Please help I have a 7 week OES and she is a horrible when it come to feeding. I feed her on one end of my porch and then feed my Jack 15 feet away..she runs over to the Jack immediatley and attacks her not just growls but attacks her? thought OES were suppose to be this way ..when she does this I tell her NO and put her in a XXL dog crate for 30 or so minutes. yes she does get fed afterward but what can I do to calme her down? I know about feeding them seperate but If shes this way now what will she be in 2 months or 6??
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For starters having an oes puppy at home at 7 weeks is way too young for them to go to there new homes. Most are older as they are still learning social skills from their mother and siblings. Ethical breeders wont release a puppy at that age.

You have a problem and time to act, how long has she been with you?

Firstly feed the other one well away from her and first, as soon as finished take up the bowl. Then feed her, keep her well away from the other, that is in a completely different area, take the bowl over to her, wether that be in her crate or elsewhere.. Start by making her work for her meal, tell her to sit, wait, then hand feed a little from the bowl and all calm and she is listening to you, place the rest of the bowl down for her to eat. As soon as she is finished take it up straight away then bring the other dog in or out where ever she is fed after.

Step by step to adjust how she looks at the other dog when food is involved. As she settles in and looks at a meal as hers and the other dogs is off limits hopefully not long for them to be fed in the same area. Most important, whoever finishes do not leave the bowl there, take it up straight away to not entice any food aggression problems with one moving over to the others to snoof if any leftovers. Even if you have to hand feed her for awhile and feed the other dog seperately till she can fathom all this and whats hers is hers and what is in the other bowl she is not allowed near.

My 3 OES all eat side by side, never been an issue with other bowls or aggression when it comes to food, so you have to be patient and teach her values and what is appropriate at meal times.

How is she normally with the other dog when food is not involved?
Another thing to try is to give her a few pieces of food while she is eating from the bowl. Place 1 piece at a time in her bow; and make sure to touch her when you do. Pet her or stroke her and give the additional food. After getting her used to that gradually take a piece of food from the bowl while petting and stroking her. Our trainer had us do this when Bailee was about 10 to 12 weeks old and he has absolutely no food agresion issues what so ever.
Your puppy is not aggressive. A seven week old does not know how. She is doing what is hard wired into here. Trying to get the most food.

Feed the dogs in different areas/rooms. Where they can not see or get to each other. Some dogs can't be fed with other dogs because they will get into each others dish and that can cause fights. I've had a few like that.

As your pup matures she may learn some manners and you can feed them together again...then again maybe not.

When Seb was Seven weeks he was so innocent, he was finally seeing properly and was working on his physical skills. I got him at 5.5 weeks and that was too young. Once in a while he growls at the cat when he is eatting but that started when he was about 5-6 months old. I tell him no and take his food away for a few minutes. Then I make him work for his food again. He has to sit, paw, and stay, and then I say okay and he can eat. Sometimes I hand feed him too, and I often take a little kibble from his bowl and have do a few more sits and downs. It has been awhile since he has growled at the cat.
All very good advice. One thing I would add tho'.....don 't use the crate as a place to put her when you punish her. Eventually she will link the 2 togerther & she will view her crate as a bad place. Don't want that to happen. I'd feed her in the crate. Make it a nice calm comfortable place for her. Meal time should be that way too. Unfortunately you are going to have to teach some social skills that Mama & littermates would have been teaching at this time of her life.
They are a handful at that age and don't know what they are doing. She may think she still needs to be competitive to get food as she may have had to be assertive to get fed as a member of the litter. Can feed her in the crate, that's a great idea. Also was advised to hand feed the pup for a while to let her know that you are the keeper of all good things and to assure her food would be there for her. You might try that, too.
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