48 Hours to Key West!

Yep...its that time of year again. We leave Sat. morning at 6 am. I'm starting to get my flying panic. You'd think by now, I'd be over this nonsense!

On top of that, I have a really bad cold! SUCKS! I went to the Doctor yesterday, and she put me on Z pack (antibiotics) and some steroid nasal spray. I hope it all kicks in soon.

Cuz I feel icky, I'm having a hard time getting excited. Tony keeps reminding me that only 2 day and we'll be laying in the sun sipping cocktails. Ohhh...that does sound great!

As you know, its been a couple tough weeks for me, and I really need this trip. Just wish I felt better.
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Deb I know this has been a very rough time for you with the loss of your beautiful boy Leo, now to add a cold to it blah!

Just to give you something to look forward to we are having sunny weather and the temps are staying in the upper 80's and 90. The flowers are in bloom and the waves on the ocean are slowly lapping whispering your name....

Key West will not be the cure, but it will allow you the time and enviorment to reflect on everything that has happened and hopefully will start the beginning of recovery for you.

Have a safe trip and see ya in the sunshine!
try and come down here and have fun the weather is great i don't think there are any fires down that way!!enjoy
deb, go buy some ocean nasal spray..that stuff works too...will help thin out the mucus in your nose....you dont want to be too stuffed up when you fly, you could bust an ear drum.....

on the lighter side....what are you bringing to wear???? what sexy sundress and shoes are you going to wear to va va voom tony????

oh and panda is BEGGING you to stay away from Robert....she doenst think youll get away from his clutches this time....... :twisted:
Oh Deb, Fare Warning: Tell Tony to leave his "speedo" at home. A man was just arrested the other day for wearing one on the beach here in Florida.
I'm not bringing anything sexy this year!!!! We are staying in Key West the whole trip, so no fancy nightclubbing.

I had to buy all new stuff since I've gone down 2 sizes since last year.

Just bringing shorts, tops, a cotton sundress and 3 bathingsuits. Oh yea...some underwear :oops:

We have a washer and dryer in the condo, so I can pack light.

I haven't had a chance to go to "the beds" (suntan beds) this year, so I'll be bringing sunscreen. I'm too old to burn!

As for Robert...tell Panda, I'm really excited because we are going to the Martell Museum and seeing the real deal!!!!

And why was a man arrested for wearing a speedo? Was he hangin' out?
believe it or not, i got really tan in hawaii this year wearing 45...after the day at the beach i would go back, take a shower then apply loreal sublime tan spray.....it worked fantastic!!!

i hope you have an even better time than last year! dont pull a darcy...

ps...panda is TOTALLY freaked out....
I second Darcy's suggestion of a Saline Nasal Spray.
Try to relax about the flight and think of all the fun you'll have. :D
I am the Queen of all Thing Sinus, so believe me when I tell you being on Zithromax is a good thing. I know colds are viruses, but when you are congested from a cold, it provides a wonderful opportunity for a bacterial infection to set in. The Zithromax won't help the cold, but it will prevent/treat a secondary bacterial infection.

Ocean spray mist is fine--it's just saline so it will "clean" your nose. For true congestion (the kind where not a molecule of air gets through), I treat with Afrin, but only for 3 days. It can rebound after 3 days.

The main thing is keep your ears clear for flying.

And have a WONDERFUL TIME and eat LOTS of seafood. And desserts. And alcohol.
I am sooooo jealous. I liked Key West a lot.

Have a Baby's coffee for me!
Ron, there's a new place on Duval called Bad Ass Coffee. Its very good too! But ya gotta love Baby's coffee!
debcram wrote:

I haven't had a chance to go to "the beds" (suntan beds) this year, so I'll be bringing sunscreen. I'm too old to burn!

You shouldn't go to the beds EVER!! (Sorry, just got back from my quarterly skin cancer checkup at the dermatologist!)

Have an awesome trip and relax!! Ah, so jealous!
lots of pics and hints when you et back. I am going this sumemr with my sister who used to live in the keys and I have never been there. Are you taking the boat from Ft Myers?

Have a great time!
kerry wrote:
lots of pics and hints when you et back. I am going this sumemr with my sister who used to live in the keys and I have never been there. Are you taking the boat from Ft Myers?

Have a great time!

No. We're flying into Miami and then driving. BUT last year, we took the boat and it was wonderful!!! Here's a link to our last year's pictures:
http://www.flickr.com/photos/debcram/se ... 0278875065

Lots of boat pictures there. Oh! You will LOVE IT!!!! I'm excited you are going for the first time. Yes...we will talk before you go!
Oh, Deb. You need this trip. You deserve this trip. Enjoy a Cheeseburger in Paradise for your fellow Parrotheads. 8)

Did your doc prescribe an antihistamine with a decongestant? When I was in the same situation, I had the Z Pack, RinoCort and Claritin D as my "Drug Trifecta". If you're still congested tomorrow, you might want to call your doc to see if you should try Claritin D or Allegra D to dry up your nasal cavities. (The problem with the steroid sprays alone is sometimes they can take a few days before they kick in.)

You and Tony have a great trip.

Bon Voyage!

Laurie, Angelo and Oscar
Flying with a cold is so NOT FUN. I hope you're feeling better. You deserve a fun vacation and I can't think of a more fun way than relaxing in the sand sipping fruity drinks with little umbrellas in them. :P 8)
Have a blast, Deborah! You are the traveler this summer!
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