9 mo old in Jacksonville

Someone might need to intervene to make sure Dexter goes to the right home for the lady who owns him does not have a clue about sheepdogs.
I spoke to her,she lives in Jacksonville,Fl.
He is on Craigslist.
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Hi Robin! Nice to see you here again! Would you mind posting the link to this boy? I'm terrible at finding things on Craig's List.
i think dixie rescue is starting back.. any info on this boy??
Yes everyone,who I contacted are aware of him.
Hi Robin,

I am the one you spoke to about a boy of yours that needed rescue from Bakersfield, Ca. You got him back, and I have my puppy. Now I am looking for a local rescue female because I just lost my Standard Poodle and the puppy has no buddy.

Hope things are good for the guy you got back.
Can someone post a link? I'm not sure I understand-- is a rescue involved now?
And I will muddle it a bit more -
Wendy, your poodle died??? Did I miss something? I am so sorry!! :(
Yes Dawn,

I had to put her to sleep. She was 11 and just developed raging bone cancer. Poor Nigel has no older dog to show him the ropes. I am inquiring the local rescue. It has been a bad year for me with the dogs, but yet...we do have Nigel. He is my shadow.
I do remember you saying she had cancer. I didn't realize she had gotten so bad already. It is never a good choice to have to make, but it so much kinder than watching her suffer an agonizing death.
Good luck in your search to get a new pup or dog. :)
I am confused (but what else is new). :?

This is the add I found on craigslist


If this is the correct one this lady is looking for another sheepie not giving one away.

Here is the link. http://jacksonville.craigslist.org/pet/424781042.html

GA is aware of him. Not sure if they can help or not. :?
I knew I was confused ! DUH...... :lol:

Thanks Tammy.

Maybe the lady in the post I found who is looking for another OES may be interested in this boy? :lmt:

I will e-mail her......

Good idea. If she qualified for adoption with the South Florida OES rescue, she must be a good home. I know they do reference checks and home visits.
Ingrid is aware, also.Dexter's owner wants money for him.He is a handsome fella.He is a typical sheepie pup,from what the owner told me about him.
She does not have the time or room for him.
Tammy,where you able to get in touch with her?
I am possibly interested in Dexter. I emailed her through craigslist because someone from this post emailed me. The craigslist post says that there are 2 families who were going to see him but that was on the 17th. Does anyone know anything new?
I spoke to Dexter's mom last night.Are you one of the families going to meet him?She told me someone was coming today to meet him and if they did not want him then someone from Ga. was coming on Sat.Call me at [PLEASE PM FOR THE PHONE NUMBER! -Editor.]
I just tried to contact the owner and I left a voicemail. Hopefully she will call me back soon and let me know about Dexter. Cross your fingers...or paws!!
I talked to the owner tonight. We had a heart to heart and I think in the end, she isn't going to get rid of the dog. From the sounds of it, the dog isn't in a bad household. The house and dog are just busy and the dog needs some structure.
I am not a pro with sheepdogs but I have learned a lot since I got mine. I gave her some tips and pointers to make life easier.
I know that people can talk and people can say a lot of things they don't mean but she appeared to be sincere and truly wants the dog to stay with her.
In the end, I now that I tried. My goal is to make sure that the sheepie is in a good home and taken care of properly.
I truly think between you talking to her and me emailing her tonight she has changed her mind about Dexter.
She did seem anxious last night but it seems she has had a change of heart.
Thank you,Angela for helping.
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