18 months and now she "gets it"

Up until the last week or two Tiggy was not a counter surfer. She left that up to her buddy Rastus.

But for some reason know only to her sheepie self Tiggy has suddenly decided to take up counter surfing in a BIG way, she even attempted the cat's method, which involved her jumping up on the counter top, but she discovered she didnt fit. 8O

The other day I could hear a funny clanking sound in the kitchen and came to see what was happening. She'd waited till after I'd bathed her to stick her face in the tray that I'd cooked the chicken kiev in. Mmmmm nice garlic butter all in my beard, I can enjoy some more flavor later on. :D

Last night just as I was going to sleep I heard another metallic sound. DH figured it could wait till morning. I got up to check it out and discovered madam with her feet up on the cooktop and her face in the baking dish. :oops: I had cooked a roast and left the dish with a little water in it to soften before I washed it up this morning.

Lucky I got up as the dish was getting closer to the edge and about to fall off. There were greasy drips of water all over the floor and Tiggy's whole snout is all grubby and greasy. :roll:

Looks like I'll have to get more careful about what I leave out now. We have a new and more determined scrounger in the house. :roll:
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:lol: :lol: :lol:
perhaps it's something in the air. :evil:
Coonhound Maggie jumped up and ate about 1/2 Todd's batch of chocolate chip cookie dough in 2 big gulps a few evenings ago. She has surfed before, but NOT like this!
Oh no, not the chocolate chip cookie mix, now that would make me sad. :cry:
Maybe mars has aligned with saturn at the right angle to promote counter surfing in dogs.
Tiggy wants to help with the dishes. They aren't called "pot lickers" for nothing.
Now she gets it!!!!! Hmmmm I think maybe mom might of got it now!!!! 8) :P 8) :lol: :lol: :lol:

Your tempting fate leaving anything eadable on the bench when sheepies are around.

From one who's sheepie ate a whole cooked roast chook, rock solid frozen minced beef, cut a nose on a can in the bin, licked the yummy roast leg of lamb waiting to go in the oven (Shhhhh still cooked it and did not tell anyone what happened :? it should kill all the heebie geebies of dog slobber on the roast, that or add more flavour :wink: :roll: )

Greasy ,Tiggy, your mom does not feed you enough :P :lol: :lol:
(Glad it was you and not me with that oookie fatty beard :P :lol: )
Heh. Our first guy was a bigtime counter surfer. Once got a loaf of raisin bread and ate the whole thing -- except for the two ends!!
Thank God he didn't have a bad reaction to the raisins.
Our current boy doesn't surf at all which makes us lazy. I think I'll recheck the counters for bad things ASAP.
Oh my! We learned quickly not to leave anything edible out with Winston around. A few weeks ago, we had guests and he stole 1/2 of a steak off a plate in the kitchen.
My first two were table surfers, so far Jenny hasn't stolen anything---YET!!! I am sure in time she will learn too
Mmm....chicken kiev. I don't blame her ;) She's smart though. Mine only try things while we're right there watching which I NEVER understood since other dogs (like yours) seem to be more clever about it. Thankfully all of those "things" usually don't include counter surfing.
omg....Thankfully Kody has not yet figured out his height when on back legs and so far he has not counter surfed. He does have a bad garbage rooting habit...I thought I was being smart 8) and put the garbage pail under the sink, you know out of sight out of mind...Kody proved to be smarter, he has now learned that by pulling on the knobs he can and does open the cabinets and of course a happy boy he becomes. So on any given morning I will now walk into the kitchen and find doors and drawers opened 8O and a proud pup in the middle of the room waiting on me to praise him for the wonderful trick he pulled off. I had to go out and get a child safety latch for the sink cabinet so he can't get to the garbage... I'm thinking I need to go buy more and install them on every cabinet :wink: .
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