A brief glimpse of greatness and then...Toby

I keep hoping that one day all of the classes and training will pay off and Toby will be an amazing agility dog. (It's not like he's earning a paycheck, he could be good at something!)
Everytime it seems like we've done something so well, the Toby factor kicks in!

http://photos.oes.org/albums/userpics/1 ... 740259.wmv
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Clearly a handler error... You said "Over" but didn't say over which piece of the aparatus, nor did you specify that knocking the wimpy thing "Over" wasn't allowed. :!:

:evil: Shame on all of you for laughing! He can't help it he has too much hair to make it around these devices designed for Chinese Cresteds. ;)

And put everything in a straight line! Why can't you humans build a course that doesn't need all this weaving and wagging and turning???


I am glad that the two of you are having fun with it though. I wanna see Toby run a whole course!
Ron wrote:
I wanna see Toby run a whole course!

Yeah, me too!
ahh we've all been there. good place for a couple of strategically placed rear crosses.
I can't see it! :evil:
I can hear it, but get "battery randomizations" - weird computerized squiggles for a picture.
Try it now.

http://photos.oes.org/albums/userpics/1 ... 740259.wmv
Well, I didn't have the sound on so I couldn't hear the commands (Ron - "take that jump and don't run into it or knock it down" is generally too long to get out in the heat of the moment :lol: ) but your body definitely sent him straight when he actually needed to start turning earlier and then you corrected and he tried to do the same (also known as "saving the handlers behind") but there wasn't enough time or space.

This is when Sybil's instructor typically yells: "Good dog!!!" from the sidelines and wonders just how long a stick she is going to need to save herself from running over constantly and smacking her handler upside the head. It happens. That's how you learn. Some day you'll actually tell him where he needs to go in time and, hopefully, so will I... :roll:

He looks great. Love that enthusiasm!!!

Mad Dog wrote:
but your body definitely sent him straight when he actually needed to start turning earlier and then you corrected and he tried to do the same

Now I know why my handling skills stink. I went back and watched it several times and can't see that her body is sending him in the wrong direction. It is the way I would have run it too. :oops:
Looks like he's having fun. Why would he do it any differently? Oh and Ron, Toby knows that they are laughing at Mandy :lol:
Thanks Ron for the fix!

Nice to see what the sympathetic (right??) camera operators were laughing for.

You are still ahead of me and Chewie! :( :wink:
I was finally able to watch this. Way to go Toby! :D
The shortest distance between two points is thru the poles........good boy Toby. You are good at geometry.
ROTFLMAO. I can see it happening. Oh yeah, it did at my house.
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