102 weeks old

ok i was surfing today and came acroos this ad.This lady is getting rid of her OES and this guy is left

her name is Leann from the Dreammaker farm in Tn 615-446-2310

Says he is registered w/ the CKC.he is NOT fixed,his bday is 12-15-2002 shes asking 300.00$$$,and his name is Chase.

Im not good at this whole puter thing but the web site is puppyfind.com.

Hope someone might be interested
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That puppy find site is bad news. They support, promote, and encourage puppy mills.
shut up!!!!NO WAY!!!!!!OMG!!those poor babies :(

I looked up collies also and thought it was werid they had several older collies.Dam them!!(sorry ron!)
puppyfind makes me so sad. I admit I can't resist ALWAYS going to the website, but I love looking at the pictures! I have to keep myself occupied until someone adds a new pic here. :)

Anyways, if you go regularly, you notice the same mom's pregnant yet AGAIN with a litter of OES' (sign of a backyard breeder) and/or that breeder is listed under several breeds with dogs ALWAYS available.

I think it's a great place to find what you're looking for because I'm sure there are some great breeders who place ads there, but I wish everyone was informed on "what to look for" when talking to breeders. Hopefully those who use that site ask questions about the parents, etc and don't just ask "where to pay."
Not backyard breeders, PUPPY MILLS. It's horrible, and it doesn't matter at all whether a buyer asks questions or not, they will be fed a line of BS and told whatever they want to hear. Most of them have forged their paperwork as well, if they even sell them with papers.
Yeah, I noticed that same breeder is also selling her female. In the comments it says you could use her for breeding. Sad.
Yes, there is a woman who sells on that site from Oklahoma. We went and looked at puppies about a year before we got Jack and Annabelle, the place was deplorable. We walk into a home and she brings in the puppies. 10 puppies, they were covered in feces and urine, matted in the stuff, she let them out and they just stayed in the same position they were sat in. If I didn't have a young son potty training, we would have ran at that moment, Joey needed to use the bathroom, so Joey and I went and CJ and Ashlan stayed in the living room with the puppies. On the calendar in the bathroom and Joey and I wash our hands is a calendar that had so many breeds on it I couldn't count them all, there were females due 4 and 5 times out of EACH week. It was awful! I come out, and CJ is saying "Come on, it is time to go, she has a circle drive way that lets us see another part of the yard than when you come it, it is then you see the some dogs chained to tree's and a huge building that I am assuming the many other dogs were kept in.
So we leave, and I am in tears because of the calendar, and the condition of the pups, and then CJ tells me that none of the puppies came when called, they stayed motionless. He thought they seemed to be deaf, but was, of course, not certain. She at that time did allow people to her home, since then and I just "happened" to find her again, looking for fun through the puppyfind site. It says now she ships only. There is a reason for that. If you can't see your puppy and go to the house in which it was raised....that is a warning flag. There is a reason they don't want you to see their home.
We called a few different organizations to report her, but nothing has ever came of it. Crazy to me! :evil:

Stormi and co.
Well when I closed downt the puppy mill it took me actually adopting a puppy(jagger).After taking him to the vet the day after I adopted him my vet was enraged!! :twisted:
He helped me through the steps of doing this plus I got my money back that I paid for jagger.The funny thing is these "nasty" people thought if they gave me the money i paid for Jagger they would get Jagger back!!! :o How crazy are these ppl. 8O
I would be willing to adopt yet another puppy mill dog just to close down these "breeders"I feel these puppy mill ppl are nothing short of the devil :twisted: .
:cry: what more is there to say?

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