10 week old puppy crate training

Hi. About 2 weeks ago we got an Australian Shepherd puppy who has been so far a great addition to the house. He goes to the bathroom outside no problem, we feed him on schedule everyday, however, there is one person that is home with him everyday of the week and he is still peeing and pooping inside the house, and sometimes it'll even about 20 minutes after he comes inside from going to the bathroom. We crate him at 10:00pm until 5:00am and then let him outside to go to the bathroom and then we bring him back in and crate him again until around 8am, feed him then we let him out again, spend some time with him, and then crate him again until close to around 10:30am then he's out and about till around 1, and then he willingly goes into his crate until about 3 to 4pm. We then let him out to go to the bathroom, feed him around 5 and then he spends time with the family until around 9:30, and in that time we let him out once and then again one last time before he goes into the crate for bed. His schedule has been consistent and he has no problems peeing and pooping outside but for some reason he still has quite a few accidents inside even after we just take him out. Since he's gone a few times inside on the area rug in the living room, should we remove the area rug all together since he might be smelling where he went before? I have no idea what to do, I can't dedicate every second to him because I do have a business from home and it seems that even on a consistent schedule and getting crate trained he seems to have quite a few accidents still in the house. If anybody has any ideas from experience or knows something I don't please let me know :) Thanks
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everything I have read indicates that its not unusual for a puppy to continue to have occasional accidents up to 6 months of age. My vet confirmed this. So if your 10 week old is going in the house, I don't think thats all that uncommon.

My guys are 13 and & 14 weeks old and are having an accident once every 2 or 3 days. I find if they go in the house, its almost always because I missed the signs of them asking to go out. When my cute girl looks me in the eye, and wanders away? I thought she was just being sweet. THEN I noticed she wandered to the gate and looked back at me, as if to say " Hey! I have to pee! Can't you tell?" Of course the first three or four times I didn't notice, and she peed at the gate waiting for me to "get it".

This morning one of them was able to reach her leash; bring it to me, throw it at me, and then run back to the gate. Doesn't get more obvious than that. I'm considering leaving their leashes at a reach-able place: will they repeat the action, or chew them to bits?

We have to remember that these are babies; human babies take years to "house break"!!!!
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