18 month male up for adoption.


All is not well in the land of Dallas and Bentley at Uncle Pete's :( .
I just adopted Bentley last week from Deb in Ohio and have discovered that he should be an only dog. He is dominating over Dallas and she is too nervous to do anything but lay under the dining room table and watch him.

I'm not sure if it's because she's a female, it's his first time living with another dog or he just does not like Dallas but they just do not get along.

He's a great dog, has a funny and great personality, is full of energy, loves to run, play frisbee and soccer and he would make a great sheepie for someone without pets.

You can email me and I'll send you pictures and also email Deb (the original owner) for further information at dshellho@insight.rr.com

As much as I hate to see him go, I have to think of Dallas first and it just breaks my heart to have to do it. I'm sure that there is someone out there looking for a great sheepie that could give him a great and loving home and this one could be yours.

Thank you for your help.

Uncle Pete :D
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Sorry to hear things are not working out.... have you considered turning him in to a rescue, either in the US or Canada so that they can find him just the right home?
The Canadian rescue contact is Margaret Trenholm, and she can be reached at trenholmoes@sympatico.ca
You can also contact one of the many rescue contacts listed here --> http://oes.org/html/oes_rescue.shtml

Good luck! :)
Oh, that's too bad Pete. Your hopes were so high. I would love to have him, it would be difficult for him to dominate any of my dogs. Mmmmm bestdogsx5....sounds pretty good :D
Uncle Pete -- That's so sad! I'm sorry for you and Dallas that it is not working out. BestDogsx5 sounds awesome!! Looking forward to a happy update. . .
Uncle Pete: I know this must have been a difficult decision for you. Hopefully, someone will read your post and adopt Bently.

Holly, bestdogsx5 does sound really good. :lol:
So sorry to hear the news, Uncle Pete. This must be a heartbreak
for you. Good luck with the placement of Bentley...

Bestdogsx5, has a nice ring to it! :D
Hi All,

I'm going to foster Bentley until Deb can find a good home for him. Pete & I will meet on Saturday; hopefully Dallas can put up with him until then.

Pete, there is a friend out there for Dallas. We'll just keep looking.

Thank you all for your concern and comments. Jil, the trooper that she is has volunteered to help out once again with Bentley. Hopefully a great home will be found closer to Deb's so that she can keep in touch with the new owners and maybe visit him once in a while.

Dallas is a real trooper too but she can't even eat her food, biscuit, chew a bone, go outside to do her numbers without having Bentley chase her, grab her and bark at her and then she runs back in the house and hides under the table.

If I didn't have Dallas, I'd keep him (he likes motorcycles too) but my girl comes first.

I'm sure I'll find another one in the near future but next time, I'll be more careful.

A big thank you again to Jil and we'll see you Saturday.

Uncle pete.
Uncle Pete, I'm so sorry to hear that things aren't going well with Bentley. :cry: I know it's a difficult decision.

Jil is such an angel! :D

Hopefully a wonderful forever home can be found for Bentley very soon.
After all the time looking for a second dog, it's so sad to hear this! Some dogs are just meant to be only dogs. My Drez is like that. No second dog in this house - she's our first concern.

Don't lose faith - somewhere out there is the perfect dog for you and Dallas.

And Jil - what can I say?? You're the best, girlfriend! (PS: Can Kayli hold her own against a dominant dog?)

Drezzie's Mom wrote:
And Jil - what can I say?? You're the best, girlfriend! (PS: Can Kayli hold her own against a dominant dog?)


I think she can-- just ask Clyde and Lucy, she put them in their place when they pushed her too far! :) It drove Clyde nuts that she wouldn't play with him!

Uncle Pete I'm sorry things didn't work out for you and Bentley. I don't know what else to say besides it must have been a heartbreak for you after waiting so long. Jil you are an angel once again and Miss Belle is probably boasting to her friends looking down on you...that's my MOM!!!

Marianne and the boys
Uncle Pete I am so sorry this is not working out. I have been thinking about this all day. You must be heartbroken.

Jil, there is a special place in Heaven for wonderful people like you.

Jil and Jill and I met for the handoff yesterday and now Bentley will find a new home (I hope Jil decides to keep him if things work out). It was sad in a way, it felt like I was giving up one of my own kids even after only 2 weeks but it had to be done :( . It was a 13 hour trip for me and I just wanted Dallas to feel safe again.

Thank you all for your comments, I'm sure that I'll find the right sheepie eventually and in the meantime, I'll devote more time to Dallas and spoil her to death after what she just went through. I think I'll go for a 5 year old or so female and closer to home and make sure Dallas approves this time.

I'm not sure why but things usually have a way of turning around for the best :) (Lookat Jil, this may eventually turn out to be a great adoption for her, who knows! As for myself and Dallas, the next furball coud be the one :D )

All the best to Bentley and Jil :D .

Uncle Pete :D
Bentley would be a very lucky boy if Jil keeps him. He couldn't ask for a more loving and wonderful Mom than she would be :D

HOORAY FOR JIL AND JILL(who went along for the ride :D )

Pictures! We need pictures!....because I'm sure Jil has nothing else to do :lol:
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