2008 oes.org Holiday Card List

Okay, gang, the first email was just sent for this year's holiday card list. :yay: The email went to my distribution list from last year's list, plus new additions from those who already asked to be included. If you want to stay on the list, please respond to my email. If I do not hear from you, I will assume you want to removed.

I've gotten 3 emails returned as undeliverable. If you were on the list last year but did not get my email, please send me a PM and let me know if your email address changed.

For any new members who want to be on the list, send me a PM with the following info:
- Full name and mailing address
- email address (to receive the list - no one will see your email address)
- Pet(s) name(s)
- Can you open a Word document?

I'm shooting for a November 1 issue date. Can't believe it's that time of year already . . . :twitch:
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8O I saw the stickey and thought... OH NO. I didn't get an email... so what now?? 8O

I went back to my email and checked... IT WAS SENT TO MY SPAM FOLDER!! 8O :roll:

I would encourage ya'll to check in these folders as well if you think you didn't get one... and DON'T follow my example and completely panic and think you did it wrong... then resend all the info yet AGAIN...

so CHRIS... please diregard my email.. HA HA HA LOL.

I got it after all. :wink:
Wow! 8O I'm so blown away by the responses so far! Last year's list had 66 names. So far I've heard from 48 who want to be on this year (returning or new names), and am waiting to hear from the remaining 30. If everyone says yes, that's 78 - a new record!! :clappurple:

So for those remaining 30 who haven't responded yet, please don't forget!! :plead:
This is exciting for me!!! This is going to be our first oes Christmas so I'm PM-ing you now! :D
Naive newbie (well, since last spring)....what is the holiday card list?
The card list is comprised of forum members who want to exchange Christmas cards with each other. Most of the cards are pictures of our pups, which makes a GREAT display! If you'd like to be included on the list, please read the first post on this thread and send me a PM with your info.

Right now we have 69 names on the list. Mostly US, for a good representation from the ROW, too!
And even if you don't have a dog (like me) you can still be on the card exchange. One year I sent pics of Bob the Wonder Pony. Last year I sent regular cards. It's just so much fun to get all those cards--you feel really popular! And people are impressed.... :lol:
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