5 Babies coming into rescue

The Lady called me back late last night and we talked for about 30 minutes.. I talked to her about having a Brain Damaged Husband that requies constant care. I talked to her about why I stopped breeding.I talked to her about why I do rescue. I talked to her about My Love of The Breed.I talked to her about My Old Babies...I talked to her about why I wanted to help those that other people didn't want...I just opened My Heart To Her....She mostly listened to me and didn't say much. She called me back this morning and this time she talked.... Her Husband has Cancer.She is just over whelmed with everything..... She has 6 Sheepie Babies that all need to resuced.. She can't take care of them..She barely has the money to even feed them... She said that a couple of them were Old and not in very good shape...She doesn't have the money to take them to the vet.... She said that another one of the Mommas may be pregnant too.. She also has 8 other Babies that are not Sheepies.......She admitted that she had been in trouble with having so many dogs...She doesn't want to have them taken from her..She is willing to give them up.... But on her terms... I agreed to her terms ...... We'll leave this evening so I can be there in the morning....... I am going to her place to get them...... She said then she would talk to me about giving up the other Babies she has.... This Breaks My Heart...... Kaye
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Good Luck.. be safe...
Oh, My! Unfortunately this happens all too often. People gather pets, and then end up with too many to properly care for. It is almost an addiction. Some people who do rescue end up this way. I don't think this woman was doing rescue, but collecting, all the same.
Wow. Possibly 2 preggies.
This is quite sad. Be safe and involve anyone else that might be necessary. I'm glad this woman opened up to you. Who knows, she might need additional assistance with her husband as well. Keep us posted.
We had dealings with an ANIMAL COLLECTOR outside of Houston..This man had 49 dogs and ? cats out on a deserted piece of property...He truly believed in His Mind that he was taking care of these creatures.....One of our rescue helpers went in and talked to him for a long time...She told him how great it was of him to be taking so such good care of these animals.... All the time wanting to strangle him.....She took pictures of the conditions.....She managed to talk him out of the 3 Sheepies.....Miracle, Faith and Charity......All 3 were HW positive....Charity and Faith were in a pen that was built around them. Never out of that pen...Never any human contact....Miracle was about 10.Suppobaly the Momma of Charity and Faith. Charity and Faith were about 5=6 years old.. Charity died before we could have her treated for the HW....Miracle and Faith made it thru the treatment....Miracle lived for 4 months after we got her....What a Wonderful Loving Girl she was....... Faith is still here. It took about 2 months before she would come to me. She now sleeps in the closet and is doing great.

Contacted Houston SPCA..Sent signed statement and all the pictures......The Vet sent a signed statement as to the horrible condition these Babies were in. They drug their feet getting out to the property..By the time they got to the place he had gotten rid of all of the dogs and most of the cats.... A relative of his was a animal control person in Baytown and I guess tipped him off.......In Texas as long as the dog has food and water and some type of shelter there is nothing that can be done.....That was my first big dose of Rescue...

Opened My Eyes to Reality.
I'm sure this lady means well, but as you said, is overwhelmed. It sounds like she needs someone to talk to and maybe Kaye, you are her angel. You're definitely the babies' angel.
... I worked for years as a Social Worker helping the elderly.What I do now isn't much different....Just 2 more legs....My Heart is with the Old Babies....The ones that no one else wants..... The sensible way to do rescue is to rescue the younger ones that are highly adoptable..... That way they are placed in Furever Homes in a short period of time.... I have never been accused of being sensible..... I just can't say NO to saving one... Is it practical ? No Way.... But, it is a choice that My Heart made..... Kaye
Kaye, being sensible is Highly Overrated. The work you do is amazing. Have a safe trip, can't wait to hear all about this new set of babies.
Good job Kaye...
it is so sad that this happens, but it does, and I'm thankful for this bunch you are there to pick up the pieces.
Have you contacted any other rescues to see if they can help out? It seems like a lot for you to manage by yourself?
Stacey, I am going to wait until I get the Babies before I do anything. My helper here is going to take the pregnant Momma.... I've got 2 foster homes here that will take Babies.. After I know what we are dealing with I'll contact other rescues...... The other OES Rescues have always been supportive......I just don't ask for help very often.... The Mission Fish ebay acct { non-profit } is set up now so we can go ahead with a fundraiser.......Other then spay and neuter I don't know what the medical bills will be...Plus we have 2 young Babies with HD....We're trying to get then into Texas A&M Vet School....I've got foster homes for them to re-coop after surgery..That would cut down on the surgery cost alot.. We're also setting up an ebay store that will help financially with THIS HABIT I HAVE....... Mercy!!! Kaye
Kaye, I didn't see an address on your website. If I wanted to make a donation, where should I mail it?

I am so Happy that we were able to work this rescue out with the lady that owned these Babies,..These Babies needed someone to save them.... It runes out there were 7 instead of 5.......Two of the Babiea are not in good shape...I don;t know whether they can be saved or not...I just couldn't leave the there to die......We'll have those two checked out fist.....There are 3 girls and 2 boys that are in pretty good shape considering they haen't been getting enough to eat......My main concern is the Momma dog with Babies.......and possibly othet Momma with Babies.......She hasn't beem feed right and have really got to get some good neutritious food in her......Ther are very sweet and don't see to have any issues ..... I see not agession at all......At least they haven;t been living in cages..... But we;ll start setting up Vet appointment to have them checked out........ No shot records, HW teating...... Ther are some other problems I am going to eveythong I can to help this women.........There are other Babies involved........My Main helper down her runs Noahs' Ark Rescue and she is willing to help..........So some of the Babie will go to her facility tomorrow morning........Got some skin problems that have to dealth wiht..... Ya Know There are somthings you have to do ...... There are about 15 other dogs that I counted while I was......I will help this women because she needs the help....I'm not sure of the breeds involved...I know Sheepdogs nut not a lot about other breeders.......So I will contact some other Breed in that area I have worked with in the last couple of years to help......She has agrerd to give up all the dogs.........This is a Nice Women who is scared and her Husbad is Dying......She just got over her head and didn't knwo which way to turn for help......I will not judge her........Thats not My Job......... Anyway we are home from long trip..........Thanks for all of Your Support....Sheepie Hugs, Kaye Second Chance OES Rescue Texas
Glad you are home safely. You are so wonderful for helping this woman and all the doggies, Kaye.

I'm so glad all went well with rescue effort! I'm praying for the momma(s) and all of you down there! Keep us informed as everything progresses!

Karen :)
People like that as we all know are called "horders" - They hord multiple animals and can't care for them properly. It IS a disease, it IS an illness.

I have no compassion for people who grossly neglect animals like that. Having over 50 animals is definitely a sickness. The sad part is that the animals suffer in the end as to what's going on with Kaye &co. right now.

Kaye, god bless you, for your heart is golden....

If you need help, please contact me. Don't ever hesitate to ask...

Had to put 2 of the Old Rescue Babies out of its misery. Breaks My Heart. Trying to get vet appointments set up to have the other ones checked............Did have an ultrasound done on the Momma...Saw 5 little spinal cords and little hearts beating.....Will have the other Momma checked next week to see if she is with Babies or not........ They are all doing pretty good.............I've got 2 of the older ones here with me....the others are fostered out......Sheepie Hugs, Kaye
I have swamped around here... The Momma Girl Gilly's mik came in 2 days ago so it won't be long now..... Kaye
I'm sorry to hear about the 2 older babies, Kaye. Keep us posted on the mamma and her soon to be newborns.
Oh gosh Kaye! Let us know how everything goes down there! I'm praying for a smooth delivery for your sake and gilly's!!!
Wish I lived closer, Kaye, I'd foster one of the moms for you. Since that's not possible, I'll send you all the positive energy I can muster! :D
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