Well! Tonight is the long-awaited season 6 premier of 24. Who will be watching? Who's excited?!?

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WE CAN'T WAIT!!! So excited!!!
Caught the second hour. Can't wait till MondY night!
Oh, it's so good!

Hubby and I did notice a few mistakes though :cry: .

Like how Jack Bauer's shoulder was really sore from the knife wound/acid pour and then a half hour later he was running and his arm was fine. But he's Jack Bauer! He heals super-fast!

I get so tense watching 24 that Barkley comes over and sits in front of me to protect me from the tv. :D

Can't wait until tonight!
I had never watched 24 before, and so I thought I'd give it a try last night. OH! That show made me so anxious!!!! What is this guy...and human torture machine????

I stopped watching after about 40 minutes, because he never seemed to fight back or try to defend himself. It was heartbreaking for me to watch.

Do I need to give it another try??????
It can be pretty violent/gruesome and you're practically guaranteed a few deaths per episode.... so, not for everyone. Definitely not for kids.

Jack Bauer was a special agent with CTU (Counter Terrorist Unit). In between Season 5 and now, he was in a Chinese prison being tortured for 2 years and didn't talk. Jack tends to bend the rules to save the country and in a previous season he bent the rules and lead a mission into the Chinese embassy to take a man into custody who knew something that would help them stop a terrorist. That's how he ended up in a Chinese prison.

It might be a less enjoyable show if you haven't seen the previous seasons, since you wouldn't know Jack's history with the characters but it's worth another try if you did enjoy watching it last night. Give it another try tonight (2 hours again tonight) and see what you think.

I get totally anxious watching it to - and that's the best part! The ticking of the clock between scenes just adds to the suspense.

Every season has been done in real time. Each season takes place within a 24 hour time period, and there are 24 1-hour episodes. So when a character says to someone "I'll be there in 10 minutes", they actually arrive 10 minutes later.
I'm pretty sure other seasons are on DVD. It would probably be better for me to rent those, and tivo the new season. Coming in cold, I just couldn't understand him sacrificing himself so freely.
Yep, all 5 seasons are on dvd - we have them all.

See if you can borrow the seasons from a friend. Most rental stores only rent out 1 disc at a time, so it takes 6 rentals to rent a whole season... $$$
I was afraid to click on this thread because I only got to watch the first hour last night and I didn't want to ruin any surprises for myself. :lol:

I really enjoy this show. It's one of my "must sees". 8) This season is off to a great start! :P
It was great! We were on the edge of our seats. Foz and Annie were beinig pests for the first 20 minutes. Finally Foz laid down and they took their evenings naps. I can't wait for tonight!
Well, I gave it another try last night, and my reaction was completely different!!!

Try to remember the first 40 minutes of Sunday's show. Jack was a complete zombie...just letting everyone boss him...and beat him. I just couldn't watch it.

But last night, well Jack was ALIVE!!!. Very, very good show. Think I'm hooked!!!

The girl Chloe gets on my nerves. She has a "whiny" face, if you know what I mean. Can't believe she's gotten so many "hot" men. She must "put out" :twisted: .

Thanks for alerting me to this very cool show!
Haha! I'm glad you enjoyed it last night. That was the old Jack coming back - it just took him a little while I guess.

Chloe works a bit like comic relief on that show. She's pretty weird and says exactly what she's thinking. The Chloe pout/frown is on her face a lot. Once you learn to laugh at her, it's great.

Can't wait 'till next week!

I heard they were releasing a dvd of the first 4 episodes today for ~$10.... for anyone who missed it.
I think last night's episodes were the best of this entire show. Seriously. Just when you think you've got the forumla down pat and know what to expect from the writers, they smack you upside the head and toss you in a different direction! :lol:
No way!! 8O I did NOT see that one coming!!! 8O Did anyone have a clue?? I think that's the biggest shocker this show has ever given us. :excited:
Do "we" know who is father is?

No, Deb, but the guy that plays his brother, Grey, was behind all the attacks from last season and was blackmailing the president. He's the one who let the Chinese know that Jack was alive (from the season prior to that). But, last season, we had no idea who the guy was...no name.
That was a shocker last night! Wow! I didn't see that coming either.

To answer your other question, no "we" don't know who Jack's father is. He's never been in any previous seasons.

I really hope Donald Sutherland is playing the part of Jack's father. Wouldn't that be neat??!
Yes, that would be cool. :D
I was thinking that too!!!!
Jack's father is played by James Cromwell. He was in the preview for next week. I hate that he is such a bad guy. Poor Jack. The guy that plays his brother is creepy little weasel! He deserves a good killing!
AWESOME episode! We were totally caught off guard by the evil guy being his brother. GO JACK! I can't wait until next week!
My husband and I are huge fans of 24. Although we love the show we spend a tremendous amount of time poking fun at the plot. My husband and I are currently in a disagreement about whether Jack could get up after the nuclear attack, after all he was at a distance where he could see the explosion. Did it appear to be at an extremely close vantage point to anyone else?....Ten minutes later he is on the phone to Bill at CTU saying he is back IN!

I love the show but sometimes it kills me.
I think they kept saying something about him being "downwind" of the blast, and not to go any further north.

BUT! If that helicopter was knocked out of the air by the blast...wouldn't those pilots have been nuked?

I just love tv!
No, they may not have been nuked. The blast wave is not the same as fallout. Still the fact radio/TV/Computers/cell phones work is amazing :lol: :lol: The electromagnetic charge would know out things for many many miles.

Hope he sufficated that little weasel and not just scare him.......but we know better. Bad guys don't always die fast, especially at the end of an episode.

Good thing Jack has only one of these 24 hour nightmares per season. What does he do the rest of the year???? :lol: :lol: :lol:
My husband and I were trying to place the actor that plays the FBI agent, the guy holding Waleed. Finally, my husband goes, "That is the guy that Matt Damon says, Do you like Apples? Well, I got her number. How do you like 'em apples?....to in Good Will Hunting."

Also, I think this guy had a bit part in season two of 24 as a pilot. Does anyone remember this?

Scott William Winters ?

"Clark" in Good Will Hunting
Will: Do you like apples?
Clark: Yeah.
Will: Well, I got her number. How do you like them apples?

"Agent Samuels" in 24

Hmmm....I thought he was a detective on Law & Order SVU for a short time, and also had a one show part on Sex and the City as Carries, ah....you know what kind of friend.

Anyways...he's pretty darned cute!

Who knew?! They're brothers! They come from a dandy gene pool!!!!!!

Anyone for a swim?

Ah, he was also Horatio's brother on CSI Miami. Yes, nice gene pool, better than the Baldwin pool.
Ron: I bet you IMDB'd that. Whenever my husband and I have a TV or film debate we start IMDBing. Unfortunately, I usually end up on the losing end. My most embaressing loss was mistaking Bruno Kirby for Joe Pesci. I usually attribute my losses to my lack of glasses while watching tv. Friday night we were in bed watching tv; I see someone getting buried behind a wall alive on the screen. I say, "Great someone's ripping off the Cask of Amontillado." My husband replies, "You mean a Tell Tale Heart, Did you just make that up?" I reply, "You can not IMDB this one." After, ten minutes my husband is out of bed and headed for the computer. I am yelling, "I know that I am right about this one." (And I was correct and my husband strolled back into the bedroom dejected)

I just went to the top of the page to the Google search box and typed

imdb good will hunting

selected Web instead of oes.org and hit return

The first thing that comes up almost all the time is the imdb page which is correct for whatever I'm looking.

In this case, the movie Good Will Hunting, and I just started clicking on the (male) actors in the movie and quickly looking at their bios for "24"

How would you have done it?
I'm actually glad Morris got kidnapped; he was annoying me a bit. Covertible drivers take note: Your car makes car-jacking that much easier.

The scene with Jack and Graem was so over the top, with "the kit." It was a bit cheesy. Anyone else agree?

My husband asks, "What happened to that chubby guy that used to hang around with Chloe?"

I respond, "Edgar, don't you remember he died from inhaling (sp) toxic gas last season."

I was sad when Edgar died last season.
This season has already had so many twists and turns that I think it's hard for the writers to keep it up. :lol: I was not surprised at all that Phillip Chamberlain was actually pulling the strings and Graham was covering for him. And, you know, in this show, somebody's gotta die each week, right? :wink:

I did not understand the reference that Graham made when he said he did all the things he did last season (assassination of Pres. Palmer, luring Jack out to take the fall, alerting the Chinese, etc.) because he loves his country. Did anyone else get that? :?
The President (idiot guy - can't remember his name - the one with the mentally unstable wife), gave the following reasoning:

By plotting with terrorists (I forget what it was - was it nerve gas in that season?), but keeping tabs on them and then saving the country at the very last moment, the President would ensure that a bigger budget would be approved for military/defense.

By that twisted logic, he was plotting with terrorists because he loved his country.

Problem is... they weren't very good at keeping track of the terrorists and weren't able to stop them.
Yes....I do remember that now. Thanks, Steph!
huh? As one just getting into the series, is there a website where I could review what's happened over the years? I know, I could get the DVD collection.
Here ya go, Susan. :D

Try this:
That helps. Thank you. Actually I did watch the first season and part of the second but lost interest 8O .
Wow - this season gets better every week.

Jack's dad is going to die. I know it. I just wonder how and when it will happen. :twisted:
Other than greed and the company, what is his motive?? (Jack's Dad)

I hate how the press has latched onto this show now and using Jack Bauer's savage nature and comparing it to American policy. Dang, it's just a television show...................
What is WRONG with Jack?? What is he thinking storming an embassy AGAIN?? :evil:

Oh yeah...I like Powers Boothe. I hate he's always the bad guy. :lol:
You watch Deadwood huh? Year Powers is a great bad guy. And the guy playing the Russian counsel......WOW, what a stone face!! The Russian who was trying to call and warn about the bombs.......recognize him? He was in Hunt for Red October. He's a bit older and heavier now.

I never watched Deadwood, but I liked Powers Boothe from Tombstone. :D

I thought that guy looked familiar. You're right -it was Red October! 8)
I have only one problem with this season. I have trouble seeing Ricky Schroeder as anything but a wierd little rich kid. I can't take him seriously.
Powers Boothe was also Rev. James Jones in the Jonestown movie from the 70s. He was a crazy bas***d!!!!!!!!

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