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I have been into alternative medicne for 35 years....... My youngest son was born with a lot of problems and the 6 Dr he had were killing him fighting amoung themselves and giving him drugs. So I have no problem challenging a Vet or a upright Dr. I have had some Heavy Discussions with many Vets all over the US pertaining to the Health of one of My Puppies.... I studied Canine nutriion and Health for 4 years before making some decisons about My Big Babies... Now I know just enough to be DANGEROUS!!!!!! My point is if everyone woudl take 10 minutes a day from their busy schedules to research .....We could be better equipped to make decisions pertaining to Our Babies Health. Knowledge Is Freedom....... Research the dry dog foods { kibble}.... Learn how to read a lable on the dog food bag and what all those ingredients are.... If you can't pronounce it .IT IS A PRESERVETIVE........Research antibotics.... Most vets will give a dog an antibotic without even knowing what is wrong. It needs to be cultered to know what the bacteria is to know what antibotic will kill it....THey take antibotics all the time and then they really need an antibotic and it doesn't work...... Crystal don't always mean a bladder infection.....There has to be bacteria for there to be a bladder infection... Most vets don't culture unless you ask them to... Stacey has posted some very good info on over vaccinating Our Babies....... All 27 Vet Schools has said that yearly vaccinations in adult dogs is not neccessary and sometimes is harmful.... You can't be a little bit pregnanant.. Same goes for immunity.....Most of the vaccinations lst for 5 to 7 years at least...... Over vaccinating is killing our Babies.... That is why we are seeing such an increase in cancer, immune related disorders...... Why give them something that they don't need? Devils Advocate: My dog lived to be 16 years old and ate nothing but dry dog food..... That is great but not the norm... Don't take anyones word on anything when it comes to the Health Of Your Baby...... Especially someone trying to sell you something......... Don't take mine either!!!!! Just take a few minutes a day and research...You could save your Babies life......Or at least you might know what the answer to the question is before you ask it...Don't take me wrong.I an not saying that you are taking good care of Your Babies...I am not saying that your Vet is not Terrific.......But you can be a Better Partner to Your Vet...... Knowledge Is Freedom........ That is my rant for the morning..........Sheepie Hugs, Kaye
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Wonderful advice Kaye.
Hi All :D
This is the most COMPLETE list I have ever come across
Plus lots of good info & sites to explore...
Hmmm...maybe y'all could try it for that 10 minutes a day of research Kaye suggested :wink:
Hopefully, something here will help someone researching what to feed & how to keep their sheepers healthy!
Diane...seems there's always something to learn more about with these wonderful creatures
PS OH...just subscribed to Whole Dog Journal...anyone else read it?
That's a great list. Thanks for the link! I just switched both of my dogs to Merrick and they love it, especially Lucy who's very picky. In her senior years, I wanted her to have the best nutrition possible!
I used to get Whole Dog Journal, it's very informative about food. Thanks for the links :) , can't ever learn too much. The trick is remembering it :lol:
Great advice Kaye and so true :wink: Thanks 3shaggies that is a great and informative site. :D
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