6 year old male OES w/ excellent manners now peeing in house

My 6 year old OES seems to be 'protest' peeing in the house when he is left alone. I travel alot for weeks at a time and Oscar seems to make a point of letting my wife know that he is not happy when she goes out in the evenings. Whenerver he does this, it is in the same spot in the house. We have used a 'no pee/no spray' product but it does not seem to help. He has no trouble 'holding it' when I am in town for 12 hours or more. We are sick of banishing him to his dog bed and using basic discipline. I am at wits end as to how to return him back to his good manners. Any ideas????
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I would make sure he doesn't have a medical issue, but it sounds like that isn't the case. I would crate him - he will feel more secure and you won't have pee to pick up (or your wife won't).
I agree with Kerry. One of our dogs started peeing in the house and it was because he had a kidney infection....and my mom thought for a long time that he was just pissed that he was left alone (no pun intended).
Sounds like we are going to have a trip to the vet for a 'poke and prod' Thanks for the suggestions.... Oscar ahs never been crated and I think that he will not understand why he is being limited and will not connect the crate to his new unacceptable behavior... need to figure out how to make that connection..... :)

Thanks again.
The crate connection is pretty automatic in the sense that (most) dogs won't soil their immediate area. Since a crate limits that area, they tend to hold it if they're able.

Now, a six year old who has never been crate trained may not take kindly to being confined to one which can create anxiety which in turn could increase the likelihood of an accident, so take the time to introduce him to it in a very positive light. Feed him in there with the door open. Give him a highly coveted bone or kong or something time-consuming and highly desirable only in the crate. That kind of thing.

If it's not a medical issue (and the fact that he can hold it when you're home suggests that may turn out to be the case) anxiety would be high on my list of suspects.

Is the fact that you're traveling so much a relatively new thing? Has he shown any other signs of other anxieties over the years? Some fear of thunderstorms, barking at new dogs or people he encounters, is he especially close to you and can't let you out of his sight when you're home, anything like that?

Most dogs like routine. Some dogs get anxious with any serious changes to their routine. And some dogs who may have had unproblematic low level anxieties for years can become increasingly anxious as they age. I'm not sure they know why this is the case and at six he's at the young end of that.

Alternately, if there is an underlying medical condition, there could be some other physical issue that has nothing to do with his plumbing that is adding to his anxiety. Hopefully it's just a dislike of disruptions to his routine like you coming and going.

Growing up, my mom had a cat who so disliked people coming and going that once after I returned from spending most of the summer abroad she walked around the still mostly unpacked suitcases, jumped on the bed, sat on my stomach, looked me straight in the eye and peed on ME. I'll grant you a cat's not a dog and this one was seriously weird in any event, but it did bring home the point that many of our pets don't much appreciate drastic changes to their living circumstances. 8O

I appreciate all of the suggestions. Oscar went to the vet this week and he does have a urinary tract infection and bladder stones. The vet also told us that he has a very enlarged prostate... and suggested that we get him fixed.... I am heartbroken and DO NOT WANT TO DO THIS.... is this really necessary and is this something that OES get in middle age???


Oscar wrote:
The vet also told us that he has a very enlarged prostate... and suggested that we get him fixed.... I am heartbroken and DO NOT WANT TO DO THIS.... is this really necessary and is this something that OES get in middle age???



Not necessarily. But is there a spedific reason you want to keep him intact? If you are not going to use him in a breeding program then it would be better for him to be neutered.
I am not interested in breeding him, but, I had thi done to another OES at approximately the same age and it changed his behavior. He bacame a 'doormat' and became lethargic and much less active mentally...... :(
At the very least I'm glad that you found out that he was sicky. I hope he starts to feel much better real soon! :D :D :D
IMOP he needs to be neutered if your are not showing and or breeding. If it needs to be done for his health then it should be a no brainer. Get your dog fixed.
shon wrote:

Side bar: What does this mean? IMOP
Good question!

I've always assumed it was a typo of IMPO (In My Personal Opinion) but you're right -- a lot of people use IMOP, so maybe I've been assuming incorrectly.
I thought it was In My OPinion,
as opposed to In My Humble Opinion (IMHO)
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