16 Year Old Couple Need Home Together - Urgent

Hi everyone,

Sad story here.

I just got this email from Ingrid, anyone need an ancient sheepie couple? The owner was going into a nursing home and had to give them up. They are in Henderson County, NC.

Here is a link to the Harry's picture, http://hendersoncountync.animalsheltern ... UID=109802,

Here is a link to Julie, http://hendersoncountync.animalsheltern ... UID=109798 .

They are a mess and have not been fixed.

Apparently time is short for these guys as the shelter is very full.

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Oh, poor guys... :cry:
Here are some pics...




Hi all
I was contacted this morning about the seniors.
The shelter manager is very eager to help these two.
He has offered to take them to Winston Salem with him to get them out of the shelter before it is too late but, they need a place to go.
They may be able to board with his friend that owns a boarding facility if he is not full for Easter weekend.
This shelter is really working hard to help....
I will fill everybody in when I know more, I have to call him back this evening since he is leaving for vacation tomorrow.
Thanks in advance if anybody has any ideas.
Carolina's OES Rescue
So Sad. I sure hope these guys get a home. I never even had one live to 16, and to have to be rehomed at that age. I will be praying that things work out... :cry:
CBC26 wrote:
Here are some pics...

Dear god, didn't the elderly woman have family or friends who saw the deplorable condition of these dogs - it defies logic. I sincerely hope they live out their lives in a new wonderful home.
Oh no! How awful for all. They are so sweet. Won't someone out there give these two a great retirement life? Anyone contacted all the national rescues? :( :cry: :twitch:
I am way too far away to be of help, but I could come up with some $$ if that would help. Not a great deal, but some.

To be honest, from the pictures the dogs don't look that bad. They look like they are/have been wet and need to be dried and brushed. Maybe I'm just not seeing them up close, but to tell the truth, mine can go from looking great to looking pretty ragged overnight, especially in this early spring/wet/snow/mud time.
There are a few rescues working on helping the couple.
It was such short notice to pull together in a day.....
The problem is foster space, taking in two senior dogs that need to stay together is a HUGE commitment!
As it stands, they are going to be transported to a boarding facility in Winston Salem, NC by the shelter manager tomorrow.
That gives us a few more days to work on a place for them and out of the shelter that is full.
I have to add again Brad at the shelter has been just awesome in working with us on this.
I cant imagine the stress these two babies must be going through....
BUT, all in all these kids need a place to call home.
Those poor babies! Thanks to everyone who is helping them!
We're working on it now. 8) Will let you know what happens.
Push comes to shove, the elderly couple are welcome to retire here in Utah. If someone can get them here, the least I can do is make them welcome for the remainder of their time.
I wish I could help. It is heart breaking to know that they have lived so long and need someone to love them to the end. :(
Are they sure these two are 16? They sure don't look like it. I could board them but I have 1/2 stairs in the front and a full flight in the back. Plus with my 7 it might be a little tough on them. Still, if they need a temp place I can help out. Can anyone help with transport?

zach wrote:
Are they sure these two are 16? They sure don't look like it. I could board them but I have 1/2 stairs in the front and a full flight in the back. Plus with my 7 it might be a little tough on them. Still, if they need a temp place I can help out. Can anyone help with transport?


The owner states that they are 16 years old. If these guys need transport toward the South, I will be happy to do my part. I would take them, as their retirment home, if I weren't already dealing with my own senior guy.
I'm sure the folks at tarheals as well as others are working hard so we'll see what happens and what they need.

Yes, Zach, we are. :) I'm working on a foster home for them now. At worst, they may have to be boarded for a few days until we can get them into foster care. Will keep everyone posted. Thanks for all the offers of assistance. :D
They have been pulled from the shelter and will spend tonight with the shelter manager at his parents house.
Tomorrow they will be at the boarding facilty for a few days.
Thanks everybody
Thanks, Kathy. :D

Do you have any more information on them? What I received via e-mail was pretty sketchy....not much history on them. :?
Thank YOU Tammy!! :D
They don't really have a history on them.....they do LOVE eachother and have been together all of how many ever years! Brad said he doesn't think they would do well seperate at all.
He did say one is a touch arthritic and will probably need supplements..
neither of them are altered.(probably not an issue now)
Do you have Brad's contact info??
Call or email me if you don't....
Thanks again
I'll PM you, Kathy. :wink:
Is financial help needed to pay for boarding, transport, etc? We have a very generous membership here so if funds are needed please post :)
Once again you guys move heaven and earth to get the job done. You are my heroes!
Thanks guys!
I just got an update from Brad....they made the trip from Hendersonville to Winston Salem wonderfully! He said they were very happy to be out!
He also said he can't believe that they are that old as they are still very active and playful! :D
Brad thinks they are crate trained as they go in and out easy. Plus, they feel very secure in the crate!
Tonight they are with him at his parents but, tomorrow or Saturday he will take them to the boarding facility where he used to work!
The pull fee for the two is only 70 dollars and he said I could just mail him a check. The boarding fee is 10 dollars a day for the two (which is a wonderful price on a Easter weekend squeeze in!)
I know Tammy with Tarheel OES Rescue may have a foster home for the babies....
So, we are really group efforting here to get these two into a home but, the important thing is they are SAFE! :D
Anybody interested in helping with the pull fee or boarding can pm me and I can give you the information on the facilities that have worked so hard to give these two a second chance!!
Thanks so much
Carolinas OES Rescue

Thank you so much for all you do for so many.
Thank goodness Brad from the shelter called you. You're always quick to move in to help a dog in need.
Thank you for working with Brad to help get this pair off death row and on to their journey to their new home.

I just checked out your web site. http://www.carolinasoesrescue.petfinder.com
I love the "Happy Tails" :hearts:

Just wanted to thank you for all you do!
Thanks you guys. I'm glad their safe.
Tammy should have an update on the two soon!!!!
They are pretty happy dogs from what I hear!!!
Thanks everybody
I will help in any way I can. I can help transport and hold for a few days. I would guess they are housebroke. I do have three 12 week old puppies (not OES) comming but how much trouble can these two old birds be.??? Do they need to be shaved down????It looks like they would be more comfortable clipped and bathed. Oh yes I will pitch in for boarding. Just let me know where to send
I think they are with Tarheel OES Rescue now....I haven't heard for sure but, they were planning on picking up from the boarding facility.
Thanks again everybody
Thanks for keeping everyone updated, Kathy. I didn't have internet access over the weekend. But, yes, TOES has them and they'll be on our website under available dogs soon.

Thanks to everyone for your offers of assistance. This is such a wonderful group of sheepie friends. :D
Yipppee for Harry and Julie!
Thanks Tammy for working on the two....so happy they are safe!
Can't wait to see the two up and shining!
Hopefully, they can find a happy retirement home to do what they should...be spoiled!
Thanks again
Keeping our fingers and paws crossed that these two find a special "retirement" home!
Hi to all on the Forum.

Just to clarify the scenario with the two seniors from Hendersonville, NC, we were contacted by Kathy Buck last Thursday to advise that Brad, who's the director of the Hendersonville shelter, that he'd be in Winston-Salem with the two oldsters. I contacted Brad & arranged to meet the dogs on Friday at the kennel, which we did. After seeing that the dogs were nowhere NEAR 16yrs old, (believe me, we have a 16 yr old OES & know the rarity of that!), we felt that TOES (Tarheel OES Rescue) could help out. Due to the weekend being a holiday & most of our fosters being tied up, ourselves included, we picked the dogs up yesterday & I'm glad to report, they're being well taken care of at Muttley Manor, with Pete & I & our own 7 dogs. Pete shaved both down this evening & it's like the dogs have a new lease on life! The male, I'd say, is 5-7 & the female is anywhere from 8-10 or so. Both are the sweetest of dogs & we hope to be able to place them together. We've been successful in doing so before & hopefully can do so again. If anyone would like to see pictures of the dogs once we've bathed them, they can be seen at our TOES website, www.tarheeloesrescue.org. I just have to give a huge shout out to Pete...he's the greatest & has put alot of time & work into this pair....time well spent!

Best regards,
Belinda Lamm
Placement Director
Tarheel OES Rescue
Winston-Salem, NC
Let us know when the pictures are up...I am dying to see them. You guys are the greatest!!!
Woohoo for the two! :D
I know Pete is a wonder in grooming all those rescues!
(I wish I could send some of my dogs to Pete's Grooming)
Thank you to TOES for taking in these two babies!
Can't wait to see the pics!
A shout out to Pete and Belinda Lamm for their dedication and hard work!

They have new pics up...

http://www.tarheeloesrescue.org./dogbro ... =available

http://www.tarheeloesrescue.org./dogbro ... =available

Thanks for helping them! :D
Oh Tammy... I want them both...
Nice pictures - thanks for the update! :D
They look like nice dogs. I hope the kennel cough gets cleared up soon, so they feel better and can meet and greet some other dogs.
ah they look so sweet hope they wll find a home soon great work
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