10 days worth of whining

So, as all of you know, I have my surgery on Saturday the 29th....Im game, okay no big deal......BUT.....

10 days prior to my surgery I have to be off of my interstitial cystitis medication...i take 100 mgs of elmiron 3 x's a day for it...it is a medical miracle drug for me....

I guess it has some type of blood thinning quality to it...so hence why im off of it...we dont really want to bleed out 8O

IC is a bladder malady that the linings (2) seperate and leave you feeling horrific pain and like you have to go potty 24/7....the only thing that seems to help other than the meds, is to eat a VERY boring and bland diet...and i do mean boring and bland....anything that can turn acidic in your stomach is OUT...which is really anything worth eating.....

for the past 3 day, lunch and dinner i have had nothing but water, plain steamed chicken, plain boiled (no salt) noodles or white rice, steamed broccolli, a hamburger patty, steamed shrimp and a handful of peas....

I am dying for a glass of wine, coffee, sauce of ANY type, sour cream, tomatoes, hard cheese.....basically all of the stuff i eat every day..

okay im done whining, i only have hopefully 8 more days of this crappy and i do mean crappy diet!!!!! :?
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BOOOORing indeed! There are only so many ways you can change that around for intrest and then only barely.

Try to concentrate on Panda, your husband, anything but the food you are not getting. Hope the diet keeps the pain in check, IC sounds awful!
Really really boring, what no Coffee, NO WINE geez :roll:

Permission to whine (not wine) big time, :wink:

I am sorry you have to go through all this and now you must limit your food choices. Can you have De-caffinated coffee??? As least the taste is the same w/o the caffine.

Maybe we could help you get some good recipes for a bland diet.

Years back I had a very serious illness and had to stick to a very bland diet so I do know what you are dealing with...and your right It's very boring....

(Can you have grilled food??? Grilled chicken taste much better then boiled..)
I really want to make a remark about your whining but I won't because I like you.
Are you allowed to have herbs in the diet, just to help add a bit more flavour to what your already having? Things like Parsley, dill, rosemary,thyme etc. herbs that can be added whole just to help with the blandness. So when you do say boiled chicken or the rice or noodles, boil it with the herbs and discard the herbs after and it should add some flavour. Just a thought there
Poor Darcy!

Is it OK for you to think saucy, hot and spicy thoughts?

Here ya go....:
http://photos.oes.org/albums/userpics/1 ... ealing.jpg
Ron wrote:
Poor Darcy!

Is it OK for you to think saucy, hot and spicy thoughts?

Here ya go....:
http://photos.oes.org/albums/userpics/1 ... ealing.jpg

Hey! that should help her.....no appetite, no missing the good food :sidestep:

Whine away Darcy....I don't blame you a bit :(
Whine away girl you have the right :lol:
YOU POOR THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you have nice bland VANILLA ICE CERAM??????????????

hang in there can you try spicin it up.. so soory about what you are going through
That really stinks I feel bad for you. Some times I think food is my only friend. It used to be alchol but I had to give that up and find a safer friend 8O - just a little joke to chear you up, I think you have the right to complain and whine as much as you want :D

me too. Sucks to be you. Food is my life. :( Hang in there!!!
Hey Darcy,

Please don't whine as some good intentioned folk will ask if you want "Cheese with your Whine". (Quickly hands back book of Groaners to Ron). :P

Well personally I think you have every right as that's tough diet to follow! We're all here for you kiddo - stay strong, think positive and perhaps go to a shoe store to take your mind off food! I'll be thinking of you.

You poor thing! You have permission to whine all you want. I can totally emthapize with you. 10 days prior to my last surgery, I had to be on non-coloric liquids only. :twisted:

Hope the diet is effective and helps your IC. Sounds awful. :(
Whine - Whine - Whine... ALL YOU WANT!

That's completely unfair. Whine all you want!
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