2 puppies in IL

Aren't these two babies too young to be spayed & neutered?
Could this be a mill? sue
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What a cutie-pie :D
I hope she finds a good home.

Does her coat look kind of thin?
She is very cute...I've never heard of a spaying so young.
6Girls wrote:
Does her coat look kind of thin?

I can't tell if it is thin or just wispy. Izzie's fur was kind of wispy when she was little.

She does seem awfully young to be in a shelter and be spayed...especially by herself. I could see if they had a litter someone turned in, but if she is the only one. Not that I would want more pups in the shelter. :(

She seems very young, but I've heard of more and more shelters spaying at a very young age. There are pros and cons, but I have heard of it done. :?
I've heard it too. Shelters are probably figuring there are so many unreliable people out there so by altering early it will prevent more unwanted/abused/neglected dogs and cats from entering the shelters. They make sure this ridiculous cycle ends with the ones they place.

"...It is widely accepted that 9.6 MILLION animals are euthanized annually in the United States..." source- American Humane

I think the Humane Society of the United States and American Humane support early altering of pets.

For us though, we've always wait until the girls are about 6 months old to have them spayed.
She looks as though she might be mixed with a terrier

she looks like a sweetie
My best friend got a dog from a local shelter here and they would not release the puppy without spaying her. They estimated that she was 7 weeks old at the time.
There's a third sheepie in this group of puppies and his name is Parker. It says they all came from a puppymill and are shy because they weren't handled by humans. :(

Parker: http://search.petfinder.com/petnote/dis ... id=6377704
Claire: http://search.petfinder.com/petnote/dis ... id=6343761
Wilson: http://search.petfinder.com/petnote/dis ... id=6343545

Notes: Parker is a full blooded old english sheepdog. He is about 10weeks old. These guys are very shy because they came from a puppy mill and had no social interaction with humans. They are not housebroken or crate trained. If you are intersted please fill out a online application at www.partners4pets.petfinder.com There adoption fee is 300.00

I hope they find adoring and devoted families that will make up for what they've missed.
My parents are interested in these pups...probably only able to get one though. Should they decide to go ahead with the adoption, can anyone give me information on how to get them to Ohio? Possibly meeting halfway?

(wouldn't it be so cool if they got all three :cheer: ....I'll see if I can work some magic on them)

It says on petfinder that they have all been adopted.
:clappurple: :hearts: :clappurple:

I hope they all have the wonderful life they deserve.
I have just e-mailed them I will drive down and adpot them if they are not gone already. I called my Vet she tried calling too with no results. Phoebe needs a couple of friends anyway. My vet will not do spay until five or six months old
Good luck and keep us posted!!!!!!!!!
It's been showing that they have all been listed as adopted since at least June 2nd.
See my post above!
Something is wrong here. This place is in Missouri not Illinois. They called me back a girl named Thresa she said the girl puppies are gone but wanted to know if I was interested in a 9 month old Male who is blind in one eye, she said when they got him he kept walking into walls. When they took him to the vet the vet told them he has something wrong with him similar to Down Syndrome. She said he is full OES and weighs only 42 pound and the vet told her he most likely will not get any bigger.

Her name is Thresa at 618-973-7547

My Phoebe is to wild for this type of dog. Is anyone interested or heard of anything like this before
Downs Syndrome is a congenital disorder with some level of mental redardation so if he has something similar to this I wonder at what level he functions.

I also wonder if his lack of vision is causing the problem. Most blind dogs are able to map out their surroundings if given ample time and encouragement... they bump into walls, furniture, trees, people, etc. during the learning process and also when they play hard and forget where they are. :roll: (Yeah, I've got me one of those! hehehe)

This lady doesn't want this little boy anymore? :(
No he is 9 months old and she is saying the vet said he most likely will not get any bigger. He is only 42 pounds she said he looks like a mini OES but is full blood OES. He is looking for a home

Mine is sorta nuts she has her own mind quite stubborn and I have two others ( Collies ) I would take him in a minute if Ithought he would not get hurt. But with Phoebe I am sure he would
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