*sniffle* Darn it all...

This is so not fair! :cry: Brad mailed off the check for Momo on Friday of last week and it still hasn't gotten to Momo's breeder. We don't know if it got lost in the mail or is taking it's sweet time getting there or what. :?

She had to have it at least three days before Momo was sent - and the airlines don't like sending pets on the weekend for some reason. So we might have to wait another week to get her. :cry: We certainly cannot get her on Friday... which is a real let down. We might be able to get her on Monday or Wed though. If our check ever makes it. :cry:

We're still going to get her - but I am still so disapointed. I wanted to have the whole weekend to spend with her when she arrived to make sure she knew I care for and love her. Now it will be during school. I'm still going to be here a lot - but I really wanted those two full days.

Will keep you guys posted on Momo and when we will get her.
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That's too bad... I know you're disappointed, but I'm sure it will work out ok in the end!
Man, thats tough I would be very very stressed over that. But.... remember you have to experience dissapointment to appreciate happiness. Or something like that.
If you have to send another check use overnight mail, then it has to be signed for and there's a trail if it gets lost.
Oh no! Did you send the check via express mail, or some way that you could track it down? What a bummer! Hopefully it gets there today! If it taskes too much longer, you might want to try calling your post master!

Karen :)
Brad says if it isn't there by today or Friday that he is going to cancel the check - wherever it is. I hope to goodness he wrote the number down! :roll:

Thank you for the idea of overnighting it! :D That would probably work out much better.
Well worth $13.65 for peace of mind
It is definitely worth the cost of overnighting. In a similar situation (non dog related) I had the same thing happen and stopping payment on the check wound up costing me $35.

No offense to any postal workers but I wouldn't put much faith in calling the postmaster. I used to do a lot of business on eBay and had such horrible USPS experiences that I switched to using FedEx exclusively. I'd send a new check first and then worry about chasing the old one down!
We had a good repitoire with our breeder at this stage and she shipped Tigerlily before she got our check. I offered to give her a credit card number to hold; she declined. Call your bank, you could probably tranfer the funds electronically instantly to her account.
Good Luck
Sorry about the check. Hope your girl is in your arms soon!
If you do online banking there is also the option of email money transfer. It's instant. I love it.
We used Paypal for Jasper to get it there quick. Maybe that's an option?
Ok - we are going to use paypal and send the money tomorrow. We should get her by Wed - which will be nice since my classes are short on Thurs and Fri and then I'll have the weekend - which will be so wonderful. :D

Oh yes! Almost forgot! We might be getting some rain again (well - it keeps looking like it anyway) - so flooding is possible (again). So please pray/hope/keep us in your thoughts and hopefully the rain will go away long enough for us to figure a way to divert the water somewhere else.

We definitly don't want to bring Momo home to that. :(

Oh yes - and if I disapear like I have been for a while - then my internet has once again been knocked out by the stupid water. Grrrrr!
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