"London", "Henry" and Family

Hello to everyone from your newest registered member!

I am thrilled to be the 1400th member of the Forum and want to introduce our family to yours!! We have 2 recent additions to the family...both rescue,also,both were listed as "Old English Sheepdog Mix" on PetFinder.com,and both are now cherished members of our family.

We adopted "Henry" about 5 months ago...he was found 1st as a stray, then removed by police and taken to a shelter when he was found chained to a short chain in a yard with mud up to his shoulders and left with no food or water for days. He was in bad shape, tested heartworm positive, and was going to be put down at a kill shelter before we adopted him..."Henry" at approx. 2yrs old now has blossomed into a handsome, healthy, happy boy in these few months and is adored by all who meet him, we think he is probably mostly Beardie and turns heads wherever he goes, he looks like a shaggy Disney dog!

Our latest addition, "London", is a beauty inside and out, just as the shelter's description said. She is mostly OES, about 1yr old, adopted about a week ago, and we love her dearly. She was also originally a stray that wandered onto a property outside a small town, orginally the people that found her wanted to keep her, until she started chasing their catttle, they then dumped her at a no kill shelter that was already on overflow, but very devoted to saving those they could.

They took her in because the people that dumped her said they would literally shoot her for chasing the cattle if the shelter would't take her(breaks my heart for any helpless being to be mistreated, wish I could save the world!).

Anyway,"London" and "Henry" are home safe and sound and thriving in their new enviornment, and we wouldn't want it anyother way....it's a total lovefest!! :lol: They love to go on car rides, love their toys, treats, and to run and play. It's so fun to watch them"hop" around the house and yard playing with each other and the rest of our clan, which includes a little pack of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels (all adored family members as well as finished Champions, now retired from the ring and living the good life,ages 6-10yrs and going strong!), one wonderful 2yr old yellow lab, "Jackson"; four German Dressage horses; three big birds, and a tank of salt water fish!! We don't have children yet, atleast not the 2 legged variety that is, lol, but we absolutely adore our furry, feathered, four-legged, ever expanding family and look forward to getting to know you and yours!!
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Hello and welcome to the forum . :D
I'm julianne and have a 3 year old oes called Mitch and i will have a puppy called Marley by the beginning of March .
welcome to the forum from boo and the gang
welcome to the forum!!! and where do you live, you are a angel for taking them in :lol:

I have 2 rescues now and one we put down 2 yrs ago at age 12 we had her 8 yrs.

You must have a large farm, ranch or fields lol

What a great introduction, and a great story!

Welcome to the forum, I'm looking forward to hearing more!
Thank You for the warm welcome! We live in Texas on acreage in an equestrian community where we can enjoy the peace and beauty of the country with our friends and family(both the 2 legged & 4 legged variety)lol...and still be within a 30 minute drive of DFW. In browsing the Forum,I have been impressed with you,your dogs,your care,kindness,and concern for each other..... truly a great forum and very much a family!! We are happy to have found this forum and will try to get some photos posted of London,Henry,and the gang soon!!
The forum must be lightening fast for you; oes.org's computer is housed in Houston! ;)
Welcome to the forum! :lol: Love your rescue story - what angels you are for rescuing Henry and London! Can't wait to see pictures!

I am mom to Drezzie, 12-1/2 yrs. She is the love of our lives but she is slowing down due to hip dysplasia.

Looking forward to hearing more stories!

Hi Welcome London, Henry and the rest of the household!

I like you guys already as I too have a housefull of furballs - although I live in the heart of suberbia. So glad to hear that London and Henry have such a wonderful home and are obviously well loved.

I'm Marianne, mom to 3 canines - Merlin, Panda and Blue, as well as an assortment of small creatures, cats, rabbit, and guinea pig. I also have two upright boys.

It was thanks to this forum and many wonderful members that Panda (shown in my avatar) was rescued and flown from Hong Kong to my home in Vancouver.

Please don't hesitate to join right in as this place is so friendly. Sometimes we chit chat about events in our lives and other forums are so informative regarding medical and behavioral issues. I'm sure you'll return time and time again.

Nice to meet you!

Marianne and the boys
Welcome from Australia, London, henry and the rest :wink:

Lisa and sheepie girls, Kelsey and Brie.
Hi Welcome,

Can't wait to see your pictures. The King Charles Spaniels are really cute dogs too. Sounds like you are truly an animal lover, I can relate. I am new too. I think I'm number 1399 so you truly one upped me. But with your houseful you deserve such distinction.
Hey Ron...well that explains it...I knew this Forum was great,it's gotta be if it's housed in Texas!!.......guess that makes all the members "Honorary Texans"!!!!? Seriously,you have alot to be proud of with this Forum...and it is obviously the people that make it so special... you have established an exceptional group here,congratulations!! Marianne,I like you already too,sounds like their are a number of us in this forum that inherited that crazy gene which causes us to have a houseful of furballs,lol,but in my opinion it wouldn't be home without them!! I look forward to hearing more about your brood as well......and Chris,I truly understand your 12 1/2 yr old Drezzie being the love of your lives.....and Las Vegas Sheepie Lover your babies and their photos are adorable...I look forward to getting to know you all:Lisa and the girls in Australia,Deana and your rescue babies(London and Henry are my 1st rescues,and they are our special angels,we want to give them the very best life has to offer,they deserve so much more than they have had);Julianne and her babies; and look forward to getting to know all the rest of this wonderful little forum family. Anyway,I think i'm already addicted to this group,it's contagious,lol !!!! Again,many thanks to all of you for your kindness and warm welcome! We will try to post photos soon.....ttyl,Kimberly.
Welcome to the forum for Sammy and his Mum
:lol:Welcome to the Forum,
you will have a great time here ! :lol:
Welcome Kimberly, London, Henry & family! :D

Have yourself a seat on the porch and join in the conversation! :D
We're happy to have ya! I enjoyed the introduction to your family. What a great group you've got. Can't wait to see the pictures.

I'm Tammy, mom to Beaureguard (15 mos old OES) and Genevieve (2 yr old OES), Ainsley (female DLH cat) and her littermate Einstein (male DSH cat). There's also Summer, a grey quaker parrot, and Oscar the goldfish. Right now, I've got a really cute little OES/Wheaton mix that I'm fostering named Mr. Muggs, too. So, the house is full! :D
Hi Tammy and thanks for the welcome!.....your gang sounds wonderful,look forward to getting to know you all!! Kimberly
WELCOME! I'm Mom to Annie (almost 9yrs) who is going strong. Everyone she meets asks if she's a pup. She's very spunky! Your home and family sounds wonderful! I'm looking forward to sharing with you and please please post pictures of your OES and the spaniels. :D
Beaureguard's Mom wrote:
Have yourself a seat on the porch and join in the conversation! :D
Thanks, Tammy!
I've always wondered where we were, although I must admit I thought we were all sitting at my kitchen table, sharing a cup of tea.

Sometimes I thought I was sitting on the curb, having an ice cream cone of consolation for one thing or another. But it looks like we've graduated to the porch? Yay!
Glad you like it, Ron! :D That's what I always imagine....it's a big group now...so we're sitting out on the front porch in rocking chairs, on the swing, in the glider, sipping iced tea or lemonade and eating the cookies you put out on the sideboard. :D
LOL......you all are too funny.......and tea and cookies sound great,but where and when is "Happy Hour".....cocktails,anyone?!....lol
Welcome :D
Both of my OES's Rags & Pepsi are rescues. I also have Toy Poodle - Psycho Peanut and a Red Earred Slider Turtle. Plus two uprights Hayley 12 mos and Ryan 7 yrs
Welcome to all of you!

I am Becca, owned by Benjamin (11 mo old OES), Kiara (7yr old mix rescue/the best we can figure she is chow/pit/boarder collie mix), Stormie (10yr old kitty), Samson (4yr old kitty), Ty (2yr old parakeet), bunch of fish (2 tanks full, but Jack "the Dempsey" is the main one), Micah (4 yr old beautiful boy), Joshua (10 mo old chubbie baby), Quinton (the love of my life aka Hubby).

We look forward to hearing more about you and your "children" and seeing pictures! We LOVE pictures!!
Welcome to you and your gang from MI :) How on earth do you find time for anything? We like pictures...and they don't have to be of OES for us to ooh and ah over them.....hint hint :lol:
Hi from me and my baby Panda in sunny Arizona, where the summers are hot and the winters are cold...no one believes me but it IS true!
Welcome To the forum!

Darcy wrote:
Hi from me and my baby Panda in sunny Arizona, where the summers are hot and the winters are cold...no one believes me but it IS true!

LOL Darcy... We're down with you on that. Our sheepies keep on asking us "Mommy, Daddy... What's a sheep??? What's snow???"
Stacy,Elissa,Becca,bestdogsx4,saulmr,Darcyand the rest of the gang thanks for the welcome! We are happy to be part of your "forum family" and look forward to getting to know you!!.......but, Darcy we are a little worried about you.....are you really living in a COLD DESERT ??????!!!!!!!!!! LOL....ttyl,K.
welcome :)

I have an oes named London too:)
Welcome. I don't have a sheepie (yet) but I do have a retired second level Appendix Quarter Horse--retired from the show ring but we still trail ride and do arena work. What breed are your horses?????
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