2 new champions

After a while of not going anywhere we finally went to some shows this weekend:
Emily and Bingley, me with sister BeeDee and also BeeDee's 6 month old son.
On Saturday Bingley won a major and BOS, BeeDee also a Major and BOB which made her a new Champion
Dexter puppy RW

Sunday , BIngley was WD again and is also a new Champion
Dexter puppy again RW

I am so proud of Emily who has done an excellent job , and than after a year of absense rasing Kyrianna who was an absolute dolle the whole weekend.

I am sure Emily will post pictures soon

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Congrats to everyone! :)
Wow what a BIG weekend, CONGRATULATIONS everyone!! :clappurple:
Aw, shucks. Congratulations, Edy! And a special congrats to Emily & Bingley :clappurple:

Congratulations everybody!! Can't wait to see pictures!
It's so cool! I'm proud of my boy for taking a year and a half off and coming back like it was yesterday!!!!!! Good job to everyone there . . . pics coming as soon as they are approved!
Congratulations again, Emily! Sorry the reception was so bad, I was in a big warehouse store surrounded by weird people!

Great job taking him out and showing in the first place and double great job on seeing it through to his CH!!!
Congrats everyone!! That's super good news, Emily!! Bravo to Bingley, too. :clappurple:
Congrats to BeeDee and Edy, also pup Dexter :D (cute name 8) )

And also big congrats to Emily and Bingley!!!! I am so happy you finished :high5:
:clappurple: Congratuations Edy
Congratulations Edy, well done to all and your new Champions with BeeDee and Bingley. WTG everyone. :kiss:

Special congrats also to Emily, after having a baby and finally finishing Bingley you both rock :wink:

Totally deserved Ch. title for Bingley, always a handsome boy and now a true Champion in name also. Look forward to both BeeDee and Bingleys Photos. :D

Hugs to both the fur kids. Again congrats Edy on a wonderfull weekend with them both. :ghug:
Congratulations Edy and everyone :!: So happy for you all :D
Congratulations Edy.. and a BIG CONGRATS to Emily and Bingly, that is so awesome!!! (he was always a winner in my eyes).

Can't wait to see the photos.

PS.. is the puppy Dexter, Henry's brother?
:cheer: Way to go !!!!!! So happy for all of you!!
Congrats to all!!!!
Awesome! Congrats everyone!
Congratulations to all of you! :high5:

Can't wait to see pictures.
PS.. is the puppy Dexter, Henry's brother?

I was wondering the same thing.......... :wink:
I forgot to congratulate Edy. :oops:
Congratulations Edy and BeeDee!!!
Congrat's to all :banana: :high5: :go: :excited: :yay: :yay:
Valerie wrote:

BTW Val, Dexter is Henry's brother
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