"like having dinner with Tom Cruise"

That's how my sister described going out to eat with Henry tonight. We sat at an outdoor cafe on a popular street. Henry was laying on the ground near my seat minding his own business working on a chewie. I think nearly 200 people stopped to pet him -- old, young, big, small, children, people on bikes, skateboarders, people with strollers -- everyone wanted to pet him. People were laughing because they were waiting in line to meet him. Henry took it all in his stride. He was completely friendly and unaffected by all the attention. People were petting his face, stroking his ears, and feeling his paws. Little kids were squatting down and peering up close into his face. It was alll good. He sat up and smiled at some or stayed laying down and ignored others. It is amazingly fun to have a pup that is so at ease with the world. . .
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They are MAGNETS! :hearts:
Ron has it right. The pups even more so. They stick like glue :lol:
Good boy Henry..............
How sweet/
TOO cute! You have a star in the making! :lol: :lol:
Sounds like you're in love.... :hearts:
How precious!! :hearts:

It is fantastic how nonchalant he is about the whole thing and what a great socialization exercise for him.

I've had that same experience with the wigglebums, too. We sat down on a bench to rest at the waterfront and folks were lined up to meet them, take their pictures, etc. It's quite fun.
That is funny :D

Good boy Henry :D

Sounds like Chewie's reaction to the world too :lol:
I think lunch with Henry is BETTER than with Tom Cruise!!! :D
Abuckie wrote:
I think lunch with Henry is BETTER than with Tom Cruise!!! :D

It really is nice when one is so laid back, so innately happy. It makes us bond with them that much more I think. I love all my dogs, but I must admit I'm growing more and more close to Willy every day. I thought it would be hard after losing Tucker to bond with another boy, but Willy has won me over.
:lol: :lol: What a darling, carefull my hubby says OES are chick magnets so make sure Henry is out and about with Females not BF. :P :lol:

I am so warming to boys after years of girls, my man now needs to turn on the Bloke Magnet for me after years of hubby walking the chick magnets :roll: :lol: :lol:
it's easy with a pup like Henry! he is the most adorable little boy.........
Enjoy him now while he is still in this wonderful stage......... the terrible twos will come, lol. But i know you can handle it!!!

It IS amazing how many people do want to pet--talk to--hug and touch these dogs. When we were in Chattanooga we went downtown to eat and of course were outside on the patio--so many people of all ages came over to see the guys. I am always amazed at how receptive Baley and Baxter are with these complete strangers and how gentle they are with the children.

My husband and I commented that it seems that more people than usual seem come over when we are out with our guys these days. That night I never really did get around to eating my dinner--because I always keep close watch 'just in case' and it was constant the whole time we were there.

Could be that--these wonderful smiling sheepies bring a little moment of joy to the lives others during these challenging times in the world.

It warms my heart to see the smiles on faces of all ages when we say "Yes--you can pet them"!
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