10 month old (potty trained) OES mix is regressing

We got Cooper from a shelter when he was approx. 7 weeks old. We thought he was more of a golden retriever, but he's grown into a sheepdog in every since except his color (all off white) and size (he's about 40lbs.) ....of course he's still growing.

He seemed to be pretty much potty trained/crate trained by 6/7 months old with the occasional accident due to excitement or nervousness.

Over the past week I have gone to Cooper's crate to let him out (in the morning, after work) only to find he has already urinated in his crate. Not sure how to address this. Do I really need to go back to the way things were when I was potty training him... :cry: I hope not!

Please advise/help!
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Start by limiting water before bedtime, and make sure you are cleaning the crate with something that will eliminate the urine smell. Just because you can't smell it, doesn't mean he can't!
He may have a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) - so be sure to rule out any medical concerns first!

Is he drinking more than usual? I agree with Josh to limit the amount of water before bed and see if that helps.

Sometimes at this age - they regress a little and you need to regroup and refocus - but it won't be as bad as starting from scratch.

Just wondering..... Do you notice any problems with Cooper's hearing? His coloring would have me concerned with deafness. You'd be suprised at how old a puppy can be before owners realize sometimes.

I'd love to see his picture - he sounds darn cute!

Thanks for the quick responses...I have already limited his water a bit. I thought about the UTI, but figured there would be other things if that was the case. I guess now that it's getting cooler here in SC, he may not really be as thirsty and need as much water. I just don't want to dehydrate him, either.

I really don't think he has any hearing issues...he hears me open the back door and comes right in when he's in the back yard...he hears when we pull up to the house and starts barking...his crate is in the garage. I try to post a picture of him...this one's a couple of months old when I had clipped all the hair around his face and legs. Grooming nightmare...but we won't go there today!

Thanks again...any other thoughts or ideas?
He's adorable! I would have him checked for a UTI to be safe - you may not notice any other symptoms/problems.
I'm currently going through the same exact problem with Truman. He goes to the vet tomorrow for some tests and an exam. I posted about this under the topic "animan behaviorist" several days ago in here (General Chit Chat). I'll post whatever I find out..... Maybe there will be something that will help you too!
Oops! I meant to say "animal behaviorist"!!
Looks like you've gotten some great tips already, so I will just say welcome to the forum! :)
Do you accompany him while he does his business, or do you assume he's done it. I had problems with that thinking oh she's gone, where she hasn't she just watched the goings on. Then 1 hr later she had to go.

Also some don't care if they pee on the bedding because it soaked it up. Try taking everything out for awhile, make sure it has been cleaned and all traces of urine are gone. See if he goes with nothing in it.

Has his routine changed? Could he be suffering from some separation anxiety, try video taping his behaviour after you leave and see how he is reacting to being alone.
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