2 males and 1 female = TROUBLE!

Hi everyone,

Mouton is at it again... He has a rather jealous streak in him, and since
Magnum appeared, he has been quite naughty.. One moment he is fine, and the next he lunges at him..Margaux loves them both!! - My problem is this - Can anyone please advise how to make to Males get along?.. We
keep Mouton well clear of Magnum now, as we have had a few scares - On walkes he is not too bad, but in the house, they have to be seperated..
Does anyone have this same experience, and are there any solutions..?

Many thanks

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We have male problems in our house too. Sorry I really can't offer any advice since we still have grumpy episodes here, but all I can suggest is to try to intervene before anything happens. After a while you will sense cues before it escalates. Can of pennies or some other loud unfamiliar noise is a good distraction but most of the time I have to separate them when it happens. Make sure you treat them equally when it happens. Even though one is lunging for the other, the submissive one is still giving off signals.
I agree completely about trying to watch them for the signals they give off or "posturing" that often appears just before a confrontation and intervening/distracting before it has a chance to happen. They often tell us so much by their body language if we take time to observe and learn.

I have 6 girls in the house and have been told I was nuts because they CAN (not necessarily "are") be so... well... bitchy by nature. From experience, I can say that it can take time to get a newcomer settled in with adults. I think you're already doing this but I wouldn't leave the Magnum alone unsupervised with Mouton at any time until things are figured out. Is Mouton unaltered?

Training both dogs to leave it or not invade each others space may help. When our exuberant, in-your-face Panda arrived at 10 months we had "issues" between her and my Schipperke-mix (hence a pro-trainer was called in). This girl knew no limits and I would compare her to a 12 week old pup in some of her behaviors. We trained her to stay away from Meesha and she eventually learned that Meesha's growl actually meant something :roll: It took a lot of supervision, persistence and being consistent in what we did but things eventually ironed themselves out.

Tip: If no distraction "tool" is at hand to break up a fight, we have on occasion resorted to dropping metal pans on the floor or even moving furniture toward the offending parties which usually sends them in different directions because it's so unexpected. Ahhhh... life with the pack. :lol:

If you can't get the situation under control, seek the help of a professional trainer. We've done that on occasion and it's given us some ideas on how to make peace in the pack/home.
Thanks so much for your advice and thoughts.. Mouton is actually 6 now, and has had behavior problems since day 1. he was very aggressive to me initially until we had him altered! - He calmed down, but when we got Magnum (6 months), he started on him.. Margaux (8 months) he adores! - We have to keep them seperated constantly..IF they do come in close contact with each other on walks etc, and it goes well, then we heap praise on Mouton - Just yesterday, we met some friends with their OES's, sitting outside having a cold beer - all was well, all dogs were lying down, Mouton, Margaux, and Magnum (in that order), Mouton - without warning or any sign of body language - just attacked Magnum.. Poor thing, he just yelped, and we had to pull Mouton off..There was really no signal, as I was watching them constantly..

We have tried the 'noisey coins' approach, which we use for his 'barking', which is getting worse..but thats another story..He's got use to the sound now, and it has no effect..We are looking for a different noise now..

Thanks again for your replies...

Perhaps a horn that goes on a childs bike might make a good distraction :lol:
Yes, something like that.. i also read somewhere that a loud 'duck' noise is also very useful.. I don't know if there is a machine like that or not..May adopt a real Mallard :lol:
Maybe an air-horn? Or maybe you could get that "Bark in a can" thing and "bark" back at him, lol.
Call your vet and ask him about pheremone sprays. I know there is one like a plug in that spays on a timer. I know they are expensive, but they are supposed to work to put a calming scent in the air.

We had that problem when we had 3 intact males in 1 home. If the puppy hasn't been nuetered yet, you may want to do that as well. The problem is if they aren't nuetered at an early age, the may alway be aggressive towards other males.

Hope something helps soon...I know what it's like.
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