...at least it wasn't a moose (car accident)

That's what I kept saying to myself Sat night. I rather hit 100 deer before having 1 moose hit us.

So we had an eventful weekend. We went to a party a few streets down while in-laws babysit joshee. Same neighborhood. On the way home (speed limit 50), I attempted to point out the deer across the street. It clearly saw us and just looked at us... as my husband turned his head to see what I was aww'ing about, it just darted at us and slammed his body against our window. The deer was big enough to somehow hit from the front tire to the back tire of our odyssey! We're actually not quite sure how it rammed into us the way it did. ...almost like it decided to jump in mosh pit for a sec and then go back to eating.

The deer was retarded. I mean... what the hell? I hear moose (and I assume deer) go blind by the lights and do stupid stuff like this, but that just wasn't the case here. I think it was high from eating something combined with it being the end of rutting season, this deer was out of its mind. :lol:

It totaled the side of our new car and has shook up our little kid. He's woke up screaming the past 2 nights, and I imagine he saw this big thing slam against his window since most of the damage is where our lil tiger was sitting.

This was my first animal accident (except for the time i was running and killed a squirrel by teasing it ...it ran into a car). Our plan was to show up Christmas w/our new puppy in crate, our other animals, the kids and luggage at grandmas. Not quite sure how we'll all fit now in the other vehicle.
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So glad you all are ok, and happy that it wasn't a moose or not only the car would have been damaged. take care :ghug:
Wow, how scary! And poor lil J! :cry:

We have TONS of deer up here too and have to be very careful when traveling the back roads. They've lost their fear of humans, for the most part.

Glad no one was hurt, though!
That sucks. Hitting any animal sucks. You feel so bad afterward. I grew up in the country and we had so many around all the time. I've hit three deer. The first is always the worst, though.

Deer are definitely not smart animals. A friend of ours had the same thing happen as you did except he was on a motorcycle. He got messed up bad and the bike definitely didn't make it out alive.
was there damage ot the inside of the car? the last time a deer decided to play bumper car with our suv it knocked the car mirror off and through the car! It ripped the upholstery in the front and back seats and the inside roof!!!

so glad no one was hurt!
Joahaeyo wrote:
The deer was retarded. I mean... what the hell?

Tell me about it. I was heading home from a dog club meeting one night, back roads, wooded area, when this deer stepped to the side of the road and started to step into my path. I slammed on my brakes so hard I could SMELL them and I left a good part of my tires on the road to avoid hitting the critter. Deer stepped back, looked at the car and then proceeded to leap into the hood, which does not exactly make for good deer hoof purchase :roll: so it fell off and galloped into the woods on the other side of the road, but not before taking out both headlights, the grill and the hood. And I wasn't even MOVING at the time.

Once I got over being shaken up I was just plain pissed off. Later when I stood there surveying the damage to my car with a friend of mine, an avid hunter whom I'd given a lot of grief to (he said nothing), I looked at my car and looked at him and said: "if I'd had a rifle, I would have shot the damn thing - nothing that stupid should be allowed to procreate".

That was also November come to think of it....been a few years now. I had almost gotten over it. Almost 8) :lol:

I'm really sorry about the vehicle and the scare, but glad everyone's OK.

That definitely sucks, glad no one was hurt tho.... how did the deer make out? (just curious)
Does your car insurance pay for a rental vehicle? The last two times I've been hit by another vehicle, I did get a rental - though not the same quality of the vehicle being repaired.

Or you can just rent an SUV/van for the trip. My friend rents a large van every year when her sister and family fly in for Christmas.
Not that bright - I agree. Todd was hit by a deer years ago driving to work. The deer broadsided the wagon......

Travis (son) also was hit by a deer. No major dents, but he did have a souvenier - a good smear of deer poo frozen to the door of his car. Being your typical teenage hick boy - he left it on his door (white car = very visible) and bragged about it. :lol:

Hope your van gets fixed soon, and Joshee starts sleeping.
Aww that is scary. I think Rufus has that same impulse to run at cars :roll:

Glad you are OK, at least you get your puppy soon :D
I hope everyone is ok and everything gets straighted out before the holiday.

A number of years ago, when we lived in Michigan, we had gone to a Graduation Party for a friend who finally earned her Bachelor Degree as an adult. At the time we lived out in the country (Jill, you would know the area, Riley Twp on Miller Rd) We where driving down Belle River Rd, which is winney and no street lights, but paved. The entrance to our rd, Miller, was like going into a park, a lot of trees ect. Anyway, as we are driving along, I get this feeling about hitting a deer, so say to hubby, "really watch the sides of the road, I don't have a good feeling." The words where barely out of my mouth and we see to the right of the road a deer's eyes in the headlights. We slowed to a stop and she ran across the road. We thanked our lucky stars for the the good fortune of not hitting the deer. Very early the next morning, my sister called to tell us that one of the couples we met at the party had a bad accident on the way home from the party and the woman was killed. We where in shock after our close call.
On another occasion my daughter was driving her Ford Escort down Belle River Rd in the daylight and a deer jumped in front of her and she tried to avoid the deer and ended up "rolling" the car over the two lane highway and into a ditch. She was ok and so was the deer. Some farmers came by and pulled her car out of the ditch.
Now we are in Florida and a friend of ours hit an allegator on HWY 50 a couple of weeks ago, as the allegator was crossing the higway.
Scary! I"m always afraid of hitting a deer, and I've seen several lying by the side of the road near our house this year.

I'm glad you all are okay.
violet wrote:
Now we are in Florida and a friend of ours hit an allegator on HWY 50 a couple of weeks ago, as the allegator was crossing the higway.

so compared to a deer, does an alligator do much damage when you hit one?
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