A Christmas (Tree) Tale

With the Biggest winter storm of the "DECADE" scheduled to hit tomorrow, we decided that TODAY was the day to go on a Christmas Tree Hunt. So we piled in the car;

And drove to the woods, with ax (well maybe it was a saw) in hand

After miles of trekking, well a few hundred yards anyway, the perfect tree was spied

And slayed;


With the supervision of the BIGGEST member of the family

Field dressed and mounted on top of the car, gosh it didn't look THAT big in the woods....

It soon found it's way, well not really soon it was much bigger than I thought and required a considerable amount of work and trimming to get into the house

Where we discovered that it was a tad to big to fit the ceiling (but that is what saws are for, RIGHT) and the "extra" boxs of lights had to be dug out of storage and the ornaments are a bit sparse because it's the BIGGEST FREAKING TREE we've ever had!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The tree looks great Ginny. By the way where is Tasker?
I have to take a pic of our tree yet. It's about 10' tall, one of the shorter ones we've had (usually get about 11'). Takes FOREVER to decorate, but I just LOVE it! Since we're supposed to get hit with this storm overnight, maybe I'll get my rear in gear and take some pics tomorrow! :roll:
I like the fact there is a fierman in the house, with the Christmas-Tree-Drying-Wood-Burning-Hot-Stove right next to it. :D

Woo hoo! It's a big'un!
What a great tree, story and pics!
We don't have a tree yet.
WOW! 8O 8)
My first reaction is... look at TY!!! I love the outfit. Looks so handsome ;) ...but the tree is beautiful too
What a great tree!!! Love the story and did notice hubby with fireman's cap on you knitted.(looks handsome) Ty is adorable and has quite the wardrobe...good job supervising boy! I really love your Christmas Tree and PALM Tree!!!!!!

I have two trees up, both fauex. One is in the livingroom and the other is on the front porch. I bet your tree spells heavenly.

Thank you for sharing your tree hunting adventure. Crack open the hot cocoa now!
Questions questions......
Tasker stayed home, his hips are very stiff in this cold weather and I was afraid the snow would be too much for him. It's about 12 inches deep n the woods. He got to help decorate though.

Yes Ron, Doug was not happy about the proximity to the stove. It will have limited use during the next two weeks. And the tree will be checked regularly. I "misjudged" width. I did trim the banches on that side back a bit :roll:

Yup Violet that is "THE" cap, bright isn't it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Who lets you log on their property like that? Did you pay any logging fees?

Federal land? Are you a spruce poacher?

Seriously, was this some sort of tree farm or what? The only thing I get hiking around in the woods is ticks.
About 1/2 of the mile from us is a Christmas Tree Farm. They have 1000 acres of trees. For $15.00, yes $15,00 ,you can hike anywhere you want and find a tree. They even have cookies and hot chocolate for you when you come down off the mountain :lol:

It's a wonderful thing!!!!

How could they possibly afford to do that?!? What about insurance? Don't they have to replant trees? What about sharp stumps to grind? Did you trip on any stumps hidden in a foot of snow left from previous hunters?

I'm coming! Let's see, what kind of fuel mileage would my motorhome get with a giant Christmas tree on top?

I'd probably get home and find just bare bones. :(
Yea, it's a pretty amazing deal. Yes there are stumps, you need to be careful. They replant evey year so there is a constant supply fo new trees. This tree farm has been in operation for decades so it must be profitable.

They also sell "balled trees" to plant in the spring.

My son, who lives in the suburbs of Washington, is always saying he is coming to get a tree here. They pay up to $100 for dinky little trees taht aren't even blue spruce.

I think this farms does charge $20 for Douglas Fir :wink:
PS Gotta love the yellow hat in use! :D Can see nothing but lower back and hat in one of those pics! LOL
Love you photos and story. Made me laugh. Nice start to the day and lovely tree. :D
Ginny, your tree is gorgeous! And huge!
Ty is adorable, what a fashion plate :) . Did you knit his red sweater?
It's been snowing all night :( . And of course Benny took the little kids up north so I could get things done around the house, which so far has been shoveling :evil: . He wanted to get the snow blower out for me but being an idiot I said I can handle a little snow, don't worry about it. Since I've never used a snow blower and the weather people are always wrong I figured I'd be fine, who knew there would be over 13" :evil: . Can it be that hard to figure out how to use a snowblower LOL
Why would you go trudging into the snow and woods to mutilated a poor, defenseless tree?

Don't you know that Christmas trees come in boxes? :twisted:
:D Great story and pictures. Makes me homesick for Quebec! I have a "box" tree which the crew are hleping me decorate. If I can figure out my new digital camera (Santa came early!) I'll post a picture. :roll:
Ok, you asked for tree pics. The first one is last year's tree, when we actually had room. I wish you could see the tree skirt I crocheted for it, I've had several friends try to take it or buy it...but nope, too much work, lol. The second one is this year's tree. Absolutely no room, hubby is deployed, BAH HUMBUG!!!! I call it my Charlie Brown tree, lol.

Last year......Image

This year....Image
The tree is just beautiful and the story so cute!
Your house looks so homey and peaceful!
Crikeys that tree is HUGE 8O Very pretty too. :D

Ty looks adorable in his winter parker. :lol:
Tasker did give the tree his stamp of approval :lol:
oh my gosh i love Tasker's mop top hair, Walter has the same haircut! And seriously I wasn't even lookin at the tree, I was distracted by how cute Ty is in that coat... why don't they make that stuff big enough for sheepdogs??
that tree is gynormous!! great job on judging :lol:

alas, i have no tree this year...long story short..we are having our anitquated windows fixed..the living room is the only place for the tree...and the windows are boarded up at the moment..and the window guy needs access....so no tree....

your tree looks beautiful...wish i could sit under it with all the other lights off........
Great adventure and a beautiful tree :banana:
Aw, Tasker looks adorable! :kiss:
I love the mop top. Just noticed he was sticking his tongue out. :lol:
Very nice tree cyakins!!! (even the small one!!!!!)
Hey! Tasker has Carl's haircut!
Maxmm wrote:
Hey! Tasker has Carl's haircut!

It's all the rage up here in snow country :twisted: (didn't you see it in the latest issue "Gentlemen Sheepie"?
Beautiful tree! I don't think it's too big at all! As far as I'm concerned, as long as it can fit in the house, it isn't too big!

And Barney has a similar haircut to Tasker as well!
Thanks for posting Tasker's picture - he looks so distinguished and adds a warm fuzzy feeling to the decorations.
Great tree story, Ginny! I'm so jealous of all of you who got snow last weekend!! What a fun way to celebrate the season. I love going to cut down the tree at the tree farms. It's so much more fun that way. The tree looks great in your house, too, Ginny. It's not too big. I like HUGE trees. :D

I've had some trouble keeping sheepies and cats out of mine, but I think we've turned the corner now - at least I hope we have. :roll: I'll try to get some pics.
I beat the bah-humbugs and finally put up my version of a tree this year. This is the 4th tree over the years (all artififcial) and they have gotten (sadly) progressively smaller. I used to do 2 trees at one time!
I will take a picture - it is tiny....

Your tree is beautiful - I do really love big trees!
This is our tree after the "second" decorating. If you remember, we had a minor mishap, the tree fell, and we had to go back for round two.... It looked much better the first time. <sigh>

It looks LOVELY!! I love your fireplace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
just to let you know...panda ALSO has that same exact haircut....wow...who knew it was a sheepie trend...photo will be coming soon....
Lovely trees everyone. :D Keep 'em coming, I'm getting decorating ideas. :D
oh, btw, brian wants to know if doug can see the tv from his favorite spot??????
Yea, but just barely. On Sat I found him in the bedroom watching TV, he said the tree was distracting :roll: :roll: :roll:
I love picture stories!!!! And I love that tree! That is an excellent price you pay to go chop. In MT we never paid for a tree - just went outside with a sled, the dogs, the axe or saw, and chopped one down! Therefore when we moved to FL our jaws dropped. It's about $80.00 for a "not-so-good-looking-skinny-sparse-dry-and-dying" real one. Sooooo we did the Mandy and got a box. . .until we move North!
Mop lover wrote:
Sooooo we did the Mandy and got a box.

I love how she's turned into "The Mandy" :lol: :lol:
Beaureguard's Mom wrote:
Mop lover wrote:
Sooooo we did the Mandy and got a box.

I love how she's turned into "The Mandy" :lol: :lol:

:clappurple: Wow! Lori!
Here's ours! :D

Sigh...couldn't get Abby to stand still near the tree :roll: here's Bert, though

I even have some Raven Christmas ornaments! :lol:
ravenmoonart wrote:
Here's ours! :D

I even have some Raven Christmas ornaments! :lol:

I have a couple of "finches" on mine!
VERY NICE!! I love the Raven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have some cardinals and some partridges on mine, too. I'm having a hard time getting a decent picture, though. :?
Oh, I love all of your Christmas trees!!! They are so beautiful! Ours is a little one this year with hardly any decorations on it...ALL of our Christmas decorations are still in Boston in a storage. :roll:

Here are the boys with the tree.

Small but MIGHTY :wink:

I had to look twice to see the tree, of course I was FIRST looking at the dogs!!!
They are all just beautiful! I LOVE seeing different trees and decorations. So unique and special- from the smallest to the largest.
I just LOVE seeing Boni sitting like a cat on the windowsill!
Our Tree, not really liking it, but too tired to do anymore
OHHHHHHHHHHHH very nice!!!

I went out at lunch time today and bought a few more ornaments for my tree :lol: :lol:
Prof. Boni wrote:
Oh, I love all of your Christmas trees!!! They are so beautiful! Ours is a little one this year with hardly any decorations on it...ALL of our Christmas decorations are still in Boston in a storage. :roll:

Here are the boys with the tree.


Kata- you weren't kidding you are right next to the merchandise mart! I love your big windows, the view must be really fantastic at night!
Tasker's Mom wrote:
About 1/2 of the mile from us is a Christmas Tree Farm. They have 1000 acres of trees. For $15.00, yes $15,00 ,you can hike anywhere you want and find a tree...

It's a wonderful thing!!!!

As a fellow New Yorker I can tell you it is probably the only thing we can get in the EMpire State that is cheaper than other parts of the country. Our tree farm charges $35, but we are closer to New York City.
Can you imagine the killing you could make if you cut a load of trees took them to the city and sold them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tasker's Mom wrote:
Can you imagine the killing you could make if you cut a load of trees took them to the city and sold them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Find an empty corner lot, put up a fence, "man it" 24/7... naaaahhhh too much work/effort/risk.

I think you ought to put up ads selling them in the city with personal delivery, set up and decoration! I bet city folk might pay $500 or $1000 for that service! Maybe more if it was hugely lavish.

Sounds like a great seasonal (like 2 or 3 week) business for landscapers.

Bring in the tree and set it up, then a decorator comes by for an hour or two to put on the trimmings.

Anyone with me on this business venture?
Hmmmmmmmmmm BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT the advantage of the Lot as opposed to the service is that I bet if you timed it right and sold for the right price you could sell your trees out in a weekend.

The service would require more time and more crabby people!!!!
Just think though, going into very wealthy Manhattan homes, casing the joints... :twisted:
Boni - I would love looking out your window!!!! :)
Here is my tiny tree for this year. Kata - I think mine ties with yours in size - minus the great view!

I always have had huge trees. Several years ago I downsized to a narrow 5 footer - on the same trunk. Too many dogs, and we got a cat last year. This year even that one felt too large - it did block the view of the TV for 1/2 the couch too.

It's little, but I like it!
Tasker's Mom wrote:
Small but MIGHTY ;)

I had to look twice to see the tree, of course I was FIRST looking at the dogs!!!

:lol: Ginny, thank you!

Heather - yes, we are literally right next to the Merchandise Mart. We could watch from our living room when they were making Batman 3 and I SAW BATMAN'S CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :yay: :yay: Of course I always had to take the boys for a walk that way. 8) We were told to keep moving all the time and they even remembered us...well, the boys. After the 2nd day they called me the "dog girl". :wink: So, watch Batman 3 we might be in it! :lol:

Joahaeyo wrote:
Boni - I would love looking out your window!!!! :)

Oh, thank you! I love our view too...here are two pretty pictures for you.


Those are pretty night sky shots!
I would hate living in the city, but the view is nice. :lol:
Oooooooh.... niiice!!

Ginny that is a great story ! My husband was here in the den/office while I read it and he was just laughing away .... :lol:

The tree looks GREAT !!!! :D

That is a gorgeous view!
I love everyone's pictures! One year we bought a tree too big for the room too! It took three people to get it in the door. But, it didn't look that big on the lot! :lol:

Here's our tree this year! Hmmmmm...I'm thinking the present in the reindeer wrapping is a Sheepie calendar. :lol:

And Copper excited when he found out Santa is coming!


"How many more times do we have to turn and look at you when you say, "who loves Mommy?" Really!"


"Really, Mom, we've been good!"
The dogs look like they love Christmas and the possibilities of lots of gifts :D
Very pretty tree. I love the happy Copper picture - how adorable! :lol: :lol:
What a pretty tree. Hannah and Copper look so good! :kiss:
Just ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hannah and Cooper look so cute...oh the excitement of Santa. :lol: Your tree is beautiful!
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