1st snow

OK OK...we had our 1st snow fall of the yr here in minnesota!!So this means it is Mickey's 1st snow fall!! :lol: My goodness what a duffess!!LOL!!Could he get any funnier??Im sure he could hear me laughing through our sliding glass door :lol: Jagger was even excited but snow is old for him he has seen 2winters now.

I had too let Jagger in and leave Mick outside,becaue they were playing too much and Mickey wasnt going potty.So i brought jag in and Mick was doing figure 8's all around the trees,and he was jumping pver the fire pit!! :lol: Alot of people have told me mick would be great in agility,maybe ill do that.

It so cute how they love the snow!! :lol:
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We've only had a little bit of snow, (to me anything less than a foot is a little bit) and the dogs seemed to like it at first, but there is not enough of it to really play in so they ignore it now. I'm hoping we'll get some REAL snow soon!
Snow?? What's that? /texan
Know what ya mean :(
Merlin LOVES the snow. I live about an hour from Willowsprite and no snow here either. In fact it is too darn warm today LOL!
A few weeks ago I had the kids try on their snowsuits. Merlin went nuts. He was so excited jumping around. The only time he will jump on the kids is when they have their snowsuits on! LOL! He remembered what happens when the kids have those suits on I guess! These guys are so funny!
I just wish I lived an hour from you guys as well. :D

If I knew how to drive using directions, I'd make a weekend trip to Oklahoma just to see Stormi!!

I'm so hopeless. ;)
When I first moved where I am now, I could get to point A to B ....and point A to C. ....but if you asked me to get to point B to C .....I couldn't do it!
Yes the snow was just lovely here! It seems to be hanging around for a while, usually our early snow just melts because the ground is still warm. I remember Bell's first snowfall when she was a kitten- she was glued to the window the entire day, watching the snow flakes come down! It's so wonderful to see them truly enjoying the things around them- it reminds you to stop and enjoy them too!

Karen :)
:lol: Come on up.
We just went for a walk without jackets, but I think we have a cold front moving in at the end of the week. I am hoping for a big snow this year, and they keep saying we are going to this winter. We have had light snows in the past, but usually is is an ice storm that tears up all the trees and electrical lines. :x
There is an all breed show up in Elk City, OK in the coming week(s), if I remember right. We are wanting to try to have a judge come out and do a once over on the dogs. I know their coat is not in show condition right now, but I would like to know about their structure, so if LIFE doesn't throw us a curve ball, that might be a fun adventure soon. I don't even know if we can get a judge to do that, but I have my fingers crossed.
Hope your family is doing well, and that your fiance' is coming home soon. :wink:

Stormi and co.
Wow, that is exciting stormi. I mean if a judge will do that for you. That has to be how it works or how else would people find out about their dog's show quality? I don't know though.

I'd love to go to a show and have people teach me everything OES-related. Gives me chills thinking about how fun it would be. My FI would die of boredom but tough. hehe I have to deal with his basketball and football watching, so this is the least he can do for me. ;);)

I'm still crossing my fingers we get stationed in OK for MORE than the length of his schooling because truthfully I hate moving. I am such a homebody that it takes me a while to fully settle in and when I do, I don't want to go.
So far, no reply from the judge. :cry: I am sure it was a very strange request though. I am not giving up though, hopefully I can still find someone, if all else fails, CJ said we can save up some money to either drive or fly to someone willing to teach me how to show groom. I am very willing to do that, but just have to get the time and money to do so. I might not get out there as soon as I am hoping, but hopefully will still get out there. :wink: LOL

Stormi and co.
Well Stormi, with your dedication, I'm sure it won't take you long to get those puppers coats in show condition, and you could enter them in one a couple months from now. Do you know when the next one is for somewhere near you? I don't know if you have a site specifically listing all dog shows for the year, who to contact, how to enter etc, but we have a site like that for Canadian shows. It makes things much simpler.
Actually, my big thanks, should go to Kristen (BritPresSyd). She posted a few weeks ago about..... www.infodog.com ....it seem's like it will be a wonderful site to find out where all the dog shows are. It shows local ones around me that I had never known about before. I am actually excited about how many shows there are that I had no idea about.

SO....A BIG THANK YOU KRISTEN, for telling us all about that website. It helped me out a lot! :P :wink:

Stormi and co.
i fear the day we get snow... nothing will be safe in my yard! i'll never see my dog again!! i can see him now, burrowing under the snow, "deaf" to me calling.....
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