3rd Annual SheepieFest of the West

Hi Everyone,
I am trying to schedule SheepieFest of the West 3!
Again we are looking to do it in March. I am looking for mid to late March.
I need input from fellow SheepieFester's of the West.
Which dates are good and whic are bad?
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I am wide open at this time. Nothing planned for March at all.
8) Cool!!!
Could you explain a bit about it for those who don't know. Where do you get together? Is it one or two days? What kind of things do you do?

Just thought if any newbies saw this it might need some elaboration. 8)
Great suggestion, Wendy.
For those people traveling from a distance I decided to do at least a two day event this year.

For a few it will be just a one day event, as they can only make it one day.

The first day we could have a casual get together at my home and maybe some dog park time and an evening shopping in Palm Springs (Something I NEVER get to do), since they are VERY dog friendly there. They even provide water bowls for dogs. 8)

The second day will be the actual event which starts at the Palm Springs Dog Park in the morning to wear out the dogs. Then we come back to my house for a Food and Drinks.
You know, as the official mother of "SheepieFest!" you all need to take up a collection and fly me in!
I would totally love you to come!!

Okay, who is paying for Deb's ticket? :lol:
if it is mid to late march ...count me in...chemo done and maybe my own hair....

whoooo hoooooo!!

SUE.....WHERE ARE YOU ????? ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YAY DARCY!!! I pm'ed Sue. I know she really wanted to go last year but couldn't. So I need her schedule.
WOOO HOOO!!! Yeah Darcy. I hope you do come. I am trying to get my whole family to go with me...we shall see. :roll:
Darcy wrote:
SUE.....WHERE ARE YOU ????? ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm in Australia. Yes, really. On business. Although I spent the day drinking wine in the Hunter Valley, since my business was done yesterday. No, I didn't get to see Lisa and her beautiful girls, I'm in Sydney and she's a plane flight away. My only regret!

I'm totally in for SFOTW, schedule permitting. Darcy, we may need to bring Tim this time, he's been wanting to go to a Sheepie event. Desginated driver (hee hee).

wooo hoo even better!!!
I'm supposed to have a housefull of company and two important family member's birthdays. Probably can't make it. :cry:
Sue, I know Billy would be really happy if Tim came.
He hates being so out numbered. :lol:
I think all us ladies make him a bit nervous.

Vegas, I do hope you'll be able to join us. :plead:
I told Phil that he and Billy would probably get along great. They both like football, beer and Harleys...Phil doesn't get one yet though.
Billy gets along with everyone.
I'm sure he and Phil would have a lot to talk about.
You don't know Phil...talking is one thing he doesn't do much of. He reminds me of the monster in the Bugs Bunny cartoon...the one who runs away when he sees all the people in the audience. People!!! Ahhhh!!! Maybe it's just us girls in the house and my mom that he won't talk to. LOL
For those that enjoy Beer, Billy is brewing some especially for SheepieFest of the West 8)

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v613/ ... 778562.jpg
bump :wink:
I would like to propose the weekend of March 29-30 for SheepieFest of the West. What do you think, Elissa?
Sounds fabulous!!
Oh! So close! Can you move SheepieFest of the West to the West West? I'll be in San Diego that weekend!! But I won't have time to veer out to the desert :cry:
How far could you go from San Diego?
Not even for a few hours Steph?
We'd love to see you!!!
come on steph,

if baldo me can venture out, preggo you can too.....bring mom and dad too......

pretty please....
I would ask to paint your head Darcy...as a party game...but you will have hair by March...at least fuzz. :wink:
wendy58 wrote:
I would ask to paint your head Darcy...as a party game...but you will have hair by March...at least fuzz. :wink:

if its warm enough.....you can either paint it...or if i have enough hair....dye it....it will need it either way 8O
LOL...can't wait to meet you!!! I haven't seen my real hair color since my 20's...don't want to see it either! :wink:
Oh that's interesting! I hadn't thought about the fact that it'll grow back in in it's natural color. :o Golly. Wonder what color it'll be? I wonder the same thing about my own. I wonder if the texture will change, too. :? I'm concerned about that since I've got all that new hair coming in all over my head right now, too. Should be interesting in a few more weeks. :lol:
A lot of times after Chemo it changes color and texture. Seems like anyone I know who has been through that ends up with thick, wavy hair.
I probably can't venture out, since I'll be having my shower then...doesn't do to have the prego a no-show at her own shower! Hmmm, I'll have to see if I can think of a way...
the puppers will give you a shower too if you show up.....
Nigel might piddle for you!!!
barney1 wrote:
I probably can't venture out, since I'll be having my shower then...doesn't do to have the prego a no-show at her own shower! Hmmm, I'll have to see if I can think of a way...

We are doing two days this year, Steph. So you still have a chance to come. :)
Bump :wink:
Just want to make sure everyone who is interested sees this.
When are you planning on starting on Saturday? Can you give us a list of dog friendly hotels near you so we can book rooms? I think it is time to make a commitment!!!! :D
Not sure about the time for Saturday. I'm thinking some time in the afternoon. Sunday will start at 11:30 am though.

Here is a great site that list pet friendly hotels in the area.
http://www.dogfriendly.com/server/trave ... ings.shtml
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