Ziva is in love...

with her new owner =D

I took her to doggy daycare today. The co-owner already knows me and has met Ziva before. She is a trainer as well..that's how we met when I had Tag at class...she handled our class a couple times, and play group times too.

Anyways, it has been a couple months since I had Ziva at their daycare. This was a test to see if she was sure she wanted Ziva, and wanted the challenge.

personality Ziva has no faults, she loves everyone, and gets along with dogs in play.

But it is if she is entering terrible teens at 5 1/2 mths. My husband has had enough of her destructive behaviours, and Madelyn just hates having her anywhere around her...Parker likes her tho. And Ziva really likes the kids, but has no understanding to be gentle.

Our Boxer he just knew as if instinct to be gentle and not jumpy (to the kids only....everyone else was fair game). Tag too was not bad,he didn't jump on them more like he would shove his backend to push them around. So it's been hard for the kids to like her.

She has two more classes, then the spay..then I will turn her over to the new owner. Ziva gets to have free doggy daycare to make the transition easier. They spend at least an hour at the off leash park everyday...I am sure that will increase when summer comes. So if I time it right I could see Ziva on a regular basis.

I hope I haven't offended anyone here with the decision to let her go, esp since I rescued her. I don't take rescue lightly...but I do feel a dog that doesn't fit with the whole family, esp your other half, is better in ahome where everyone loves them equally. I am giving this dog away as well, even tho we spent so much on her, with the adoption fee, and training, and shots. But for us it is still the right decision.

My husband has been very tolerant, given the fact he is NOT a dog person. i think she has loads of potential, and the new mommy will definitely be able to bring that out.

Plus with her having some St Benard...we were supposed to be living on an acreage come June 30th...and now we are not moving.

As well as some of you already know, we bred Remy at the beginning of Feb, and expect to see puppies early April. Given Remy's protectiveness of her puppies from the cats...Ziva could be a bigger threat. I was gonna have some family take Ziva for 2 mths, but this is better. Now I can focus on Remy, and the work of pups again. I think this litter is alll spoken for too, I still get referals...but I have no deposits, so we'll see. And yes the testing was all updated and still normal before breeding, for both Remy and the stud.
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Daisie, don't feel bad about giving up Ziva, especially since you found her a home where she'll be loved. You tried and you can't predict what personality or traits a puppy will have, or how they interact with your family.
We went through several dogs while I was a kid...we had these 2 terrible dogs that us kids were SO scared of. I'm sure they weren't mean or anything, but they were big (bouvier de flandres) and out of control and would knock us over. Finally when we moved to a smaller house with a smaller yard my parents decided to find a new home for them. PHEW!
So, you did what was best for you, don't feel bad!
The whole point of rescue is to find the appropriate forever home for the dog. You have done just that!!! :lol:
Maybe you would want to considering fostering in the future! That way you could have all kinds of dogs for a short period of time but then be able to have the joy of knowing that they went to a forever home after your time with them is up.
Last I understood Remi, your unregistered OES, was being spayed. So why are you bringing in more mixed breed dogs? Your hubby is not a dog person, you are thinking of having another child, you have re-homed several dogs over the past year or so, so I assume you are not keeping a puppy. So why? You mention that he is the bread-winner, and finances are tight. Is it for some extra cash? And if it is for people who want one of Remi's pups you could have always done the responsible thing and send them to the pound.
I really respected your decisions to spay her, and was quite relieved to her that. I'm sorry, but what you are doing is what is called a backyard breeder. Period.
Although some people here may feel different, they are entitled to.
But you will get no understanding and support from me for all these decisions.
Good grief...
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