestion with a grain of salt :oops:

It gives a lot of info, but I am not sure if this is what
you are looking for.

I have so many dog books! You know where a great place to look is? The bargain books area of Barnes and Noble or Borders. Almost all mine came from there. There's always a few in the bin. :)
ButtersStotch wrote:
I have so many dog books! You know where a great place to look is? The bargain books area of Barnes and Noble or Borders. Almost all mine came from there. There's always a few in the bin. :)

Yeah. . . if only I could get to a store and stand around and browse. Someday!

But for now, I am looking for something I can order online because he has already been to the pound. To me, that says he needs info sooner rather than later.

I'd love to hear a few more recommendations before deciding. . .
I have a wonderful one that I have lent to people over the years when they are deciding on a breed that would suit them.

"You and Your Dog by David Taylor"

Lists all the registered breeds, with great pictures too, type, temperament of the breeds and also gives advice as to wether they are a family orientated, good with kids, standoffish, one owner, active breed, etc etc type of breed.

Also covers Origins of dogs, Anatomy, choosing a breed, feeding, training, puppy care Vet/health care and understanding the dog.

Wealth of information in one book to cover all breeds. :D

Published in the UK by. Colour Library Books Ltd. Godalming, Surrey.

What I like the most is after deciding on a breed, it also tells you how to choose a puppy or an adult dog, all the signs/tips for help in picking a healthy one. :wink:
You can go to and look at all of the different breeds there. They have pictures & descriptions about temperamants, etc. I think there is another site out there that you can plug in activity level, size, grooming, etc. and they give you a list of breeds that match what you are looking for. I think maybe try for that info or maybe has something too.
I like the AKC website the best. The website stays up to date. I also like the big AKC breed book. I know libraries around here have that one - they could sign it out and not have to buy one while they do their breed research.
I agree using the learn about breeds...some are quite good.

The library here has a huge section about every dog...individual books, as well as books that include all breeds.

I would suggest they narrow it down, and then buy them something for the new puppy. Esp if they just fall in love with a pound puppy, and your book gets there too late to help with choosing.

When I decided we wanted a boxer, I bought the big magazine book about was filled with tons of info that helped me prepare for him.

Same when I got Remy, we got the OES books....not that helpful, internet was much better.
The Internet is great, but I am looking for a gift. Plus I think it is nice to browse through a book away from the computer.

I am going to try the books Stacey and Lisa recommended. . . I'll keep whichever one I don't give to him.
I missed the gift part when I read it the 1st time. :roll: I have the horse breed encyclopedia like the dog one that Stacey liked. It is a good book. Good info and wonderful pictures too.
Sorry, didn't realize it was supposed to be a gift.

Maybe you can wrap it in this "all-breed" gift wrap.... :twisted:
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