100 tips on training your dog

today i was at barnes and noble looking through some books on how to train your dog. i was looking at all the suggestions for aggressive behavior. most of it just said get a trainer or something incredibly elusive like 'establish dominance'. but one book called 100 tips on training your dog or something along those lines gave several suggestions for what to do if your dog is being aggressive towards you.

tip #1- if your dog has a lead snap the lead or give a 'correction'.
tip #2- if dog has no lead and you are near water... get a cup of hot water and throw it in the dogs face. aim for the mouth and shout 'hey!'
tip #3- if you are not near water grab a big heavy book and hit your dog on the top of the head with the book and shout 'hey!'
tip #4- if your dog is a puppy roll it on its back (this tip came complete with a diagram on how to roll your dog, and a warning that said dont roll your dog if you think it will bite your face)

im not making this up! i couldnt believe what i was reading! at first i kinda laughed it off and shook my head, but thinking about it more really makes me upset. throwing hot water in your dogs face??!!?! what are these people thinking!! it scares me to think that someone desperate for advice could stumble across this book and try some of these things... ugh!!
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The water doesn't bother me nearly as much as the book! How old was this book?
i didnt look to see exactly but it was definitely a newer book.
Sadly, there are several books out their telling people to train their dogs in this manner and even more unfortunate - there are trainers who people actually pay to learn these same methods!

Makes me sick too!

a trainer i called described his lessons as "forced behaviors" he described how he uses squirt bottles, neck jerking, rolled newspapers and rolling, similarly to this.

talk about antiquated. i can only think of this: with so many studies indicating that stuff like this, violent negative reinforcement, can screw up human children, why would anyone want to subject the mind of a dog (or body of a dog for that matter) to this treatment?

needless to say i did not ask for this trainer's help.
Wow, this is awful training advice. 8O Some of it inhumane. The hot water in the face, depending on how hot could damage the eyes and such. :cry: I wonder how they would suggest to train a child. Stormi and co.
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