2007-2009 OESCA Elections

Today I received my ballots in the mail for the upcoming elections. It is both wonderful but sad to see so many contested positions. I think personally that this say's a message that a lot of members have no confidence in the people the nominating committee picked for some positions, and how wonderful that so many of our members are willing to step up to the plate to initiate the change so desperately needed from the present board.

I think anyone with a mind would have to look back at not only the past two years (but further on in fact) to see all the damage that has been done In splitting the membership of OESCA. From a President that is an attorney that could not keep control of her Annual Meeting (and having the past president step up to take the mike from her to inform the membership that WE did not know enough to make decisions, which have since been proved WRONG by a membership vote), to not knowing Roberts Rules of Order to run a meeting.

The present and past present board have run this club for their own agendas... it doesn't take a rocket scientist to look back over the past 2-4 years to see this.

Many of the present board members voted to keep the CA Registry closed. They didn't even want it on the agenda at the last meeting. One has to ask, WHY NOT?

Then there is the illustrated Standard issue.....

We have lost our only communication to us from the club to 4 issues a year...... and not only that but lost the ability to have and see the comments of how our Board Members are voting with Comments, so we can see WHY they voted the way they did.... This is another slap in the face to the members as we are told to shut up and "accept that the board knows what is good enough for us and we don't need to know why or how." (quotes to the membership at the last Annual Meeting).

Everyone please, read the biographies and think about the FUTURE of this club and Breed. We need the changes if this breed is to continue for many years to come.

There was also an emailing to many members...........that went out at the same time from the 'nominating committees members'. The opposing members running from the floor were not afforded the OPPORTUNITY to post their information in the same post at the same time.
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Platform of Those Running by Petition

We have tried to express below our common goals without inundating you with lengthy repetitive resumes. Over 300 years of dedication to the breed are encompassed in this group of professional people running by petition.

· Make health and thus the future of our breed the top priority of the OESCA Board. Encourage breeders to produce sound healthy dogs. The new open health registry for C.A. and other genetic disorders must become a reality in a timely manner.
· Provide better communication with the OESCA membership so that the issues and rationales for decisions made by the OESCA Board will be understood. Board meeting minutes should be informative and include discussions of the OESCA Board. Some suggestions to better convey OESCA Board information to the OESCA membership are:
a. Utilize our OESCA website for up to date information
b. An OESCA newsletter to distribute OESCA Board information and regional news as a supplement to the Quarterly OET. Regional directors would be required to contribute to the newsletter thus eliminating regional publications and associated costs.
c. The OET was reduced to quarterly because printing cost were out-of-control. The use of a competitive bidding process has significantly reduced printing costs and makes bi-monthly feasible and with improved content, desirable.
· Reinstitute a strong financial commitment to support OESCA Rescue organizations. Establishment of a 501 (c)(3) foundation would allow rescue contributors to have a tax deductible donation.
· Review and revise the existing Code of Ethics which at this time is not enforceable. There
are too many suggestions and too little, if any, requirements.
· Actively encourage more member involvement on Club committees. Let's use volunteers with their multitude of talents, valuable experience and knowledge.
· Review and Revise the current Breed Standard. Consider going back to the 1953 version.
· Continue development of the Illustrated Standard that is brief, concise, and understandable. Include those members who can capture the essence of the breed while adhering to the written standard. Communicate the direction and progress to the OESCA membership.
· Establish a legislative committee that will vigorously pursue issues that will help protect our dogs from Animal Rights Organizations that are pushing for mandatory spay/neuter.
· Increase efforts of the national and local clubs to focus on the younger generations. Our membership numbers are decreasing and the average member is becoming senior. Who will continue our breed if we don’t mentor the young? We need to bring the joy of owning an OES and being part of the sport of purebred dogs to new members.

We need a board that will respect your knowledge, earned by years of involvement with the OES. If you want to change the direction of the board and Club, you must consider candidates other than those presented by the Club’s Nominating committee. We are compassionate, dedicated and committed to the health and welfare of our beloved breed. The future of our Breed and Club depends on this election and your vote.

President: Barb Lamb – lambdb@shaggylamb.com
Vice President: Joy Kelley – tojooes@flash.net
Recording Secretary: Marilyn Marshall – marmarshal@aol.com
AKC Delegate: Marilyn Mayfield – mmmayfield@aol.com
Director, Central Region: Sally Carr – midsomer@sbcglobal.net
Director, Great Plains Region: Janet Loehr – loehrja@in-tch.com
Eileen Zelmanow – zelmoes@direcway.com
Director, Southern Region: Edy Dykstra-Blum – bizzeeboots@gbwebs.com
Director, Western Region: Christine Bunsick-Pesche – oes@bnis.net
Lita Long – bluepandoes@msn.com
Best wishes with the up and coming elections, I hope there is a happy result for all, the club, members and most importantly the breed. :D

Let's hope eventually that CA register will be an open one for all to have access too in the future. :wink:
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