"Digging" in the water bowl

Can anyone explain to me why Tilly 'digs' in her waterbowl, splashing it everywhere until her bowl is empty and sometimes after it empties. She rarely leaves a full water bowl for longer than about an hour.

Any tips, tricks or otherwise - im just worried when I start leaving her outside that she'll be left for a full day without water.

She even tips buckets over if she has one of those to drink out of...
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I can't offer any reasons why it happens but it may be worth investing in one of those reservoir style water dishes if you are away for a long time , it feeds fresh water into the dish as the dish empties .

Julie x
My dog does the same thing and at the kennel.. they suggest that if there's enough water, they'll eventually stop doing that and my non-stop drinker did eventually get his max in water ...but I have no intentions on keeping a huge bucket of water in my house because of the mess it leaves.

I just put a little bit of water in the bowl then PICK it up. Only solution that works all of your above problems which I can again, totally relate to :lol:

Outside... if the bucket was heavy enough, I doubt your dog would tip it over. You can try that and the splashing wouldn't make a difference.

Or you can crate your dog inside so they avoid the heat and they'll be fine w/o water for your work day as long as they get plenty before and after you come home.
My first sheepy pup did the same thing...it was hilarious and also messy. We decided that we would get a kiddy pool for the summer so that he couldn't run out of water and that was the best thing we could have done. It kept him nice and cool as needed and the water issue was over. He no longer splashes in his water bowl. Next spring and summer I will fill up the pool again for both my sheepies..... :lol:
That's Asterisk to a T. Her mother did the same thing. I'd wake in the middle of the night to "spadoosh, spadoosh!" And the water would be all over the kitchen floor.

We were able to fix this dilemma by using a raised food and water bowl. We got the same for Wendel, since he decided to nose his food bowl the entire length of the kitchen with one mighty fling.
We went through the same problem. The good news is they grow out of it.

I found a great product after sooooooo much experimenting. It is a pan holder that locks the pan in place. You mount brackets on a wall or it will lock directly on cyclone fence. The company was called Panholders (and their now defunct site was www.panholders.com) It made it impossible to tip, though she continued to make muddy water for a while. I found this at a dog show, but I bet with enough research you can find something similar. You want something that will lock the water dish in place and be able to mount it up off the floor to make it a little more difficult to get into but still be able to drink out of.

This is one of those really difficult issues. I think she was about 9 months old before she finally stopped water bowl madness.

She still LOVES water though!

Good luck.
Yeah i've seen some bowls that automatically refill but i thought if she knocked it over it may be refilling all day!

I've also seen some things that raise the bowl off the ground and some to bolt to the wall, so maybe i'll do some more experimenting there!
Raised bowls are listed as contributing to a bloat attack.

Best thing for a dog that knocks over a water bowl is to get a large heavy ceramic one, or even a terracotta one, it helps the water stay cooler and use a large rock or brick in the middle of the bowl to weight it down so it cant be knocked over then fill with water, especially if out so you know there is water available regardless :wink:
Thanks. You are so right. A friend just lost her dog to bloat last night, though he was a senior.

Yeah the refillable bowls are just a flood waiting to happen. I tried one of those lashed to a porch support. She could tilt it enough to fill the area with lots of water. I tried the crockware with the brick too. One was a really tall heavy one and the other a shorter heavy one about a foot in diameter. She could dump them both.

But hey, maybe your baby will tire sooner!
We've never had a problem but I have always used heavy crocks. We like antiques and found ones to match the kitchen years before our Lab passed.
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